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Why'd You Say/do That

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Aight so this was just a random idea I had, but this thread is for all those "Smh" and "Fuckery" moments of chat that just make you wish people were around to see what was said. This thread is for those times that you need to prove that somebody said something utterly ridiculous. Basically if it something you want to always be able to look back on and giggle at you can post it here as long as it happened in the BSE chat. That doesn't mean in the PMs, MSN/AIM/SKYPE/YAHOO Chats, or any other off site conversations. This is strictly for stuff that takes place in BSE chats. Also keep in mind this is not the place to Debate or Explain why you said what you said. This is only the place to see what others said.

I'll get the thread started with Dante admitting that he doesn't have any man hood. Very random statement, but Mr. Sparada is a very random ma..er fella.


Anyone can feel free to post any BSE chat screen shots you might find funny.

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Kumo gets a bit too comfortable in chat and opens up about something he should really be telling his parents about and not people on the internet. Strangers aren't suppose to do that to you...


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Well we knew he didn't have any manhood by his own admission, but then it left the question... What's a man without any manhood?....Apparently it's a daisy.


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Here we have one of the stones that sank Havoc's boat and drove him from the RP forums. The edges are a little cut off, but only one letter at worst.


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First the loss of manhood....then being a daisy and putting daises in his hair...now mascara for the win? I think it goes without saying that somebody is undergoing a transformation. Keep your eyes on this one people.


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Soubi Vs. Kit rant..long time since we have seen something like this. Disclaimer, I missed a few closing comments cause a few of us (blue names) can't take a hint. So yea, maybe someone else caught them.









Yea we all guess where it got cut off. And for those saying "really?"...yes REALLY.

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Once again its kumo who is out to explain stuff to the people that dont know everything about bse. This time he tells us all what kind of people you should look out for in the chat, people who have given him some trouble in the past ;)

since the picture wont come up -.- fail. here is the link ---> http://s796.photobucket.com/albums/yy243/Neppoi/?action=view&current=Bilde1.png

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Well since i'm in such good drive i'll just send in one more. This time a new person, its *drum roll* gen, i could have said somthing here, but i wont.

since i once again cant get the picture up -.- fail x2. here is the link ---> http://s796.photobucket.com/albums/yy243/Neppoi/?action=view&current=Bilde1-2.png

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I guess its time for kumo once more this time he says hello to a new person who has her first meeting with the chat.

*closed the print screen for mac window this time, after himura pointing out to me that it was there. >.>) *feels a need to point out that there is no print-screen-button for mac, its command-fn-shift-4* whit that said new kumo moment


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Welcome back to another update of, Why'd you say/do that. This time we had a two part battle between Jay and the rest of the BSE Chat, and as usual tosh was hating. but unfortunately, due to hisagi's fail we didnt manage to get that bit screen printed.

We did however manage to get the rematch, when Hisagi accused Jay of "Snitching" to Isshin. Heres how it started:


As you can see, hisagi got out of line, so Jay hit him with the classic "Live life Serve Birds" now for those of you out there who have no clue what that means. Thinking of you, Sagi asked (in a way) to which Jay responded "if you aint.." "..G..." "...you dont know what it means"


Now as you seen in that image, Jay came from way out in left field with a borderline "Homo" replying, claiming to like hisagi. but hisagi wasn't having it, instantly calling him and his "Hillboyz" red neck gay (N-words)


As you can see, Jay was undeterred and attempted to get to know the lovable admin a tad bit better. but hisagi was having none of it, at first; quickly replying with his hometown Brooklyn before following up with a series of insults that must have heart Jay's feelings. As you can guess hisagi wasn't taking his attempts at explaining that We (The chat) started with him (jay)



the slew of insults went back and forth while both parties were proclaiming that they were trying to end the "Beef" causing hollow to jump in, headlining the 5th screen shot with Jay's popular catch phrase "Hell nall". it continued on however, ultimately leading to jay seemingly loosing his tough guy act and saying hisagi was "Talking bout him"



Apparently Jay's tone was way to friendly, causing Hisagi to set the record straight, going in on topics ranging from Jay's grammar to his less than reputable rapping career. which must have scared Jay causing him to duck out until the end of screenshot #7, where jay asks "Is it over?" to which he receives a "hell nall", unfortunately however, hisagi must have said his piece and this fight was now down for the count.

