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Isami Koza

Yuki's Travels: Journal Edition.

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OOC// Yuki's adventures though the time inbetween posts. I'll be updating this over time. 

Date: 2XXX, 05, 17

Another dreary day in this lifeless landscape I call home. The bleak and soulless sky, the bland and loveless ground. There really isn’t much to do around these parts, is there Gozira? All we do from day to day is eat hollows, sleep and fight. Isn’t there more to do then this? Are we doomed to suffer the same fate forever more till we die?. Well it’s not like you’re gonna answer me you hardly talk as it is which is why i’m writing this down as a sort of outlet. I do appreciate you letting me live on your back as a form of protection though, it helps me recover without being attacked after I hunt for food myself. You know what Gozira? Let’s go all the way together? Let’s become arrancars one day and keep looking after each other! Even if one of us gets left in the dust in terms of strength just having each other cheering and supporting one another is more than enough. After all, you are my first and only friend in this lonely place. Thank you. -Snow Runner

Date: 2XXX, 06, 01

God i’ve been so bored, whichever divine being decided to make this need to have a good old kick up their arse for making this place literally a blank canvas. Seriously trees made out of rock? Sand for miles and miles with nothing in between? Hell it’s always night like damn I might have been a night owl in my past life but this is just too much. I need to get out of here for a break. I need something new to do I need some colour for fuck sakes. I know in a few days I’ll go to the human world. I've only ever really seen it from my faded memories. It'll be so much fun I just know it! I wish I could take Gozira with me but… It might be a bad Idea for people to see a Mountain sized hollow just appear out of thin air one day. But once I do go and visit I promise I'll come back with lots of things for Gozira too!! Ooo I wonder what kind of gifts Gozira would like? I’m sure he’ll like whatever I get him. He’s a big softy on the inside anyway. -Snow Runner

Date: 2XXX, 06. 15

Today is the day I arrived in the human world! It’s Soooo much better then home. The sky and ground have color, there is wind blowing through my hair, there are actual non-hostile beings here not just that but there are so many people and souls it’s almost like I was looking face first at paradise! Sadly though upon arriving my instinctual hunger did get the better of me I ate a small hollow that was chasing after a human spirit which was just able to state my hunger for the time I spent here so far thankfully. Oh I met a doctor/professor while I was here too! What was his name Dr…. Yoake, That’s right! His name was Dr. Yoake! He showed me around the place! He also found it weird that I slept. I guess I’m the only hollow to sleep to help slow the transformation back into a Gillian by conserving my energy. After a while he took me around the marketplace and we started talking about each other. It was a really fun time! He even bought me some sweets and souvenirs for both me and Gozira! I hope to meet him again at some point. He seemed like a great guy! -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 07, 04

Okay listen, I know I told myself I’d go back home but I had to return to the human world! There was still so much I didn’t see! I’m sure Gozira will be fine without me there after all he has quite the temper when it comes to others bothering him. So I was traveling around today slowly snacking on other hollows while looking at all the things but I wish I could interact and have fun with people in this place. What's the point if I’m alone? That’s when it hit me! I noticed Shinigami in the past used to have fake bodies to interact with this world! So I was thinking what if I had a fake body? Would I be able to interact with this world? I knew I wouldn’t look like a human though If I did get one though I saw on one of these weird boxes little people talking about cosplayers and people dressing up and I was like eureka! I’ll just pretend to be one of these cosplayers! But I think it’ll still have to wait though I doubt there are any fleshy bodies that look like mine at the moment… I’ll be back though in the future!! -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 08, 15

