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Bankai Genius?

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Hey gang, im OMEN. Nice to meet you all. so i was planning on posting my character application until i saw that shiingami Genius class may not have a bankai... and i looked at it and i said "great now what?"

so is this decision final or open to discussion? just because Urahara is a genius doesnt mean he doesnt have a bankai... (actually, theres conclusive proof that he does..lol)



burning desires?

heartfelt wishes?



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well that's how things are at the moment, however since Hisagi is in the middle of finishing his proposed system, this is subject to change. So I would contact him directly with questions on that matter if I were you.

In the meantime, go with Genius if you're after the kido mastery I'm sure if Hisagi changes anything you'll be able to make revisions.

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ok, ill stick with what i was thinking then. do these changes have anything to do with integrating the rpg and the forum? kinda sucks that their separate and unrelated.

what are the changes that the forums going through then?

Smh if the forum and rpg got into one that would no just kinda suck, it would really suck. RP is about writting as i assume you know, and you get stronger when you writt more and make a story. If the rpg was part of it the strong people would be the onces spamming f5 and payed there way to the top. Mening that your rp, traning, life, missions wont matter, does that really seem like a good idea?

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