For all those who wonder just who this up and coming "Why'd you say/do that" star, you can look for his soon to be released mixtape, entitled "The Street Warming" Produced by Moneyholics ENT, the same label responsibe for child sensation Pac 4 (Their web hit


and for those of you saying "Warming dont you mean warning?" yes.. warming.. why? because the streets are cold obviously.

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This is one of the so called double fail, and the better part its two people. Not something that happens to often, this time ds's is sharing the stage with a person new to this topic. Rukia, it all starts when ds is telling about what his going off to do, nothing new there. It would not be the first time his telling what his going to do with a little to much information, and well... Rukia decides to do something most people dont do when action 1(ds's thingy) has been done >.>

_____ edit it seems like its rukia's second fail for the day? >.> so much for the "new" person statment i made


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hmm... well i dont screenshot my chat moments, but i did copy/paste a few to remember for later.

If you don't wanna believe they happened go ahead.

... and sorry bout the "Icon" by half the names i was too lazy to remove them all

[Jan14, 2010]

Christian : can i plz have a soul burial in rukongai? dont ask me how, i dont know (Yesterday, 11:58 PM)

Ryuujin Jakka (Rp name: SaitoSama) : no1 can sb u in rukongai (Yesterday, 11:59 PM)

Christian : mp1 can b dead there either, supposedly (Yesterday, 11:59 PM)

Christian : *no1 (Today, 12:00 AM)

Horokeu Takeshi : if you're in rukongai you arent dead (Today, 12:01 AM)

Horokeu Takeshi : whether you have -1 hp or not (Today, 12:01 AM)

Gren Dine : well... technically.... (Today, 12:02 AM)

Horokeu Takeshi : yeah yeah (Today, 12:03 AM)

Horokeu Takeshi : spirits are teachnically dead people (Today, 12:04 AM)

Horokeu Takeshi : yada yada yada (Today, 12:04 AM)

Gren Dine : xD (Today, 12:04 AM)

Gren Dine : but anywho, sb sends you to rukon so you jus gotta wait for your hp regen or somethin (Today, 12:05 AM)

[Jan24, 2010]

Zenn : So...hows ur training going? (Today, 05:02 AM)

Gren Dine : same as usual (Today, 05:03 AM)

Zenn : o.o (Today, 05:04 AM)

Lotus : hmm toshiba, are you on (Today, 05:33 AM)

Zenn : Gren >< (Today, 05:59 AM)

Zenn : Gren? (Today, 06:00 AM)

Zenn : Gren!! D= (Today, 06:01 AM)

Zenn : Gren ><!!! (Today, 06:01 AM)

Zenn : You there D= (Today, 06:01 AM)

Zenn : GREN !!!! (Today, 06:02 AM)

Zenn : ARRR Any Shinigami's? D= (Today, 06:03 AM)

Zenn : Dammit == (Today, 06:03 AM)

Zenn : ARRR (Today, 06:04 AM)

Zenn : Any Shinigami's on? (Today, 06:04 AM)

Zenn : Oh come on == (Today, 06:04 AM)

Zenn : DAMMIT D= (Today, 06:05 AM)

Zenn : Any Shinigami's on? (Today, 06:05 AM)

Zenn : ANY SHINIGAMI'S ON? (Today, 06:07 AM)

Zenn : ANY SHINIGAMI'S ON? (Today, 06:09 AM)

Gren Dine : sorry was in the bathroom (Today, 06:09 AM)

Zenn : ANY SHINIGAMI'S ON? D= (Today, 06:09 AM)

Zenn : Gren!!! (Today, 06:10 AM)

Zenn : GO to district 1 >< (Today, 06:10 AM)

Zenn : soul bury me (Today, 06:10 AM)

Gren Dine : k (Today, 06:10 AM)

Zenn : phew (Today, 06:10 AM)

Zenn : thx (Today, 06:10 AM)

Zenn : i watch tv keep pressing f5 till i died >.> (Today, 06:10 AM)

{kinda reminds me of Metal Gear: "Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAKE!!!!"}


Toshiba : (Today, 09:25 PM) People who sleep walk should live in houses with stairs

Toshiba : (Today, 09:26 PM) That's my advice of the day.

