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The Compass that points West

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Kirigari lounged about in by far his favorite class. The Hoho classes were beyond a breeze for him, as he had already managed a rudimentary flashstep that he had only been improving. Today he was particularly excited, because rumor had it there would be a race. Kirigari didn't know if there would be a prize or not, and he didn't particularly care, he was just excited to shine again. He had received regular praise for his genius in this discipline of Shinigami training, along with Zanjutsu, everything about Hoho just felt natural to Kirigari. The instructor was running late today, which the students found a bit odd, considering the class. Kirigari could hear them cracking snarky jokes about it from the distance, but he didn't much care. 

When the instructor did arrive, he brought in a grand buffet of food, which would be split between the five top finishers in an agility course that had been prepared for them in the courtyard. Kirigari was excited, he saw multiple dishes he knew would be a delight to have. The class followed the instructor into the courtyard and saw a massive, multistoried obstacle course with large arrows pointing in the direction to go. They were all handed the standard Ash training poles. Due to Kirigari's Zanpakuto, he was given two. Since this wasn't Zanjutsu, it was expected he train as if he had his real Zanpakuto in his hands. Along the course there would be random obstacles appearing, and fake hollow dummies. Kirigari was excited, this would be exhilarating! No, it wasn't quite real combat, but it was the closest he had gotten to experiencing anything like it. The class lined up, and with a flash at the whistle, Kirigari was gone, clearing the first obstacle, a large empty hole with a thin beam, in a matter of second. 

The next obstacle that stood before him was a large wall, leading to the next level. Taking a half step back, Kirigari ran towards it, leaping up and kicking off of it, landing a graceful backflip as he touched down on the second floor. He was significantly in the lead now, the rest of the class taking a bottleneck through the first obstacle, slowing them all down. Kirigari focused back on the task at hand, sliding under a barrel spinning in place, and darting through a hallway with dart holes on either side. This was laughably easy. As Kirigari made it to the final floor, he saw the fake hollow dummies and couldn't help but laugh. They were just large haysacks filled with something , with crudely drawn hollow masks on. Kirigari swatted them out of the way with ease as they dropped across the last walkway towards him, and finished the course with ease, not even breaking a sweat. 

WC: 466


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