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Ryu Nakamura

Picking off the stragglers

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A crackling noise could be heard though out the cavern of the forest of menos as black mouth formed in the air, it opened up and out walked yamashiro who until now had been laying up in his room recuperating from his fight against the first espada. He got mad every time he thought back on that day, as strong as he was and even tho he held more power then that old man he some how still managed a win against him. Just the thought of it was so bad that it made yamashiro smash a stone pillar with the side of his fist, the stones crumbled down on to the ground echoing though out the large and deep cave which was the forest of menos. Just then out in the deep dark trenches of the forest yamashiro could feel the spiritual pressure of that damn espada that he lost to but what was weird was that he could sense two more high spiritual pressures beside him but he did not really care he had a much different reason being in this hell then chasing around after that damn espada like some lost puppy. No instead he was here to be red of these pesky hollows that was not strong enough for yamashiro to deep worthy to be called hollows. Fully stepping out from the gorganta yamashiro cracked his neck and stretched out his tired muscles, it had been a while now sense he used any real strength he guessed he was getting rusty and that right there for yamashro was weakness. 

He slowly began to trick along the dusty road that was the forest, every direction he could hear low growls from the pitiful hollows was to weak to get to close to him cause he was making sure to keep his spiritual pressure peeked at a high level so he could not only destroy the weaklings which could not be to near to his presence but to hopefully draw out the higher ranked fighters of this shit hole the adchujas or even better a vosto lorde. But his chances of finding a vosto around here was probably slim if not none, true he was a vosto when he was roaming these tree infested rat hole but then again he was here to find weak pry that he could eat and make his self stronger for the strong so he could have a good fight. " DIE ARRANCAR" in that moment yamashiro heard a noise from behind him so he turned his head to see a rather small hollow come running at him welding some kind of blade in his hands, Yamashiro did not have to do much except raise his arm up as his hand blocked the blade, as the blade hit his hand sparks flew off like metal hitting against a rock and as it did part of yamashiro glove came off from his hand reveling the number 0. He could tell that the hollow knew that he had screwed up as the look upon the smaller hollows face was that of pure horror. " Ha ha ha ha, i give you points for effort small man but you lose those in lack of execution but hey maybe you shall learn in your next life." The hollow started trying to escape once yamashiro said that as he turned and started running like crazy thinking that he could actually out run a espada. 

Yamashiro just sighed as he shook his head then used sonido to appear in front of the small hollow showing him that trying to out run him was not gonna run but then again he did like to play around with his pray before killing them so maybe he will have some fun with the guy. " Well you look at this, now i am gonna have to get a new glove sense you seemed to have ruin mine. But hey you can continue to run if you like but your not gonna get far." Yamashiro would say to the smaller hollow which started to slowly back away. " either that or you know you could stay and fight." He would say as he chuckled at the thought of the hollow trying to fight him. But it seemed that the hollow would give it a try so he bent forwards and shackled up his hair before it came flying towards him as they was now finely sharp needles. The needles hit yamashiros skin but it did nothing but shatter which caused the hollow to turn tail and start running away. " Sigh...these are the hollows i hate the most, they have no back bone to them and run at the first sign that they will lose. I have no use for those hollows in my world." Yamashiro would say as he used sonido once more as he appeared in front of the hollow as he had the side of his body facing the running hollow. With just once swing of his fist he was able to splatter the hollows brains and skull all over the ground, the hollows body hit the ground seconds later once it found out that it no longer had a head attached to its body. 

Now that he was done with that annoyance yamashiro continued his walk around the forest and as he looked around he could see that nothing had changed at all sense he was here as a vosto lorde, in fact it seemed that hueco mundo as a whole has not really changed much except for the people who lived in it. over thousands of years  all there was here was crystallized trees and sand, up top there is nothing but darkness which only the moon seems to change and this has been going on sense the dawn of time here probably which made things very boring. The power which once resided here was no more and honestly the most powerful hollows around here left was him, the first espada and maybe a handful of other hollows that has managed to evolved to arrancar. If yamashro could find these hollows and build up his army of the most powerful hollows then not even the primera espada or even draka the former lord of hueco mundo would be able to stop him. But he also told the primea that he would help him in his plan so he was not gonna do any thing to rash until after that.   