Toshiba : (Today, 09:26 PM) Goodbye

Black Reaper : (Today, 09:26 PM) My bed has no bottom lol it ends up on the other side hidden in sheets.....lol my family didn't know I was insomniac till ayear after I told him I thought I was

Gren Dine : (Today, 09:26 PM) i do live in a house with stairs :x

Black Reaper : (Today, 09:26 PM) Lol@wolf

Black Reaper : (Today, 09:26 PM) Wait that's tosh my bad

Gren Dine : (Today, 09:28 PM) half of my sleep walk experiences have been me falling asleep on the couch and waking up in my room upstairs xD

Black Reaper : (Today, 09:29 PM) O.o crazy lol

Gren Dine : (Today, 09:29 PM) the other half have been me telling my brothers to stfu, cooking, and going to the bathroom. ... and one time i answered the phone too O.o

Gren Dine : (Today, 09:30 PM) btw all of the 2nd half things are down the stairs :x

Black Reaper : (Today, 09:30 PM) Lmao

Gren Dine : (Today, 09:31 PM) and iv yet to fall on those steps while sleep walking

Black Reaper : (Today, 09:31 PM) N you probably won't

Gren Dine : (Today, 09:31 PM) =.= and yet i trip down them because of the cats while im awake every other week.

Black Reaper : (Today, 09:32 PM) Lol

Mainly an anime/manga suggestion rant thingie this one \/

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:05 PM) O.o

rayzoric : (Today, 02:05 PM) checked out wat

ichigosama : (Today, 02:05 PM) or you can seppoku xD

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:06 PM) http://www.onemanga....arete_Airantou/'>http://www.onemanga....arete_Airantou/

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:06 PM) or you can jus let the f5 demon take you.....

Vince : (Today, 02:06 PM) no dont kill me D:

Vince : (Today, 02:06 PM) i dont wanna die :(

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:06 PM) talking to Vince btw :x

rayzoric : (Today, 02:06 PM) iv been read it gren

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:06 PM) the airantou links for you tho ray

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:06 PM) ah

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:07 PM) :x you like it?

rayzoric : (Today, 02:07 PM) u said ray

rayzoric : (Today, 02:07 PM) its ok

Black Reaper : (Today, 02:07 PM) wth gay moment in death note *pauses and leaves computer*

rayzoric : (Today, 02:07 PM) onemanga.com/nurarihyon_no_mago

ichigosama : (Today, 02:07 PM) haha alrighty xD

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:08 PM) O.o i dont see how he can watch dn knowing the ending

ichigosama : (Today, 02:08 PM) lmao light yagami gets pwned xD

rayzoric : (Today, 02:09 PM) onemanga.com/nurarihyon_no_mago

rayzoric : (Today, 02:09 PM) f*** it

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:09 PM) o.o

ichigosama : (Today, 02:10 PM) have they started animation on that one ray?

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:10 PM) why do my links to onemanga work but not yours? O.o"

Black Reaper : (Today, 02:10 PM) gren you and rash have ruined it for me

rayzoric : (Today, 02:10 PM) no

rayzoric : (Today, 02:10 PM) i dunno gren

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:11 PM) wait... D: i didnt even say the ending of dn

ichigosama : (Today, 02:12 PM) ray try adding http://www.onemanga

ichigosama : (Today, 02:12 PM) then the ending

Black Reaper : (Today, 02:12 PM) wth L just died

ichigosama : (Today, 02:12 PM) its not a complete link i dont think

ichigosama : (Today, 02:12 PM) i did xD

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:12 PM) o.o

ichigosama : (Today, 02:12 PM) the first death of L was only halfway throught he series

ichigosama : (Today, 02:13 PM) the*

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:13 PM) D: btw, reaper if your a fan of dn do yourself a favor and dont buy the live action movies

ichigosama : (Today, 02:13 PM) gren dine have you watched ayakashi?

Black Reaper : (Today, 02:13 PM) wth first death O.o....theres movies on this?

ichigosama : (Today, 02:13 PM) or seikon no blacksmith?

ichigosama : (Today, 02:14 PM) you watching the anime or are you reading the manga black

rayzoric : (Today, 02:14 PM) http://onemanga.com/nurarihyon_no_mago

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:14 PM) the movies are basically summarized version of the story with the epic scenes ripped out :/

Black Reaper : (Today, 02:14 PM) watching

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:14 PM) im not sure about ayakashi but seikon no blacksmith im pretty sure iv seen

ichigosama : (Today, 02:15 PM) there you go ray it linked that time

Black Reaper : (Today, 02:15 PM) i never knew there was a movie on dn O.o

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:15 PM) and the dn movies butcher some story elements

