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Shiba Isshin

New Forum Rankings and Badges

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So as a few have already noticed, with one of the most recent forum updates came a rankings & achievements badge system for the forum.

Ranks range from 1-14 currently and have generic descriptions like "Newbie, Collaborator, Mentor.." etc.. Nothing that is specific to our neck of the woods, so I wanted to put it to our members to come up with a list of ranks that we can rename the current system as. Sure.. I could do it myself or leave things as it is (not out of the realm of possibility :p)

I can create new ranks, or decrease the number of ranks overall. They should have something to do with the Bleach universe, or maybe anime/manga in general.. 

Ranks and badges are achieved by earning points generated by your activity on the forum: making your first post, replying to others posts, following threads/forums/users,..etc 

Looking forward to seeing what people come up with

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