It’s been a while, hey Journal of mine? What has happened since I last wrote? Well some idiots decided to bother me while I was sleeping on Gozira’s back so naturally we took care of them. The days seem to get longer and longer now that I’ve grown accustomed to Gozira’s traveling method, a little bumpy at times though thankfully I'm able to fly during those moments. Once in a while I would go off and visit some hollow settlements to look for and hollows who would be willing just to hang out and talk but it seems that my pressure seems to scare them off. I've become stronger than I thought I would have become while hanging out with Gozira. In a way I’m grateful for the opportunity to be friends and partners with Gozira traveling this godforsaken land. But on the other hand it would be nice to talk with more people you know?. Eh what am I saying I think my time in the human world is rubbing off on me. I’m meant to be a hollow an mean, lean eating machine. But Idk I just feel empty like I have no true purpose? I hope one day I’ll find one and we’ll see what happens from there. -Snow Runner

WC: 1028

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Date 2XXX, 08, 21

I almost regressed today, I fell asleep for way too long. I lasted a few days without eating while in my sleeping state. Thankfully the smell of some nearby hollows making their way up Gozira woke me up with their delectable smell one of them was like a leopard looking hollow. Thankfully my frost helped slow him down enough for me to land the fatal blows on him. He tasted like what do the humans called it again?… A pudding cup? It was really nice! A little further down there was another hollow but it didn’t seem interested in climbing but was just walking by it was small, almost like a human. I couldn’t sense anything from it, I felt a cold chill down my back as I saw it. Thankfully it didn’t want anything from me or gozira. It seemed to be keeping a low profile. I deemed it best to go back up and sleep some more and tried to forget the whole thing. What was that hollow? -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX. 09, 10

I went exploring the new settlements around since we move quite quickly thanks to Gozira’s size. Something dreadful was flowing through the air though. All the settlements I went to had been massacred with dead hollows and empty masks everywhere. Did that Hollow I saw the other day do all this? What was its goal? What was it searching for?. All I know is that I was lucky that day if it was able to unleash this amount of damage there would have been no way I would have survived if it took an interest in me. The amount of dead hollows no different than me was more than enough evidence of that. How did such a Hollow get that strong? Can I achieve the same level of strength to protect myself?. - Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 09, 30

I wonder if Gozira is aware I’m making journal pages out of his “scales” I’m sure he doesn’t mind that he has enough around. After all he is a giant mountain he probably doesn’t feel me picking one or two off here and there. I might go on a little adventure soon. I kind of want to find that Hollow again. Stupid Idea? Yeah I know but I need to find out more everyday there has been a torrent of questions I need answered. It’s honestly tormenting me at this point, Sorry Gozira but I need to borrow more scales to make it into pages for the trip. I hope you look after yourself a lot while I'm gone. Who knows you might be smaller when I get back… Yeah, like that will ever happen, how would a mountain shrink that much. I’ll leave the gift I bought you months ago with you. I hope you keep that wristband with you. I’ll make a copy of this passage for you to read one day so you know that I'll be back and that I love you, friend. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 10, 06

I’ve been traveling on my own for a while now, It’s kinda spooky without Gozira around. I’m used to him being around even if most of the time we would talk it was mostly me talking it was still nice to have someone around. I met a few hollows on the way to my destination. We decided to team up but it’s not the same as with gozira. I can never know what’s going on in the other hollows minds. It feels really lonely but I won’t give up and I'll be sure to sleep with one eye open while on my travels with my new companions. Alex, Flore and Misa (Sisters). -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 10, 13

Alex went into a frenzy last night attacking and killing Flore and seriously injuring Misa. Luckily I stopped him in time before Misa was killed too. My guess was he was about to regress and went into an instinctual frenzy looking for any way of stopping it. This land is too barren; these things happen way too often. Not enough food to go around. Misa and I held a farewell for Flore and Alex. I had told Misa to go on ahead and that I would catch up lying to her that I would make sure the graves would be hidden in sight. Once Misa was out of visible range I dug the two up and ate them both before they would dissipate while also crushing up some of their masks into powder before heading back to Misa handing her the the crushed up masks telling her it was from another hollow that was coming across the grave and told her to eat it as it will help her sanity in check. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 10, 31

