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Hidden Echt, Crouching Quincy

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Waking up the next morning on the couch with a stiff neck to the smell of steaming vegetables Sibylle shifted her weight so that she could sit upright. Stretching her arms upward she felt her stiff back crack a few times. Getting up off the couch she turned the corner to see the mess of curly blonde hair that was Frieda Thoumeaux. “Look who decided to do something with her day,” the red-eyed woman stated sarcastically as she continued to cook breakfast, “Sit down and get eating. We have somewhere to go today.” “We do? I thought you said yesterday we would relax before I had to go to school tomorrow,” the teenager protested as she slid the nearest chair half way out, which was just enough for her to sit down and rotate her legs under the table. “Well, after last night plans have changed,” Frieda replies nonchalantly as he places a few different bowls and plates down for them to pick and choose what they want to eat. “Itadakimasu,” the pale woman blesses her food before picking the vegetables with chopsticks.

“Uh… do you have a fork or a spoon?” Sibylle asks as she looks down to the chopsticks next to her plate. “No time like the present to learn how to adapt to other cultures,” Frieda states casually in a way that made it clear that it was chopsticks or eating with her hands like a heathen. “Fine, fine,” Sibylle mutters under her breath as she breaks the chopsticks apart so that she can literally stab at things out of defiance. “I can already tell training you is going to be a real delight,” Frieda states dryly with heavy undertones of sarcasm as she begins to feed herself. “Training me? Don’t tell me you are going to make me do all the stuff Grandmother was making me do?” Sibylle questioned in clear protest, “Look, I don’t know how much she’s paying you but it’s not enough.” “We can both agree on that last part, but she is not the one paying me to train you,” the woman corrects the teenager without even seeming bothered to make eye contact, “Your cousin has requested that arrangements in your schedule be made so that your Quincy training becomes a priority. Needless to say, whatever free time you thought you had? You no longer have that now that your powers have been awakened. This area will become a hotbed for trouble until you learn to control your powers.”

“Fine. Whatever,” Sibylle stated in an annoyed tone as she chews on some broccoli before looking down at the rice trying to figure out how she was going to even get enough to eat before they left. “Look. You can be a pain or you can cooperate,” Frieda says as her red eyes finally catch Sibylle’s silver eyes for a moment, “Either way. Your life changed last night and if you want to live you will take this seriously. More serious than anything in your entire life. Because now that you are spiritually aware, hollows will come here and I will not always be around to bail you out of trouble. Now eat up, you are going to need all the strength you can muster for today’s training.” The rest of breakfast was mostly in silence as the teenager struggled with the chopsticks and contemplated how her life had changed so drastically over the last week. 

“Normally we will be training in the gym here, but for today we will be heading to a nearby park,” Frieda explains as they get into her black Toyota Prius. About twenty minutes go by before they reach this park, during that time Sibylle remains silent as she looks out the passenger side window to the left of the car. There were a lot of buildings in the area to think there was a forested park like area nearby was a bit crazy in her mind, but the teenager shrugged it off as another oddity that came with being in a different country. The headaches were returning as she thought more about the ghostly man on the bench and being crushed by the white-masked creature the night before. 
Arriving to the park the two women exited the car so that it could be locked while they made their way deep into the more forested area. This was so that they could get away from gawkers, runners, and other normal citizens. “Today you will learn about Reishi,” Frieda states plainly as she steps into an open area near a small river, “But before you can learn how to manipulate Reishi, you must learn what reishi is.” Raising up her left hand like she had the previous night the pale-skinned woman reveals the black glove once again as she shifts her fingers drawing blue energy to her hand that formed into a bow. “Reishi or Spirit particles are the main component material of all spiritual matter,” Frieda continues to explain as she holds the glowing blue longbow to her left side, “The amount of Reishi found in the land of the living is much lower than you would find in Soul Society or Heuco Mundo. Reishi composes everything in those two worlds, including the Souls and Hollows as they have spiritual bodies. However, free Reishi can be found in places like this that are closer to nature.”

“I feel like you are reading off a fantasy novel,” Sibylle replied as she squats down near the small river to look at her reflection in the mostly still water, “One of the books grandmother sent with me talked about demon spirits and death gods. The impact of meeting a Hollow has lessened somewhat by the stories I read in the book. You keep mentioning Shinigami or Death God a bunch, but I did not see one yesterday.” “They are around, but often they are too stretched thin or neglectful in recent years,” Frieda states with a twinge of ire in her voice, “Quincy and Shinigami have drastically different points of view on how Hollows should be dealt with. Because of that there have been many wars over the years between our two races. That is a history lesson for another day. All you need to know for today is that we do not get along and they are made of Reishi.”

