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Naruki City, The Vault

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Quickly he jumped on the phone and called out...

The day continued seemingly as normal after the call was completed. Jeremiah was able to get through all of his paper work and deal with several remote client meetings so to close a few deals. There were also several meetings that the Regional Vice President wanted to coordinate and determine a few steps in the action plan for the Asian Pacific Region for the company. Normally he remains invested in all of the meetings and projects but he could not let go of that single name, "Hachiman." A single person, the name that drove him all the way from the United States to Japan and after more than a year of working and studying he finally got the name and it came by chance.

"Hey Kara?" He spoke out from his desk as he started to close some of his files just as she made her way around the corner into the doorway, "Yes Mr. Richardson?" She stood in the doorway with her tablet in hand, "Tell me what you know about Malachai Korolevu." Kara revealed a smile with a small laughter tucked underneath at his inquiry but soon that dissipated when it was revealed he was not responding accordingly. "My apologies. I had no idea that you were serious." Jeremiah made an expression for her to continue to which she responded by using her tablet and moving things around, "Have you been to Naruki City yet?" He simply responded with a shake of his head, "Mr. Korolevu is the owner of The Vault located in Central Naruki City."

She swiped on the screen which caused a beep on Jeremiah's phone. He picked his phone up off the desk to see the notification from Kara. The screen illuminated as he pressed on the notification that shifted his screen to the front of building that looked like a bank fitted with vibrant golden neon lights at the deep of night. Jeremiah approaches the building from across the street out of his work clothes and into something more casual, at least casual in terms of how he normally operates. 

He checked his watch for a moment, checking the picture of Malachai for a moment and using the references that he was able to gather from his internet search several hours prior. There was little to go on as everything he was able to uncover was fluff pieces and with little to actually identify the man with, as he apparently avoided the public eye and lived by his name and identity behind his business operations. Only appearances were pictures of over ten years ago and the most recent is one someone got of him as a private investigator. 

The line leading into the building was a long one, and that was expected based on the amount of popularity that this location garnered. He had not considered this when he made the plan to come to the location, and honestly he hadn't developed much of a plan beyond coming to the location. The weekend had already arrived and it was the best time to get a chance to understand the environment and determine if his target was even situated in the building.

So without many other options, he made his way towards the back of the line and each step feeling like miles separating him from his target. It had not bothered him at first, but it slowly became increasingly painful as he went down the line. Eventually he arrived at the back of the line, nearly down the block and a half further away from the door and through that entire time he had not seen the line move more than two people. 

17 Minutes Later

One more step forward as the line moved once again, but if that was a metric used to measure the progress of his evening Jeremiah was more than certain he was not going to be entering this building tonight. It was disappointing, which also means he would have to try to arrive dreadfully early to the next opening to get a chance to get in but that would bring too much attention to himself in a way that is worse than most other circumstances. "Brandon?" More than hearing his name, Jeremiah was shaken by hearing the voice of a familiar tone speaking his name.

He looked to the side to see someone in a way that he would not expect, Kara his assistant, making her way up to him in an outfit that was more flattering than he would imagine. "Kaje? What are you doing here?" She smiled with a charm that was new to Jeremiah, "Well, you had asked me about The Vault and thought 'well I haven't been there in awhile' and now I am here." That smile was maintained, "But what are you doing here? I never considered you as a party boy." Her tone was held with a smooth tone of sarcasm.

"I was... Hoping to find someone." Kara gave a mocking look of endearment, "Did the run in with you wife make you wish you had someone?" Jeremiah gave a scoff as he rolled his eyes, "That's not what I mean I just-" "Come on." She took his hand and pulled him out of the line, "But my spot." Kara continued forward, pulling him along side the line. As they approached the front of the building there were a few women gathering as Jeremiah was brought to them. 

"Hey Kaje!" One of the girls exclaim, "Wait, isn't this your boss?", one of them smirked, "More like, how is this your boss?" As she motioned towards his physique with a sly smile before another interjected, "Nah, more like how is this your boss." Her hand brought up like a height scale pointing out his shorter than average American height. He couldn't decide whether he should roll his eyes or simply walk away. "Don't worry, they aren't always so creative." "So says the assistant hope for a chance to-" "And we're off." Quickly Kara pulled Jeremiah towards the entrance as the other woman chuckled behind them. 