Misa was feeling extremely weak as if she was about to regress, I guess the crushed up masks would only work so well till she would have to eat again. Unlike me she didn’t know how to hibernate and conserve any energy she gained from other hollows. I offered to her for me to eat a part of her to make it so she could no longer fear regressing. She accepted. I took a little nibble out of her face and mask. She yelped as the pain rushed through her, which was expected. After this ordeal I asked her to stay by my side as we continued traveling. She agreed but said it might be best to live with the next settlement since she said she was holding me back. I reluctantly agreed but promised once I was strong enough to protect her I would come back for her. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 11, 02

We reached a settlement shortly after I gave Misa the biggest hug and made sure to let her know that if there was any trouble I would be right here for her; she just needed to call out to me. She was shocked by the gesture since it was very human-like and didn’t know how to react. I told her she would understand one day. I continued my journey into the empty abyss in search of that hollow I saw that one day. Has he gotten stronger since that day? Is he still searching for what he was looking for that day? Is he friendly or hostile? Only one way to find out. Gods help me. -Snow Runner

WC: 1081

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Date 2XXX, 11, 5

I Flew for miles now as I no longer needed to walk with companions. It was a lot easier avoiding confrontations that didn’t need to happen. If I was ever hungry I would just shoot an unexpected Cero at someone down below 9 out of 10 times . If not then it would be like a game of Hollow dodgeball with ceros. Not gonna like It’s kinda like a game to me at this point. WILL I YUKI HIT THIS HOLLOW OR SHALL THEY DODGE AND FIRE BACK FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON… It’s a fun way to spend time I suppose, though it does get lonely. I did find more of those random white pillars I saw months ago again I still have no idea what they are. I tried shooting one at one point with a cero. Super loud noises came out of them. I made sure to flee as far as I could after that. -Snow runner

Date 2XXX, 11 ,17

I noticed some weird people today coming out of one of the white pillars. They were wearing all white clothing similar to what humans wear covering their bodies. I snuck up and watched them from afar seeing what they were doing, making sure my “pressure” wasn't picked up by them. They seemed to be carrying cages of hollows which some looked mangled up and some looked like they were ravenous beasts as if they lost all sense of self? What was going on in that Pillar? And why did they have broken masks and swords like that of the shinigami I had seen in the human world? Just who were they? I assessed their powers; they were still weaker than the hollow I met that day a long time ago now. I thought it best to just move on for now but watching them made my hunger rise up quite a bit. Damn I could go for a snack right now… - Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 11, 23

I found him! I finally found him! I’m nowhere close to him but I can feel that same pressure that he was giving off that day I’m getting close! But I don’t know if I can face him the way I am now. What if he sees me as a threat? What if he is one of those Ravenous beasts I saw the other day? What if he isn’t willing to listen to me? GAH! Too many thoughts makes me overly anxious. Well you know what? there is only one way to find out!. Please let me live… Here goes nothing… - Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 11, 24 

HE GOD DAMN SCOFFED AT ME. I mean I’m alive but what the fuck? Am I not worthy of his time? Nah I’m not giving up on this. I'll keep bugging him until he talks with me. I’m not going back with my tail between my legs. Gozira would laugh at me if I did nah, We are doing this. - Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 12, 03

I think he finally gave in to talk to me, My secret skill of nagging till they talk worked like a charm! At the moment it’s just small talk but I can really feel him warming up to me. I learnt his name was Tanji and that he is older than me! Apparently he can remember his life as a human completely which amazed me even though I can only see blurs of my past life. But this guy can see them clearly. I asked him so many questions of who he was as a human like what he did and how he lived. I loved every story he told during our traveling breaks. He would even start protecting me while I slept. He really is a nice guy deep down he also never seemed to want to eat? Did he find a way to stop the regression or did some of himself was eaten in the past I don’t understand but that is a question for another time. For right now I’m enjoying not feeling lonely anymore. I wonder how Gozira is doing?. - Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 12, 07