“Got it,” Sibylle replies half listening and half wondering what the body of Reishi would be like? How was it different from a human’s body? “Quincy collect these spirit particles to use for combat in the form of Spirit Weapons.” “That longbow is a spirit weapon then?” The teenager asks as she glances over her shoulder for only a moment before turning her head back to look into the water. “Correct, by gathering Reishi in the atmosphere or by channeling your Reiryoku, Spiritual Power, you are able to make spiritual weapons. Reiryoku is your spiritual sensitivity and willpower to manifest Quincy's various abilities from within. That is Reishi Manipulation, collecting these spirit particles from the environment around us then using that as fighting power. Powerful Quincies do not really experience a difference between Reishi and Reiryoku as a power source.”

“So I just hold out my hand, ask for spirits around me to like me or until I find my inner power,” Sibylle replies sarcastically as she places her hands on her knees lowering her chin down to rest it on her right hand, “Still seems like something straight out of a fantasy book or anime. What do I have to do to be able to make this happen?” “This here is the Heilig Bogen, or Sacred Bow, is the traditional standard bow formed by a Quincy to use as their primary weapon. In order for you to create this you must be in an area with Reishi, have sufficient spirit energy to create a weapon, and a Quincy Cross. The Quincy Cross is a focus that gives you the ability to create a spiritual weapon. Without one you cannot form a spiritual weapon,” Frieda explains as the longbow disappears so that she can turn her black gloves hand to show the teenager the five-point cross on the back, “The Quincy cross is usually on a necklace or wrist band, similar to the one of your mothers. This glove is known as a Leiden Hant, or Glove of Suffering, that I can use as my focus. It has the Quincy Zeichen, or Destruction Symbol, just like the necklace represents.” She gestures at her own longbow to demenstrate some of the differences.

“So you’re telling me all I have to do is hold my mother’s necklace really tight and I will become the next Robin Hood?” Sibylle replied in jest as she tilted her head so that she could pull the necklace out from under her undershirt and hold the Quincy Zeichen in her left hand. “Something like that,” Frieda replied with a long deep sigh, “That weapon will only be limited to your own ability to create and fire arrows until your stamina or there is no free Reishi to absorb around you.” Pulling the necklace up and over her hair the teenager uncoils her body slightly so that she was sitting upright, but still squatting down. Hooking the necklace around her left wrist so that it could dangle still she reached out to the left of her body with a straight arm. “So… like this?” Sibylle asks as she closes her eyes imagining all of these spirit particles that were around her in the area. Her mind took the ball and ran with it as if painting on a canvas focusing on her mother’s Quincy Cross becoming a longbow similar to what she had seen Frieda create a couple times now. 

Opening her now bright blue eyes and letting out a deep sigh Sibylle comments, “Guess I passed the first test huh?” Before her was her very own Heilig Bogen ready to launch arrows, but did not have any arrows to fire just yet. “Somewhat. Being an Echt definitely helps,” Frieda states dryly at the ease at which the white-haired teenager had created the standard quincy bow, “That is only the first two steps; Learning how to manipulate Reishi and how to create Heilig Bogen. Now you need to learn how to make Heilig Pfeil, or Holy Arrows, without passing out. Do you think you are ready for that?” “Sure,” Sibylle replies with a shrug as she stands up, “Not like I can go anywhere without you pestering me about this any time soon.” The teenager’s interest was starting to peak, but she was not going to show it just yet. The amazement of holding a spirit energy bow was still sinking in.

[WC: 1794][Learned Heilig Bogen]

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Archery was not something Sibylle exactly excelled at when training with her grandmother Ermelinda Opie, rather they spent most of their time training in various sword styles. This perplexed the teenager some as everything that Frieda Thoumeaux was telling her current was that the Quincy blood and heritage within her was connected to was bow themed. That would be a topic for another day as it would seem as she was also piecing together that being an Echt meant that she was a pureblood meaning that both of her parents were Echt’s as well, coming from pureblood family lines. 

