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Has anyone got this game? or have played this game?? If so tell me your thoughts. I got this game last night and its really awesome in my opinion. The graphics are something like a mixture of crackdown and prince of persia. The game play is simply amazing. I was up playing it until like 6 o'clock this morning. So yea if that tells you anything its pretty good. If you haven't played it i strongly recommend it. Oh did i mention the guns?? There is so many guns in this game you could play it 5 times through and still be finding different weapons. Anyways i just thought people should know about this games epicness. B)

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i love it, and the reason u still find guns is that the game has a system of hundreds of gun parts instead of full guns, so when u find a gun the game just makes a random combination of parts and throws a name and stats on it... so its possible to never stop finding new guns cuz the game will just make more ^_^

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