I woke up today to him handing me a large hollow. This thing could have easily been half the size of Gozira. What the hell is this guy? He told me to eat it since he didn’t want me to regress since I hadn't eaten for a while. I’m guessing he doesn’t know about my hibernating ability but I’ll keep that on the down low for now since well it's good food being delivered to me. I started eating the hollow. It took me the whole day to eat it all but boy was it delish. The hollow tasted sweet but yet had this citrusy undertone to it. I love every bite of it though I think Tanji was worried I might explode with how fast I was eating it. After I was done eating though we relaxed but this time instead Me asking him questions he started asking me about my life before becoming a hollow if I remembered any of it. I told him as much as I could and we laughed and cried but we bonded a lot more this night. - Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 12, 12

I finally asked the question today of how he got so strong. He didn’t know how to answer me other then he transformed into something called a vasto lorde but he didn’t know how he did it since he has seen more hollows eat tones more then himself yet never transform. But he has a theory that only a few can become a vasto and those few are human in nature emotionally wise and have a “heart” that other hollows seem to lack. And that the stronger the memories of their human life the higher the chance they have to become a vasto. I asked him if he thought I could become one someday? He just went silent on me and said he didn’t know. That only I could find out on my own if I could. I froze up and walked in silence for a while after that not knowing what to say. - Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 12, 20

I woke up to see him missing today. I hope everything is alright. He did leave a note for me though saying that one day we would meet again when the time is right and that I should follow my own path from now on and that you have others waiting for me. The ones in my stories. I cried today. I didn’t know that it was possible for a hollow like me to cry… But I did…- Snow Runner

WC: 1134

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Date 2XXX 12, 25

Went traveling again after Tanji left. I don’t know why he would suddenly leave like he did the other day but I'm sure he has his reasons. So like he asked I’ll be going my own path! But what is my path? Where do I want to go? I completed my goal of finding Tanji but what now?. I’ll just travel some more. I guess for now I’ll see where walking leads me. Maybe I’ll go visit Misa again. It's been a while since I last saw her, I might even stop by Gozira and see how he is doing. It’s going to be a long time till I understand what Tanji meant by going my own path but till then I’ll keep traveling till I find the answer. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 12, 30

I arrived at the same white pillar I found the other day where the hollows were caged. I decided to sneak in because my curiosity had gotten the better of me so I waited till they took all the caged Hollows out of the pillar and while no-one was looking gave them the slip and entered the tower. The inside of the tower was a giant hallway leading downwards into the ground with many branches leading out on each side however it seemed extremely empty. Just who lived here? And what were they doing to the hollows here? I wanted to find out more. I found what looked like a closed off part of the place which looked like it had semi-collapsed and crawled into it as a makeshift shelter to sleep to rest up before exploring the rest of this place assuming no-one would find me here. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 12, 31

I woke up to the sound of yelling sounded like someone let loose some of the hollows that were held captured here. But they were able to capture the subject before any major damage was done. Once they left I snuck out of my little resting spot and carried on looking through the multiple hallways trying to find out what’s happening around here and found a doorway that looked different then the others. I made sure no-one was around before heading in. Once I entered a horrible rancid smell entered my nose. I nearly threw up from how bad it was but I was able to hold back. I looked around the room and found rotting limbs of hollows and strange glass vials with weird liquids inside of them. What was this for? Before I had any time to contemplate I had to quickly hide as what seemed like a higher up come in and grabbed some of the vials while mumbling about how if they got this right they could improve the average hollow’s ability 10 fold. I quickly when the coast was clear went back to the hideout and took another rest. Tomorrow was another day. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 01, 01

Was super silent today. In the beginning I left my hole and went searching again. Naturally it took forever to find something different then the giant hallways. Why would anyone need hallways this long? It is so tiresome. After some time I found a new room to explore. This time there was no smell, it was super clean not a speck of dust. There was a hollow in the middle of the room strapped to a table chair like contraption struggling to get free. There were a lot of dark spots in the room with one large light blinding the middle of the room. I got the scare of my life in this room though as I was about to leave I saw the doors slowly open and people were talking quite loudly so I quickly curled up in one of the dark corners and just watched what was about to happen. The same person from the room I found yesterday came in and used the liquid in the vial he had picked up and injected it into the hollow that was sitting in the chair. After a few minutes the hollow started convulsing before suddenly exploding. A Failure they called him before promptly leaving. I quickly went to my safety hole and stayed here while I'm writing this. I'll try to leave this place tomorrow. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 01, 02