“Heilig Pfeil appears when you mold spiritual energy into the shape of an arrow,” Frieda explains as she once again summons her Heilig Bogen longbow to her left hand, “These arrows are capable of injuring and possibly killing spiritual beings. The spiritual energy for these arrows can be gathered either by collecting Reishi, absorbing Reiryoku from an opponent or gathering spirit energy from the environment around them.” “So basically once I learn how to form these arrows then I will be able to fire them as if I had an endless quiver?” Sibylle asks as she lifts her right hand to pull on the blue spiritual energy making the bowstring for her own Heilig Bogen. “Once you master it yes,” Frieda replied before continuing on with her demonstration, “However, endless is not the right thought to have. Eventually your body will break down from continued use like firing from a normal bow. Of wearing down your fingers if you have not built up callasses.”

In the next moment Sibylle watched as Frieda slowly gathered the required reishi from the surrounding area into her right hand forming a long line before morphing into the arrow that she was going to fire with. Turning her body the woman fired the area down the river causing a small disruption in the water flow before it would return to normal. “There are all kinds of different Heilig Bogen. Shapes, sizes, appearances, and power,” Frieda explained as she lowered her longbow turning to look back at the teeanger, “The same can be said for each individual Quincy’s Heilig Pfeil that they create and fire. As you train and fine tune your spiritual weapons they will evolve right along with you until your own unique stamp is imprinted upon them.” 

Having studied the deliberately slow movements of Sacred Destruction Arrow that Frieda had just fired off into the water Sibylle focused on the ripples cascading down the river in her direction. This river was a metaphor for her life; past, present and future. The ripples were changes that would happen throughout her life only to return to the calm state once she learned how to cope with said changes. Her parents both dying, living with her grandmother, going to school, flying to Japan on an airplane that would crash into the Pacific Ocean, and seeing things like ghosts. This had all led to her being introduced into her apparent birthright as an Echt Quincy. A pureblood monk of destruction that used bows made of spiritual energy that had to be gathered from the environment around her in order to defeat the demon spirits known as Hollows.

Reaching forward with her left hand up facing the same direction that Frieda had just fired in Sibylle steadied herself by planting her feet to create a firm base. Lifting her right hand to grab the air just in front of the blue spiritual energy bowstring a small line started to form into a wavering arrow. The side of the arrow pressed up against the right side of her Heilig Bogen while drawing the butt of the arrow back with the bowstring. In the next moment the teenage Quincy would let go of the arrow allowing it to zip through the air at a high rate of speed and power away from her. Losing sight of the arrow rather quickly until the explosion of water in the area gives way to ripples and then eventually calm again. Flexing her fingers a few times she could definitely feel how uncomfortable drawing the reishi into the arrow then firing was. Not to mention she also did not have the archery muscles yet. She was in good physical condition, but so far this training was her working new muscles than she normally had in the past.

“Pretty good,” Frieda compliments the teenager with a slow clap now that her Heilig Bogen was once again gone, “Now do that until you cannot create another Heilig Pfeil.” The woman was clearly evaluating her capabilities within this new realm of possibilities. Sibylle was not unfamiliar with this process as she had dealt with Ermelinda and various teachers always wanting to know where she was at and what she needed to do to grow. A rather bothersome way of going about things, but she would indulge the woman for now as there was still so much she did not know or understand about herself or the Quincies. She did not like that feeling of the unknown so much, she needed to break it all down and understand it.

[WC: 860/297 (Spiritual Wit 10%)][Learned Heilig Pfeil]
[TWC: 2654]

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As Sibylle continued to draw back one Heilig Pfeil after another there seemed to be no end to her ability to create these reishi arrows. Frieda had explained that in places where nature was the primary environment free reishi would be there. Meaning that in the urban areas gathering spirit particles would be much more difficult. If she was going to be taking the life of a Quincy seriously then fighting hollows would be part of her daily life. The woman had also mentioned that hollows were attracted to high spiritual power, which meant that she apparently had high spiritual pressure. She could not tell what that really meant other than the blood lust aura that the hollow had when it grabbed her from the balcony. However, Frieda only seemed to exhibit the spiritual power aura when she gathered reishi. This painted a weird picture within the teenagers mind on how reiatsu worked and differed from reishi.

Those thoughts gave way to the slight pain she was feeling on her right fingers as Sibylle looked down to see some blood on them. Shifting her lips into a disappointing slant she would ignore the pain and continue on as she pulled more reishi together for the next Heilig Pfeil that she would fire down the river. Her silver eyes were covered with a blue glow while she watched the arrow crash into the water once again with a small explosion. Flexing her right hand a few times as she tried to shake off the pain and think about the differences between her Heilig Pfeil and Frieda’s Heilig Pfeil that seemed to be much more condensed. Shifting her neck to the right swiftly a low crack could be heard before returning it to the upright position. 