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Bored...this summed up what yamashiro was feeling at the moment, it seemed that no matter how he looked at it all he could seem to find in this hell hole of a forest was weak ass hollows that either died before they could get close to yamashiro or they died cause they was foolish enough to face down Gazami with out enough strength to they get killed. He had hoped that he would be able to find a decent fighter up in these woods sense this was his old stomping grounds he was thinking that there would at least be one or two vosto lorde by now. Just then yamashiro could feel a nice spike in spiritual pressure so with a boom yamashiro used sonido and vanished as he headed towards what he hoped would be a decent fight. Arriving on the scene yamashiro looked over at a small humanoid looking hollow that was about 6 foot tall and had a medium length tail and he had what looked like rat ears. It was kinda funny cause this vosto lorde reminded him of that other smaller hollow he just killed. The vosto noticed yamashiro standing there but he did not seem very happy to see him in fact he had a pissed off look on his face. " That smell i was wondering why my brother was not keeping in touch with me for some time now. It seems its my lucky day i get to kill the man who killed my brother." 

Yamashiro could now tell why this hollow reminded him of that other hollow, it could be that those two was actual brothers that died as humans together and some how both round up as rat type hollows tho now he had a mad hollow to entertain but he thinks he shall probably have more fun messing around with this hollow so he made sure to lower his spiritual pressure down a few notches so that this hollow would think that he actually had a chance. The hollow vanished from where he was then appeared behind yamashiro as he attempted to wrap his tail around his neck but as it was about to wrap around his neck he reached up and grabbed the hollows tail then he swung the hollow around above his head then he slammed the hollow into the ground in front of him. This caused a small crater to form from impact then he slammed the hollow again into the ground and he did this about four more times. " Yamashiro smash." He said as he was smashing the hollow like a rag doll before he threw the vosto lorde away and he went flying away like a rocket. The hollow smashed into a rock wall which caused the rocks to fall down onto the top of him. 

Yamashiro stood there for a few minutes as he waited for the hollow to stand back up, but when he did not he started to wonder if the hollow had died and in which case this fight was not even worth having and that vosto lorde was no longer a threat to him. Just then the hollow sprang up from the ground behind him as he thrust his hand like a knife towards him so yamashiro turned but the hollow caught him by surprise at how fast he was and his claws was sharper then what he expected also as they managed to actually cut his arm. Taking his foot yamashiro sparta kicked him about 20 feet away which caused him to smash though those crystallized trees and he continued to roll about until he finally came to a final stop. " That was a nice move there rat, i give you props you at least are doing more to entertain me then that other rat i killed earlier for all he did was just run away like the rat he was."  Yamashiro liked to egg on the opponent cause when they got mad they messed up and began to not think straight which made it easier to kick there ass. The hollow stood back up and brushed his self off before he started to walk towards yamashiro and was not acting like his self like before which made yamashiro wonder what the hollow would have up his rat sleeve. 

" Its not like i truly cared about that dope of a brother we are hollows after all getting killed is in our life style. It just meant he was not strong enough to be in this hellish world which we live and fight in, if it was not you then it would have been some one else. Why i lost it im not really sure, but if i had to guess i would that i allowed my human side slip out there for a moment but i am now fully under control once more. But if i was you  i would worry about that cut on your arm if i was you." The rat hollow would say with a large grin on his face, and that was when yamashiro felt it. It would seem that when he cut yamashiro arm with his claws he injected him with something which he was now feeling the effects tho unfortunately for the rat hollow yamashiro has been poisoned a lot before and being a spider hollow he was some what immune   to these type of attacks sense he had venom running though his body already.  Tho it was still annoying that his body had a tingling sensation running all over his body that was making it hard to move his arm tho he could still move it fairly easy its he could tell a slight decrease in the speed its moving. But it was nothing that could not out pace this rat but to freak him out yamashuro pulled out his sword which he normally did not do cause he liked the feeling of his fist smashing against the flesh of another, the feeling was something he just could not describe but it just sends shivers down his spine when it happens. 

