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Rash ラシュ

Tamura Residence

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[Tamura Residence a.k.a. "The Black Box"]
The home of Tamura Mariko and Tamura Ryūnosuke. Located in the Kasazaki district of Karakura, The "Black Box", as it has been dubbed by the locals, was only recently constructed after the demolition of the former Mafuyu residence. The Mafuyu family moved to Germany seven years ago and were looking to sell the land, however they were unable to find any buyers due to the tragic circumstances surrounding their departure from Karakura and the rumors that the house was cursed. The land was bought by Tamura Keiji who promptly saw to the demolition of the former home and the construction of the bold architectural statement that is the new Tamura residence.

The jet black anomaly stands imposingly in the corner-plot of two intersecting roads. The neighbors of the Tamura's are the young newly-weds Mr. and Mrs. Hamashida on one side. And on the other side, the retired widow Mrs. Suzuki, who is also the president of the neighborhood association. The Black Box sticks out like a prop from a futuristic sci-fi thriller. The majestic, obsidian obelisk has a dominating presence that overshadows the neighboring homes. Curiously, the neighborhood association has documented a considerable decrease in petty crime and unruly behavior in recent months. Even more curious, it seems more people are taking out their trash on time. It is unclear if the Tamura residence has anything to do with the change.
Tamura Mariko
Tamura Ryūnosuke

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