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:15 PM) like in the dn movies light is a basketball player instead of being good at tennis

ichigosama : (Today, 02:15 PM) yea live action

ichigosama : (Today, 02:15 PM) its crap >.>

ichigosama : (Today, 02:15 PM) they always fuk it up

ichigosama : (Today, 02:16 PM) gren you watched fate/stay night

Black Reaper : (Today, 02:16 PM) lol i heard they were doing the same with bleach but i think they shut the project down

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:16 PM) yes, iv seen fate/stay

ichigosama : (Today, 02:16 PM) goood

ichigosama : (Today, 02:17 PM) if they make a live action of bleach and fuk it up they will ruin bleach

ichigosama : (Today, 02:17 PM) so they better shut it down unless they make it epic

ichigosama : (Today, 02:17 PM) =]

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:17 PM) lol theres no way they can make it epic

ichigosama : (Today, 02:17 PM) hmmm what about kurokami gren

ichigosama : (Today, 02:17 PM) its what im watching right now

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:18 PM) if they made a live action bleach movie theyd do the samething they did to dragonball xD

ichigosama : (Today, 02:18 PM) same voice actors and amazing CG and they might be able to pull it off

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:18 PM) yep, seen kurokami

Black Reaper : (Today, 02:18 PM) they did it to dragon ball twice lol

ichigosama : (Today, 02:18 PM) yeaa kurokami isnt to bad

Black Reaper : (Today, 02:18 PM) and sadly to street fighter too

ichigosama : (Today, 02:19 PM) and dragon ball evolution was an epic fail

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:19 PM) :x iv got a very big anime/manga list, ich

ichigosama : (Today, 02:19 PM) didnt even follow the story line of dragonball

ichigosama : (Today, 02:19 PM) same here >.<

ichigosama : (Today, 02:19 PM) im running out

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:19 PM) hmm....

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:19 PM) have you seen Shina Dark yet?

Black Reaper : (Today, 02:19 PM) i think it was on the same level as the first dragon ball movie

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:20 PM) theres Fairy Tail too

ichigosama : (Today, 02:20 PM) ive got night head/rental magicka/shinkyouyouko soukai polyphonica/ boukyakou no senritsou

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:20 PM) as a suggestion anyway for you to see

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:21 PM) my last comp died and i lost a HUGE list of animes and mangas T.T

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:21 PM) so atm im reviving it slowly...

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:21 PM) while trying to contact a friend of mine who i sent a copy of the list....

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:22 PM) hmm.... have you seen Strike Witches yet?

ichigosama : (Today, 02:22 PM) well send it to me once u get the list back xD

ichigosama : (Today, 02:22 PM) yea some of it

ichigosama : (Today, 02:22 PM) sekirei

ichigosama : (Today, 02:23 PM) the rest after that get into japanese names and i cant remember xD

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:23 PM) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann?

Sumomomo Momomo?

Busou Renkin?

ichigosama : (Today, 02:23 PM) i only watch japanese subs i hate english version

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:23 PM) iv seen sekirei too xD

ichigosama : (Today, 02:23 PM) bousou renking!

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:23 PM) :/ ya most english dubs are awful

ichigosama : (Today, 02:24 PM) rosario + vampire

Gren Dine : (Today, 02:24 PM) altho they did do Hellsing Ultimate decently

[Jan 30]

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 07:20 AM) ...

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 07:20 AM) O.o omfg

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 07:20 AM) this translation thingie...

Zenn Icon : (Today, 07:20 AM) wat happen?

Zenn Icon : (Today, 07:20 AM) O.O

Zenn Icon : (Today, 07:20 AM) yea?

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 07:21 AM) for like the past 3 years iv been naming my super goodie-goodie healer type characters in online games "Akko"

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 07:21 AM) evil speaking- akko_ (n)

Zenn Icon : (Today, 07:22 AM) O.O

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 07:22 AM) lmao xD whatr the odds that my gibberish name i gave my good guy character in mmos would mean that

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 06:35 PM)

lol one time i woke up and it was really bright outside but it felt odd because the sky was a very light gray. So, i got up and looked outside my window. I was thinking "where the hells the sun?" then when i blinked everything went black. I sat there like 10 minutes trying to figure out wtf jus happened.