As her eyes found purchase on the river once again Sibylle thought about the discussion the night before about the Quincy ability Blut that Frieda had activated with her own spiritual power. This flow of direct reishi into her blood vessels made her skin tighten almost like it was hardening as the blue colored veins spread across her body. Frieda had gone on to explain later that due to her pureblood the Blut ability automatically had activated. She also mentioned that Blut could drastically increase a Quincy's defensive abilities greatly. So wondering exactly what this meant in regards to capabilities she focused on Blut Vene in her mind so that that blue veins would appear crawling up her face and down her arm to her fingers stopping the flow of blood. “Interesting,” she muttered to herself as she lifted up both of her arms once again drawing back the right with a reishi arrow pulling back against the blue bowstring.

As the arrow fires down the river Sibylle notices that the bow had shrunk some and the arrow stability was lessened from their makeup before. “Using Blut Vene, or Calm Blood Dress, is a great tactic to boost your durability and defensive capabilities. Additionally, as you saw it has the potential to aid against wounds that have been inflicted against you. Depending on your reishi control this can be applied to critical wounds or severe loss of blood,” Frieda explains the benefits of Blut to the teenager, “However, the one major flaw Blut has is that you cannot use it for offensive and defensive capabilities at the same time. This is because Blut Vene and Blut Arterie operate using two different Reishi systems.”

“Blut Arterie?” Sibylle repeats the other Blut ability name that she was not familiar with as she turns her head slightly to look in Frieda’s direction. “Blut Arterie, or Active Blood Dress, is the offensive form of Blut,” the red-eyed teacher explains as the blue veins start to form on her forearms, but then shift to a red color, “This form of Blut which grants a Quincy a significant power increase, but at the risk of your defensive capabilities being diminished. Making your focus during a fight important to keep track of and know when to switch between the two.” Reaching up once again she gathers reishi into another Heilig Pfeil that is clearly much more powerful as the teenager could feel the increased reishi being poured into the arrow. Releasing the arrow down the river an even larger explosion of water caused the area to be filled with rain drops before returning to the sunny day.

“So,” Sibylle started to say as she looked down to her arms with the blue veins, “I just have to focus on wanting more attack power?” Taking in a deep breath until she felt her lung fill raising her chest up some before exhaling the air slowly. Within her mind she thought about all of the things that made her angry; losing her parents, having to live with her grandmother, being rejected by fellow classmates, the airplane crash, and the helpless feeling she had while the hollow had grabbed her. The veins started to turn a deep purple before shifting into a crimson red up her hand. Holding the Heilig Bogen to her left she could see all of the reishi gathering around her right hand. Lifting up her right hand she formed a Heilig Pfeil that looked to be twice the size of her previous ones. Drawing the bowstring back she fired the reishi arrow farther down the river causing another explosion of water that rained down into the area. 

Dropping to her knees in pain Sibylle released her Heilig Bogen from sight as she clasped her left hand over her right hand, which was bleeding like she had just cut it with a butcher’s cleaver. Taking a few short breaths before transitioning into long deep breaths she allowed the switch from Blut Arterie back into Blut Vene so that her hand could stop the bleeding. “That did not go as planned,” the silver-eyed teenager muttered as she tried to clean up the blood that still remained on her hand. “Like I said flipping between the two comes at a cost,” Frieda replied as she too dropped her Blut Arterie and Heilig Bogen, “You cannot use both at the same time. If you are using Blut Arterie, then you have more attack power but sacrifice your defense and healing. If you are using Blut Vene, then you have more protection and healing, but your attack power is weaker. Knowing when and how to use both will become imperative as your Quincy powers grow.”

“Flipping between the two and holding up the bow is taxing,” Sibylle states as she regains her composure mentally kicking herself for showing a moment of weakness. Her grandmother had trained her rigorously to not show such weakness when in the middle of combat. Even if this was training, she had applied the mentality of practicing everything like it was the real thing so that her skills were sharpened. Leaning forward to push her thin hands of the teenager pressed into the ground so that she could get back up. The long white bangs to the right of her face had lost of one their mold as they still messily covered her face.