I left that place. It's best if I don’t return. If I was caught, who knows what would have happened after seeing what happened to that hollow. Would I have been experimented on too? I’m glad I made it back. I’m currently heading to the settlement that Misa was staying in. I want to see how she is doing and hopefully she is fitting in well. The moon seems extra bright tonight. I wonder why that is? Am I not used to the outside anymore since my eye adjusted to that place? Whatever the case may be, I'm just happy to be outside again… -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 01, 13

I.. I can’t write anything today.. I’m sorry. 

Date 2XXX 01, 14
I cried all night, my anger had never been so high. I had worn myself out doing so.  I reached the settlement. I now know what happened to the settlements I had visited the months prior.. They were either killed, captured or experimented on the spot.. Misa wasn't anywhere to be seen among the casualties which means she was either captured or.. No, No I’m sure she hasn’t been experimented on yet. I just need to follow the cage tracks that leave this area from where it was dragged. I need to get Misa back. I promised I'd come to her aid if she needed me. Please Misa be safe.. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, 01, 15

I flew as fast as I could today, Faster than I had ever gone I needed to save Misa. After a while I caught up to the kidnappers. They were hulling 3 extremely large cages with numerous hollows, some I recognize from Misa’s settlement and some I didn't know at all so they might have been from other settlements that were also on the way. I tailed them from behind and noticed a new White pillar I hadn’t seen before appear as we talked towards it. As they entered I made sure to wait a few hours just to know if the coast was clear or not and headed in to look for misa and the others. After a few hours of searching I found a room full of caged hollows all extremely scared. I yelled out for Misa at that point but there wasn’t a response. One of the townsmen from Misa’s settlement recognized me and told me they just left with Misa 10 minutes ago and that if I wanted to get to her I'd have to leave now. I quickly ran to get to Misa before I left. I unlocked 2 of the cages with a small cero so they could free the others. Eventually I made it to Misa as she was heading into a room. At this point my mind was going a million miles an hour full of adrenaline. I ran to the door instead of opening it. I fired a full blast Cero through it to help cause enough smoke as cover and quickly grabbed Misa from the chair and ran as fast I could while carrying her. Once outside I saw all the other hollows there waiting for us before they all used their own abilities to cause the Tower to crash blocking anyone following us from coming out. We as a group started traveling to a new place far away to make a new settlement with Misa holding tightly onto me as we walked. -Snow Runner

WC: 1302
Entry count: 28

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Date 2XXX 01, 25

We traveled for a long time after leaving that white pillar. A lot of our weaker hollows started to succumb to the instinctual frenzy of not eating for a while. We sadly had to end their lives but in doing so we helped others suppress their own hunger. Thankfully there were a few like Misa who know longer needed to eat since they had their regression stopped through some part of their body being consumed. We continued to travel through this barren landscape till we knew we were far enough away from the Pillars to be safe to make a new settlement. This new settlement was formed between the walls of a fissure we found hiding from direct few; we thought it would be the best place to hide and make a new home. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 02, 10

Building of the new settlement has gone well. The hollows made homes from caves they built into the cliff sides with stone-like bridges connecting them together from side to side. It was truly a marvel to behold. Far better I think then what normal above ground settlements normally look like. I made sure to stay and help with the building and settling in of the residents. I also helped and hunted smaller hollows for them to eat while they were busy. Misa also slowly recovered from the ordeal. She's still super anxious all the time but she is no longer locked up in her cave I had built for her. She has slowly taken steps to come out and eat with the others. Progress! -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 02, 20

