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The Compass that points South

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Kirigari sat, reading the notes for the Bakudo spell he was meant to be practicing. The students had been paired off with specialized Kido training dummies developed by the academy, ones that would flash blue and emit a beep when a spell landed succesfully, but Kirigari was one of only a small handful of students who Hadn't succeed in using Sai. It frustrated him to no degree, and the instructors didn't have much in terms of advice. When Kirigari had asked for direction, he had been told that any jurisdiction of Kido; be it Bakudo, Haod, or Kaido started with the mind. So, Kirigari did exactly that. Standing in front of one of the Kido practice dummies, Kirigari tried to clear his mind, his thoughts slowly trailing out as his breathing steadied. Opening his eyes, he looked at the dummy in front of him, and pointed two fingers towards it "Bakudo #1: Sai!" 

Sighing, Kirigari kicked the dummy away in frustration. Still, he couldn't get anything to happen. He wasn't sure why, but he just simply couldn't get the spells to do what he wanted. He could feel it within him, the ability to master this all. He could feel his spiritual pressure, and he decided to try focusing on those things. He retrieved his dummy once again, and sat it back upright, facing it so that he could try to cast this stupid spell one final time...

Kirigari stood several paces from the dummy, he raised his arms high above his head and slowly lowered them in front of himself, releasing a breath simultaneously. He repeated the breathing technique twice more, bringing his heart to a steady thump in his chest. He kept his eyes closed, not daring to move yet. He forced his mind empty, arriving at a state of true meditation, of nothingness. This was a start. In his minds eye, he could see the spell just out of reach, if only he could get to it! He dismissed the thought. Kido wasn't something to chase, no. It resided within oneself. 

Kirigari snapped his eyes open, and heard his own voice call out the command of the spell as he watched two tendrils of golden reiryoku blast forward from his finger and wrap up the dummy, as it let off a dull beep and glowed. The instruct came voer and congratulated Kirigari, dismissing him for the day.

WC: 400

Learn Bakudo #1 Sai: 350/350


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