They stopped at the doorway as the bouncer stepped in front of them for a moment, and almost on cue the other girls swarmed around Jeremiah while look at the bouncer. He took a moment but then shook it off before step aside and moving the velvet rope. With a smile, "And Voilà." They made their way through the first entrance before opening the second door and being bathed in a golden glow.

WC: 1100
Naruki City: 1100

Kagamino City: 3120
A Walk in the Park: 1950
Overall Word Count: 6170

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They made their way through the first entrance before opening the second door and being bathed in a golden glow...

It was as if the door itself was a boundary to a world beyond them, containing the power of unknown forces that few would be capable of honestly finding a way to comprehend the information being produced. The first thing that struck Jeremiah was the radiant light of the golden glow followed by the flash of white and the unique blue tinted light before the booming sounds collided against his body and eliminated his sense of hearing beyond the heavy pounding against his body echoing through the ground. The only reason that he was able to bring any sense of comprehension of his body was the force of momentum of Kara pulling on his hand and snapping him out of the synth trance as he returned to the heavy drum and base of the music paired with the pulsing strobe lights scattered throughout the building. "Hey, are you okay?" Jeremiah noticed that her lips were moving but he couldn't bring his focus all the way to the present moment. It was not that he had never been to a party or club before, as he had several experiences but it was he fact that he had spent so much time working towards getting revenge for Everett that he had not taken the time to just relax.

"Hey, are you okay?" She was louder this time to make sure that Jeremiah would be able to hear her, although the fact that she leaned in close enough for him to notice that she was wearing perfume that reminded him of sweet vanilla helped in his ability to hear her. "Yeah, just been awhile since I went out." She slowly pulled away from a moment so that they could each other in the face before she made a motion with her head towards the bar, raising her eyebrows in a way to emphasize a question. He responded with a nod as she turned around and help his hand in hers holding fingers gently tethered to one another. 

Several drinks later and many attempts at enjoying the dance floor while looking partially like they knew what they were doing on the floor. Although Jeremiah was out with the group of women his mind was focused on a task while looking around the room as he had the chance of locating who he needed too. The opportunity that he was looking for had finally revealed itself when he noticed the many men in suits making their way into a back path that had two guards standing in front of the room for a moment before heading in he room themselves. "Hey Kaje." He said loudly as she danced nearby and she acknowledged his call out placing her hands on his chest and leaning in close, "I have to use the bathroom." With a gentle pat on his cheek, Kara gave a smile and a nod before stepping back with a wink and proceeded to dance further as her friends joined in. With a hint of uncertainty, Jeremiah turned away from her and made his way through the crowd towards the back room.

There was not much of a plan as he continued to approach the door holding to his drink as he continued to maneuver through the crowd until he was a few feet from the door. He took hold of the door handle and attempted to open it only to realize that it was locked, "Of course." Then suddenly some random person spoke up, "Basurūmu wa hantaisoku ni arimasu." He looked to the random drunk dude who was slump against the wall that was collected by his friend. Jeremiah took a moment to look around for a second and the moment that he recognized that no one was around to see it, he placed his finger on the knob. A small blue glow formed at the tip of his finger as mechanism inside moved around until it finally clicked. Once he got that he opened the door slight, scanned around, and then blurred inside of the room before closing it behind him. Once in he recognized that he was in a long corridor that lead to a door down the end. 

Jeremiah took the chance to walk down the pathway leading to the door, halfway expecting someone or something to appear from literally anywhere but without any such appearance. Once he got to the door at the end of the path, he was anticipating the door to be locked like the previous one but was met with no resistance. So he turned the knob of the door and pushed it open to see several guys at a table where a few were counting stacks of cash and a pair were near the corner of the room packing boxes with something in plastic wrap. "Oh." He said with the sounds of an inebriated tone, "This is not the bathroom." Jeremiah prepared to turn back and leave when one of the guys pushed on the door and closed it as he stood in the way. "No it is not, Gaijin." Jeremiah kept the facade of being intoxicated as best could manage as the man at the door shoved him towards the table. With a bit of a stumble, he managed to keep to his feet and turned away from the table and took a step back. He saw that two of the guys nearby pulled out knives followed by the snapping sound of a switchblade engaging behind him. 