I’m thinking about leaving soon again. I can’t stay here for too long. I don't want them to become reliant one me. Misa has started socializing again with the others which has brought a joy to me that I haven't felt in a long time. I know she won’t be happy with me leaving but it has to be done, not only for my sake but for everyone else too. I’ll be sure to make every moment I have left with Misa and the others worth wild. Tonight I also helped stop the regression of more of the hollows that live here since they didn’t want to go into a frenzy and hurt people they have grown to enjoy being around. I’ll miss this place. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 03, 07

I started to travel again today, It was hard leaving them today. Everyone begged me not to go Misa didn’t come out of the cave to say goodbye either I promised i’ll come back to visit her in the future but that I need to follow my own path if I were to understand this underlying feeling I have feel inside that I’ve been feeling for a long time now. I cried a lot while flying away. My eyes still hurt but it’s okay I’m sure they all will be fine and eventually understand why I had to leave. I saw multiple gatherings of hollows while flying slowly back to where I last left Gozira. It seems like something big was happening. I don't know what though but it did peak my interest. I snuck into one of the groups to hear what was going on. Apparently multiple hollow “gangs” have been wiped out by a humanoid Hollow while they tried to attack it. I instinctually chuckled under my breath knowing who that hollow might have been and was glad to know he was still doing okay. But I also had a small sense of dread building up without the existing “gangs” in the area; it means newer gangs will be forming now those that don’t have a code like the old ones did. Hopefully everything won’t go too haywire. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 03, 15

I arrived back to where I left Gozira the last time. Knowing Gozira and his large ass he has probably moved along super far from here. I had now just had to follow the Slight leftover traces left by him. I made sure to see if any of his scales had dropped of on the way though, My journal was starting to run out of pages and who knows how many I have left to write in but what I can say was that it’s been one hell of a journey since I left I’ll be sure to tell Gozira all about it!! Oh also I noticed a lot of squashed hollows on the path Gozira took. I'm guessing they got too close to one of his upper dorsal fins. Poor guys didn’t even know what hit them. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 03, 17

Traveling the same route Gozira did I noticed more white pillars then there used to be but thankfully they were still far enough away from Misa’s settlement that it didn’t worry me much and I didn’t need to worry about Gozira what are they gonna do to a giant mountain of a hollow? There isn’t much at all. I did see some more hollow like people with swords again traveling around the place. I wonder if they were looking for more experiments or even just protecting their areas. I noticed also that some of them had different looking outfits then others does that mean they were in different groups? Does that mean not all of them do experiments on other hollows? Whatever the case maybe I made sure to stay in the skies to keep my distance and only come down to figure out which way Gozira went or if I spot a rogue scale on the ground I can shave into scale paper to engrave on. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 03, 25

I feel uneasy ever since reaching this place. I passed through more white pillars and the hollows like people around them were getting stronger and stronger. Was I getting close to something I’m not supposed to? Thankfully I noticed Gozira shift his movement away from the dreadful feeling and I followed his track away.. That place we were heading too I don’t like it.. No place should have that amount of danger coming from it, not even Tanji gave me such a feeling when we first met. -Snow Runner

WC: 1047
Entry count: 35


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Date 2XXX 04, 08

I’m slowly running out of scales to engrave my writings upon, Hopefully I’ll find some more on the way soon if not my journal entries will be slowing down quite a bit. What did I do today? Well It was mostly just mindless flying to be honest. Not much happened just following the same ol’ trail till I found gozira. You would think finding a giant mountain would be easy but nope not when he travels long distances in between his rests.I wonder if he still has that gift I bought for him the bracelet I got from the Human world. He better or i’m gonna kick his booty. Lovingly of-cause since it’s been so long since I've seen them. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 06, 22

Haven’t found any scales since my last journal entry. I think he is preparing to go into his usual rest mode since he usually stops shedding his scales when that happens. Which probably means there is a chance for me to catch up to him. Might take me a few weeks to even months to reach him though since it’s been a long time traveling. Worst part yet is with hollows and even just random wind gusts that appear from nothingness. The sands slowly cover up Gozira’s tracks. I'm hoping he hasn't done any sharp turns since last time. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX 09, 17