Taking his sword yamashiro sliced his arm right where the cut was as he watched the blood begin to run out from where he slashed it, as he did that he could feel the venom which the rat injected him with start to exit his body. " You stupid rat did you really think a stupid technique like that could actually work against me the Cero Espada, if so then your nothing more then a damn fool. " Yamashiro used sonido as he appeared in front of the vosto lorde as he suddenly stabbed his blade into the foot of the hollow which would be used to trap the hollow to where he was. He then started to punch the hollow in front of him and each punch that yamashiro gave the rat vosto lorde the wider his grin became until yamashiro was laughing like a crazy guy as there was now blood splattering all over the place with each punch. This meant that the hollow was either already dead or he was at least passed out.  After a while yamashiro backed up from the hollow as he had some webbing strings in his hands as he slung it forwards which looked like a net or a spider web and as it smashed against the hollow it sliced right though him like his body was butter, it took only seconds but before long his body began to fall to pieces one chunk at a time until the hollow was nothing more then a pile of pieces on the floor.  

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Death was a thing that was feared bye all beings, even hollows was not exempt from that, even tho hollows was born from death. Death dose not discriminate for it shall take you away be you a old man laying on the death bed or a young kid who should have there whole live ahead of them or even a middle aged healthy person death dose not care it takes all. Yamashiro spat on the ground where the now dead hollow was laying on the ground, he saw his self basically as a weapon of death that dealt the final blow to those that was to weak. Cracking his neck he looked around as red glowing eyes shone though the cracks of the rocks and behind the wanna be crystallized trig's that wished they was tree's, it was hard to find a worthy person to fight as he was here in the demon plane of hueco mundo. He had been thinking of traveling to the world of the living to see what he could get in to and hopefully he just might find a person worthy enough to fight besides these weaklings that was the hollows. 

Before he would be able to do any of that tho he would first have to deal with the problem that seemed to have upon him, looking around yamashiro chuckled as he found his self surrounded by many hollows ranging from lowly menos grande to a higher level of adjuchas. They was all jumping up and down but not the happy kind tho and more like the frenzy mad kind. " I see i have become quite popular of late i wonder why. oh well i shall just destroy you pathetic  insects then be on my way." Yamashiro raised his right hand slowly as he then pointed the open side of his hand towards a part of the circle of hollows surrounding him and he could see that the hollows suddenly stopped acting stupid and knew quite well what was about to come there way. " Weaklings that do not understand there rank should have no right standing up to there betters, now begone maggots." Yamashiro formed a red ball of energy in to his palm before it fired out from his hand in a beam that carved a large portion of the hollows out of the surrounding circle. 

" How dear you espada, you have no right coming here to the forest and just start killing off the beings who live here, thanks to you we no longer have our boss you shall pay for that espada." One of the larger hollows said as he jumped down from the crowed of hollows as he landed in front of him, the other hollows decided to stay perched on there rocks or tree limbs to keep the high ground. It was true that if in a fight it was good to have the high ground cause it gave you a advantage but when it came to fighting yamashiro that did not matter cause he could kill good wither he was on the ground or if he took high ground and these hollows that had the nerve to come at him would clearly learn the hard way.  The hollow came rushing in towards yamashiro and as he started running it was as if some kind of hard stuff formed around him, he probably thought that it was gonna protect him but he would show him that no matter what he did it would not help him in the slightest, 

Forming his hand into a fist yamashiro activated his special glands that ran though out his body, this would make his webbing form over his hand giving his punching power a extra kick behind it, even tho it really did not need it he wanted to show this hollow and all those watching that he was not a person to fuck around with. Bringing his fist back yamashiro waited for the hollow to reach him before he swung his first forwards, his fist made contact to the hollows face and as it did he could hear a slight cracking noise, then after that the hollows head went flying away like a baseball just being hit for a home run. " Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, you see that insects that is what shall be of you dare you attempt to come at me. But if your still feeling lucky with your numbers then please do at least try to give me a good show." Yamashiro said with a grin on his face, the hollows who saw this all scattered like ants from water as they went and hid from him.

Well it was now decided, he has grown bored in this place so raising his hand Yamashiro snapped his fingers and as he did a black like like a mouth formed in the air in front of him. The black like then crackled and made a snapping sound as it opened up wide reviling a endless void of darkness, as he looked in to it he could not see a end but he could tell that it went on forever in there. Taking a step in a blue walkway of reishi formed under his feet so walking on to it he continued on as he would make it way towards the exit as he made his way to the world of the living.    

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