"Wait a second." He put his hands up, "Look, with the amount of you in this room you can definitely beat me but I would probably kill at least three of you before you get me on the ground." Jeremiah shrugged, "But I would rather fight the minimal amount of you and then get the bathroom or maybe just leave pretending this was all a weird dream from drinking too much." Shortly after the last of the words left his mouth he saw the guy in front of him move his eyes from a different part of the room behind him and back to him. It was a subtle move but enough for him to slip to the side and avoid the knife the slide through the air as he rotated around dipped underneath the swinging arm of the bladed goon. The dip was enough to give him the chance to move forward and bringing his right arm up for an upward swing following the body line as his fist connected with the bottom of the man's chin. The force was greater than expected, and even his speed was so rapid that many only caught the point of contact as the body of the goon flew back through he door and knocking it off the hinges. He postured up, looked behind him and shrugged, "Sorry about that." With a rush he moved forward, jumped over the body, and dashed down the hallway. 


A sound he was not prepared for as he attempted to get out of the door leading out of the hallway with the consuming sounds of the music. He rushed through the crowd as the goons attempted to keep an eye on him. Jeremiah made his way at the end of the building and stumbled out of the door before tripping over the the stanchion rope and colliding with the ground hard. He attempted to get up and noticed that there was some blood where he hit the ground. He was concerned that he hit the ground too hard but noticed the red stain on his shirt. "Brandon?" He heard the voice of someone he did not expect to hear but waived her off as he rushed down the street. He continued rushing away from the club as a few people clamored as Kara attempted to follow losing him at the end of a dead end alleyway.

WC: 1550
Naruki City: 1100 + 1550 = 1650

Kagamino City: 3120
A Walk in the Park: 1950
Overall Word Count: 7720

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He continued rushing away from the club as a few people clamored as Kara attempted to follow losing him at the end of a dead end alleyway...

It was not far from the club but Kara was certain that she had just seen her boss running out of the club, but the impulse to follow him was not one that could be explain. Much like his decision to hide from her was not one that made too much sense, but he did not want to have to explain the situation to her. There would have been dozens of excuses that he could have made up, but none of them hold any weight with the fact that he certainly had been shot. So instead he is holding to window sill of a random persons room of their house located above a shop. It was more than a story up from the ground which explains why Kara had not made the attempt to look up and simply gave a full look in a circle to see him. "Brandon?" She said his name, gently, versus the volumes expected to call out to him but it remained unanswered and became clear that he was not in the area. 

Kara prepared to turn around and be on her way when three guys approached the alleyway armed with what appeared to be an aluminum baseball bat from one of them and a crowbar in the hand of another as the middle man approached with hands free of any object. "Omoshiroi. Koko de tomodachi o sagashiteimasu ka?" Kara immediately started to back up with a clear sign of anxiety. "Kara... Please get out of here." He spoke softly under his breath as he looked down at the scene playing out, feeling the strain of holding on while he remains certain that there is a bullet wound in his back along his right side. "Watashi wa watashi no yūjin o sagashite imashita, kanojo wa sukoshi yotte imashita." She smiled a little to maintain a calm moment as best she could manage, "Shikashi, kanojo wa kono yō ni ikimasendeshita." With her best effort, she attempted to walk around them as the man with the bat stepped in the way.

"Tabun watashitachi wa anata ga anata no yūjin o mitsukeru no o tasukeru koto ga dekimasu? Wakai josei ga maigoninaru bashode wa arimasen." The center man, seemingly the head of this small trio, slowly began to approach Kara before reaching for her face. "Fuck this." Jeremiah mouthed to himself right before he let go of the window sill and fell to the ground. It was a straight drop, which comes with its own physical punishment on the body but the injury to his side definitely had not done him any favors as he fell backwards to the ground with a decently hard thud. The other four denizens of the alley all looked in the direction of the sound to see Jeremiah attempting to get to his feet. "The Gaijin." He smiled as he motioned to the man with the crow bar and pointed at Jeremiah. 