Black Reaper Icon : (Today, 06:36 PM) lol ok tifa

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 06:36 PM) :x

Anchar Kinchou Icon : (Today, 06:36 PM) thats creepy gren

Black Reaper Icon : (Today, 06:36 PM) lol@gren that happens when the sun hits my eyes too quickly

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 06:37 PM) :x i had fallen asleep before the sun had risen and slept the whole day with my head coverd... woke up after sunset with night-eye

Black Reaper Icon : (Today, 06:38 PM) lol night eyes is awesome O.O

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 06:38 PM) it scared the crap outa me xd

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 06:39 PM) and iv only gotten it to work to that degree twice now

Black Reaper Icon : (Today, 06:39 PM) thought you went blind?

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 06:39 PM) ya

Black Reaper Icon : (Today, 06:39 PM) i know what you mean

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 06:40 PM) thought process during the thing went as such: huh? what time is it... wtf is going on?.... aliens?... omfg im blind!!!

Anchar Kinchou Icon : (Today, 06:40 PM) lmfao @ gren

Black Reaper Icon : (Today, 06:41 PM) lol


[Feb 11 Thursday]

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:19 AM) learn to read

Black Reaper Icon : (Today, 01:19 AM) -.- he started it

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:19 AM) i will if he does @gren

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:19 AM) awww babies

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:19 AM) real mature @ reaper

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:19 AM) sound like children

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:20 AM) do it likes a man and kill em

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 01:20 AM) meh, i could oneshot that guy if i see him, crazy...

Black Reaper Icon : (Today, 01:20 AM) >> lol

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 01:20 AM) and crazy stop egging those two on or ill end p attacking you....

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:20 AM) sp

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:20 AM) so

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:20 AM) do it

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:20 AM) lol take all the sp he has

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:21 AM) every inch

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:21 AM) and i shall pay as well as a few other squad members

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:22 AM) add me show me proof then give me id# and transfer begins

Neppoi R. Icon : (Today, 01:22 AM) Smh @ crazy

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 01:22 AM) iv got another guy that im aiming to shove into the 0 section atm... but like i said, if i happen to see the guy ill kill him

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 01:22 AM) tho i doubt ill see im anyway

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:23 AM) heya nepp

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:23 AM) well thank u for crushing mi hopes boy

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:23 AM) wat is smh mean

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 01:23 AM) o i hope you did not jus refer to me as "boy" crazy, did you? ^.^

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:24 AM) well how much is the hit for crazy

Alexander Th... Icon : (Today, 01:24 AM) hello there dudes

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:24 AM) gen

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:24 AM) gren

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:24 AM) lol gren

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:24 AM) what does smh mean

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:24 AM) yo bleeder

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:24 AM) shake my head

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:25 AM) aahhhh well go get siezure pills thats not healthy

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:26 AM) lol

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:26 AM) oh thats great when orion and gonzo r on no-one is strong enough ot kill them

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:26 AM) reaper don't go and train

Black Reaper Icon : (Today, 01:26 AM) *throws a brick at nepp* aaahhh i needed that nepp how ya been >.<

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:26 AM) i can kill u with my farts if that was a move

Black Reaper Icon : (Today, 01:26 AM) SOB i just finished lolz >>

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 01:27 AM) btw crazy... try looking at squad4's list and read the top 10 people in the squad....

Black Reaper Icon : (Today, 01:27 AM) thanks for letting me know gen

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:27 AM) well they are gone now

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:27 AM) i off to train

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 01:28 AM) eh? gone? gonzo and orion are still online o.o

Black Reaper Icon : (Today, 01:28 AM) O.O he went with those incest brothers online

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:28 AM) hey crazy how much is the hit

Joutei Sensou Icon : (Today, 01:29 AM) hello

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:29 AM) well there were not on a second ago

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:29 AM) hit list or rank list dine

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 01:29 AM) -pokes Gen- your still alive?

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 01:29 AM) SQUAD LIST

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:29 AM) hey joutei

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 01:29 AM) Gotei 13 -> Your Division -> See Members

Joutei Sensou Icon : (Today, 01:29 AM) whats yp

Alexander Th... Icon : (Today, 01:30 AM) so what have you been doing?