Sand, Sand, Sand everywhere I see. I have been seeing less and less hollows too. Is this what Gozira tried talking to me about with the many cycles that happen where the population of hollows drop and rise every so often which causes him to sleep for an undetermined amount of time while the population is low? I mean it’s an effective way of doing it I guess kinda shutting your brain off for a few hundred to thousands of years. I personally wouldn’t be able to do that. I'd get so bored since whatever he does is different from my sleeping. I like to at least dream, you know? Anyway, This will be my last journal entry for possibly a few years If i’m honest. I’m almost out of scales and I need to hunt and eat hollows while their population is low so I don’t regress. Sleeping only helps to a point. -Snow Runner

Date 2XXX, ??, ?? (1)

Instinct, We are all born with it be it Hollow, Human, Shinigami or even the smallest of creatures  you name it they have instinct. You might have noticed this isn’t the same hollow that has been writing the previous entities of this journal i think she calls it? No, the original owner is currently showing her true self right now. Her natural instinct has kicked in and is hunting down every hollow in sight of her. Why hasn’t she attacked and eaten me yet you asked? Well that’s because I'm the cause of this… I don’t have a name to call myself by but she called me Rosaria. She told me that I had a pattern like roses from the world of the living on me so it was the first thing that came to mind to her. Now how did this all happen? Well We had met a few years ago. She told me she was looking for a giant moving mountain she had called Gozira or something like that. I was confused that the only mountain like that was passed down as legend in my tribe. It had no name so I thought she was crazy at first. She invited me to travel with her to prove me wrong I… In hindsight I should have declined if I knew this would happen. I’ve never seen a hollow with such limitless anger and bloodlust that she has right now at this moment… I’m sorry Yuki for making you this way. It’s my fault for coming along, It’s my fault for being captured, it’s my fault for getting you hurt the way you are now. I’m sorry… I know you’ll read this when you wake up from your wrath but just know I care about your bond and that you take care of yourself okay? I’ll head back to my village, don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I believe you about Gozira and I hope you find him. -Rosaria

Date 2XXX, ??, ?? (2)

Hi there! I found these really old story stones and thought I’d add to it! My name is Rosie. I was named after the great great great chieftain of our tribe when I was accepted. You could probably imagine the shock when I found these stone pages that had her name on it, Rosaria. The story of the last entry matches with the story of “The one that lost their smile” that had been a spooky story that was told throughout our history. This is how it is told in my tribe. “Once there was a beautiful gargoyle of a hollow, Her laughter was contagious and had a smile that lit up the path she was walking, undeterred she met a young Hollow from a tribe and gave her a name. They traveled years looking after each other however the gargoyle refused to eat and would always give the young hollow her food saying she would need it more. till one day the young hollow was captured and experimented on for multiple days till she was rescued by the gargoyle, However, the gargoyle was in pure anger the anger and blood lust was so intense that some of the researchers gave up on the spot losing their will to live knowing that they were gonna die anyway. Once they escaped the gargoyle would constantly hunt and eat anything it could get it’s hands and eyes on without a moment's notice. That's when the young hollow realized the gargoyle had been on the edge of regression since they met and her being captured and also eating all the gargoyle’s food had finally caused her to go back to her basic instincts.” This was the story that the tribe had spoken about to make sure new arrivals like myself would share the food they would find. But to think it was actually true? I need to bring this back to the village. I'm sure Rosaria would love to have it as a keepsake. After all, she has come back to the village after traveling for many years trying to find a lost friend of hers. -Rosie

Wc: 1086
Entry count: 40

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Date 2XXX, ??, ?? (3)