Jeremiah grunted as he got to his feet, with a little strain, aware that the initial adrenaline had started to finally started to fade bringing more pain in his body. Though as the crowbar goon made his approach, his own stance began to develop like the many times before in the gym during training and in the ring for competitions. "Just in case, it is safe to assume that you won't just walk away and leave us alone?" As if to respond, the goon swung his crowbar at Jeremiah's face with a full force but it was telegraphed for him to slide back out of the way of the attack. The follow up of the back swing came quickly and this time Jeremiah responded with a dip under the arc of the swing. The goon was aggressive in the way that he assaulted but he was wild in his delivery as Jeremiah delivered two swift punches, a left jab followed by the right cross, to the abdomen of the guy. 

Still he continued as he brought the weapon up and drop it for a vertical swing down but once more Jeremiah was able to slide clockwise around the man while delivering two swift punches, a double jab combination, to his face before sliding back. Clearly frustrated, the goon charged forward like a bear with arms spread out for what appeared to be a grapple attempt. Jeremiah kept light on his feet as he watched the man's hip and the moment that his left foot stepped in his zone he was able to slip under the left arm, elevate him self and deliver a devastating punch, a right hook, to the man's jaw. It was not enough to knock him down but he certainly began to stagger.

Jeremiah responded quickly with a quick series of punches, a double left jab, at his face followed by a heavier pair, a right hook to his abdomen and a left hook to his liver, which caused the man to bend over clutching the areas he got stuck just in time to feel the force of a closing strike, a right uppercut, with enough force to knock the man back and to the ground. He had not even hit the ground when Jeremiah heard the loud footsteps of another guy running forward which was not as obvious as the aggressive yelling with the bat in hand readying for a heavy swing. Jeremiah stepped back and counter clockwise and circled the man delivering a heavy right cross to the back of his head. It caused him to stumble forward with his own momentum. He turned around attempting to gather himself only to see as Jeremiah was already on his body with a devastating flurry of punches that were changing levels between head shots and body blows. The man did his best to protect his head but that only made the assault on his abdomen more vicious until Jeremiah stopped with a brutal right hook that crippled the man to the ground. 

 "Gaijin!" Jeremiah quickly turned around to see the remaining goon holding Kara in his left arm with a gun pointed at the head of the woman. "Why do you guys have guns? Like, any other weapon would be fine." "On the ground Gaijin." He pulled the hammer back while pushing the gun firmly to Kara's temple. "Okay. Okay." Slowly Jeremiah started to reach for the ground, "Please no." Jeremiah smiled as his hands hit the ground, "I got you." Suddenly, small golden circles formed at the balls of his feet contact point on the ground before he vanished in a blur and appeared in front of the pair as his right hand flew at the gun and punched at the gun and followed through for a strike dead on to the man's face. It caused the man to fly back a few feet on the ground. 

Slowly Jeremiah exhaled, sweating and now bleeding heavily from his wound. "Your bleeding!" She reaches for him and helps hold him up while placing her hand over his that was on the wound. "You need a hospital." "I would normally agree with you, but I would rather not explain the wound." Before they had a chance to speak further, Jeremiah pushed her to the side as two more golden circles formed at the balls of his feet but the sound of the trigger could be heard before the circles formed. He appeared in front of the man that he thought he knocked out and drove his fist in the the mans face with a falling superman punch.

It was brutal but necessary as Jeremiah remained on all fours for a few moments before working to a kneeling position. Kara rushed to him when she finally got back to her feet and tried to hold to him. "Shit." He glanced at his right shoulder for a moment to notice the blood leaking through his shirt from the bullet wound as darkness became the only company that he could recognize.

Word Count: 1660
Naruki City: 1660
Overall Word Count: 1660

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