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:30 AM) *pokes gren* yep just

Joutei Sensou Icon : (Today, 01:30 AM) *up

Genryusai Ya... Icon : (Today, 01:30 AM) not much bleed u

Joutei Sensou Icon : (Today, 01:31 AM) are you seriously telling me that is bleeder

Gren Dine Icon : (Today, 01:31 AM) ... new squadies... /facepalm

crazyj34 Icon : (Today, 01:31 AM) yay i feel protected

Alexander Th... Icon : (Today, 01:31 AM) well, quite well, I got my app approved


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Time to bring back everyone's favourite topic with a rather EPIC fail from our good friend Gen, who seems to think someone with chat OP can,t ban him...I guess you can all see where it goes.


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ah well kinda dead but fear not somebody has decided to bring it back alive. This time it's shinij aka bob how has decided to do so, calling Dante a big nerd he is faced with the question.

"well you always seems to be stalking him"

Where he then tries to hide behind the fact that his only stalking Rukia instead. >.> i guess that makes it all okey then O.o


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Poor Mateus has been ordered to cease playing the game so that good ol' shinji can overtake him. Of course, shinji had nothing to do with the order as he so vehemently denies. Thankfully, Takeru steps in to set things straight in the end. I've highlighted the most relevant parts for your reading pleasure.

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 07:53 PM) SHINJI!

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 07:53 PM) NOW I ANGRY!

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 07:53 PM) PM from Kakarott(Id: 16) i dont want to see u getting anymore sp til killerbee passes you by 200 million sp if u havnt heard that i hav conquered almost all of the squads and most of the fraccions so i dont want to see u get anymore sp and thats an order

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 07:53 PM) EXPLAIN THAT!

shinji shadows : (Today, 07:56 PM) idk what ur talking about im his good friend so i hav no clue

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 07:56 PM) KILLERBEE=YOU

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 07:57 PM) hm...

shinji shadows : (Today, 07:57 PM) yea i guess but i dont kno why he sent that

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 07:57 PM) talk with him^^

Kuchiki Byak... : (Today, 07:57 PM) smh

Calima Celestin : (Today, 07:57 PM) lmao. If you listen to that kind of order then you'll be his bitch forever

shinji shadows : (Today, 07:57 PM) i could try

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 07:57 PM) if you din't have nothing with that just talk with him

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 07:58 PM) him talked your name so

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 07:58 PM) don't be angry with me

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 07:58 PM) and calima,i not talked with you

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 07:58 PM) care your own life

shinji shadows : (Today, 07:59 PM) me and kakarott r war buddies

shinji shadows : (Today, 07:59 PM) so i could give it a shot

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 08:01 PM) ok thanks

shinji shadows : (Today, 08:01 PM) hey zakoji is on

Kakarott : (Today, 08:02 PM) hey mateus, you should do what i say biatch or suffer the consequences

shinji shadows : (Today, 08:02 PM) O.O

Kuchiki Byak... : (Today, 08:03 PM) shin u fail at looking surprised

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 08:03 PM) ahah

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 08:03 PM) try

shinji shadows : (Today, 08:03 PM) i really hav no clue whats goin on

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 08:04 PM) i don't obey ANY VAIZARD,you lsiten?

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 08:04 PM) listen Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 08:04 PM) so shut up

Kakarott : (Today, 08:04 PM) oh i will, but first, you DO know that i've conquered almost the entire gotei 13, ALL vaizard factions and all fraccions together with rayzoric, right?

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 08:04 PM) biatch?learn to talk in english first

Calima Celestin : (Today, 08:04 PM) it looks pretty suss though shinji, that kakarotts ordered that on your behalf and for your benefit.

Kuchiki Mateus : (Today, 08:04 PM) that's not important for me

Calima Celestin : (Today, 08:05 PM) I heard chiz say that without Rayzoric Kakarott's gtot nothing

Calima Celestin : (Today, 08:05 PM) is that why everyone hates chiz?

Kakarott : (Today, 08:05 PM) i know how to write, ever heard of misspelling, jerk?

shinji shadows : (Today, 08:05 PM) hey i want to pass mateus on my own i love a challange and since dormie quit hes the only one

Calima Celestin : (Today, 08:05 PM) I dont even think i spelled the name right, but oh well

Takeru Yuudai : (Today, 08:05 PM) *points out kakarott is a super bitch....* Now who the f*** do you think you are telling people they can't play until some ass kisser like shinji is ahead by some amount of sp? Huh bitch?! Get the f*** over yourself, you don't got shit...

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