Found these dusty old cracked stone pages of a random book? Journal? Whatever it is, it sure has seen better days. Looks like the original owner had put a lot of entries in but after a while other people seem to have started putting in entries of their own. Well I’m doing the same thing HAHA it looked fun after all so of-cause I would join in. I came across this while exploring this torn down falling apart ruin of a settlement that looks really old. The last few pages mentioned vast multiple years passing by makes you wonder how old the original author is?. No No more important of a question are these really stone pages? Normal stone would have been eroded and be unable to read by now let alone have spare blank pages. This is an historic find to say the least I could learn so much from this!. Anyway, I wonder if the original owner is still out there, consumed by the madness of their instinct or have they regained their mind wandering endlessly trying to find a way back to this place or a place they have gone before. This Misa might know where they are. I should head over to this elusive settlement I read about in earlier chapters. I might even get a juicy reward for giving this to them but if not that’s okay just reading this story was more than enough. I do hope I find this place. -Treasure hunter

Date 2XXX, ??, ?? (4)

This is Misa. A dog like hollow arrived at this place a few days ago asking me about Yuki while handing this journal over to me. He was certainly shocked to find out that I was the leader of this settlement and how large it had grown. Yuki would be proud of the feat we have achieved here… If only she would wake up… The Dog hollow wanted to know if I knew where Yuki was and we did… I did. One day recently a shadow flew over the chasm we live in. It was slow and seemed to be having trouble flying so most of us including me ran over there to hopefully hunt it for food if it was hostile to us. When we got there I was in tears when I saw that it was Yuki all bloodied and bruised and on death's door as if she was constantly fighting for years without end… I had to stop the new younger generation from attacking and eating her as they didn’t know she was our savior oh so many years ago… But this time… This time we were hers. She hasn’t woken up since then. We don't know what's going on. We don't know if she’ll regress or not but I’m honestly so scared… Please wake up Yuki… You promised you’d come back, you promised you’d be strong enough to protect us… Please just open your eyes. -Misa

Date 2XXX, ??, ?? (5)

A large mountain disappeared today out of thin air, our scouts say. That must have been Gozira, the one Yuki told me all about when she was traveling with me all those years ago. I wonder what happened to him or how Yuki would react if she found out. Her body had started to crack as if it was Ice that was about to melt away, her body was extremely cold to the touch no-one knew what was going on. Was she dead but wouldn’t she have faded away by now? Was this her way of regenerating? No but that wouldn’t explain all the cracks that were forming on her body. Just what was going on with my Yuki? Our Yuki?. Please be alright… I miss you. -Misa 

Date 2XXX, ??, ?? (6)

She woke up today. When I saw her, Her eyes were blank as if her mind wasn’t there, her body was covered in thick ice like it was holding her together. What is happening to you, Yuki? Why did you become this way? I made sure to look after her that day. She seemed to know how to do the basics of things like walk, eat and other such things however, she refused to talk.. No, it's better to say that she couldn’t talk as if everything she was doing was more her body on auto mode while her mind was somewhere else, somewhere not here. Yuki, if you can hear me please come back soon, everyday seeing you like this makes me feel more pain then I have ever felt. Everyone here wants to meet you. All the old guys you helped save all those years ago, All the new hollows who joined after you left and I want to see you again. Not this husk you are now. Please come back to the bright, careful you with tons of personality. The one.. These unknown feelings I have are asking for… -Misa

Date 2XXX ??, ?? (7)

There is an Attack happening on the settlement. This will probably be the last journal entry in this book from now on, Yuki is still in her state and we are being massacred here. I wish we had a fighting chance but we don’t not even Yuki would if she was still around mentally. I finally understand what you meant Yuki when you said I would understand one day. We hollows are naturally unable to feel things that aren’t part of our naturistic instinctual wants. But some of us are different, some of us can suppress that and learn to be happy and enjoy things outside of just survival.. Yuki I.. I think ever since that day you left this feeling in me that has ever grown stronger this is one of those things.. I think I have fallen for you and while this place is being burned down I shall protect you the best I can like you did all those years ago for me. So please. Survive. I love you. -Misa

-Journal Entires End-

Word Count: 1005
Total Current Word Count: 7683
Entry count: 45

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