“Good you can still stand,” Frieda stated whimsically as if she was unsure if Sibylle would stand back up or not, “Then we can continue to push your limits.” Sliding her feet together and placing her hands behind her back clasping the back of her right hand into the palm of her left hand. The upright posture of the older woman gave off a foreboding aura that things were about to get a bit more serious. “Five hits,” Frieda stated plainly as her red eyes peered through the messy blond hair at the teenager before continuing, “You can use any ability that we had gone over today to try to hit me five times. Hell, you can even throw a punch or kick if you think they will connect.” “What? Are you crazy?” Sibylle asks in a rhetorical tone as if her teacher had lost her marbles in the last few seconds. “Do not worry Opie-chan,” Frieda replies in the exact same tone, “You cannot hurt me, nor will you hit me five times. But I would like to see you try to hit me.”

“Your funeral,” Sibylle replied as she once again glanced down to her right hand that had the dull blue veins keeping the fingers from bleeding. With a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders she would rotate her body with her right foot forward and left arm extended outstretched in Frieda’s direction. In the next instance her Heilig Bogen formed once again. She was not sure what kind of game this was that the woman was pulling, but there was sure to be some kind of a lesson. Allowing air to flow into her nose to fill her lungs she lifts her right hand as a Heilig Pfeil had formed into her hand. The arrow tip rested next to the longbow as she drew the bowstring back to fire the holy arrow directly at the blonde-haired woman. In the moment just before Frieda’s pale skin had been overtaken by the dull blue veins of Blut Vene. The collision of the reishi arrow created a wave of gray smoke to roll off her teacher’s body, but other than her clothes being slightly torn she was otherwise unharmed. This caused the currently blue eyed teenager to become a bit confused at just what was going on.

“Is that really the best you are capable of Opie-chan?” Frieda taunts the teenager as she maintains the upright posture. “Shut the FUCK UP!” Sibylle shouts out as she quickly draws another Heilig Pfeil on her Heilig Bogen back as she shifts the color of her veins from dull blue to crimson red to show that Blut Arterie was now active. The intensity of the reishi that formed both the longbow and arrow seemed to be almost chaotic as she reached all the way back. Releasing the arrow a wave of spiritual pressure pierced through the air until the arrowhead struck into the red-eyed woman’s left shoulder. The explosion of reishi and smoke engulfed the area immediately around her, but the wind would eventually clear that up revealing that Frieda was still mostly unharmed. “Are you starting to understand the difference between our spiritual power and skills yet?” Frieda stated eerily as she took a step forward as she unzipped her now damaged white hooded jacket so that she could take it off and toss it to the side. She now sported a white undershirt with a tank-top underneath. “That is two free hits,” the older Quincy states with an load of arrogance in her voice now for the first time, “Please do try to hit me now that you understand that at your current power levels you cannot hurt me while I am using Blut Vene.”

[WC: 1815/1350 (Spiritual Wit 10%)][Learned Blut Arterie]
[TWC: 4469]

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Narrowing her currently blue eyes Sibylle was analyzing the appearance of Frieda after her empowered Heilig Pfeil had just struck her while Blut Vene was active. There seemed to be little to no damage from her reishi arrow, which was a little frustrating upon first realization. However, she was not completely aware of how long the woman had been aware of her Quincy powers or how long she had been training them to reach such a form. It was clear to the teenager that the red-eyed woman had been assigned to her for more than just a chauffeur, nanny, or roommate to pick up after her. No, she was meant to be a bodyguard and Quincy teacher as she learned of and began to show interest in the path of the Quincy.

All of this was still very new to Sibylle as she slowly switched back to Blut Vene allowing the shift from crimson red veins to deep purple and back to dull blue veins. The point was to hit the blonde-haired woman three more times after the first two were gifted to her during the last display of Frieda’s own Blut Vene activation. The normally silver-eyed Quincy needed to reserve her stamina and prove that she could handle whatever these tests were leading up to. If the woman across from her was capable of tanking any reishi arrow slung her way by Sibylle’s current power levels then burning herself out did not make much sense. Even if the arrows were not fully defined she would begin to gather spiritual particles into Heilig Pfeils to pull back and fire several arrows in the direction of Frieda.

Without moving, Frieda appeared to let the reishi arrows from Sibylle pass right through her, exploding into the ground behind her. This initially did not make any sense to the teenager as she drew the next Heilig Pfeil back to fire yielding the same result as before. This time she could have sworn that she saw the red-eyed woman flicker in place but she assumed that was just her mind playing tricks on her. This process would continue for another could of minutes until the American Quincy let out some frustration verbally, “What the Hell? How am I missing you every time?” “Oh that?” Frieda replies in a dry rhetorical tone, “This is Hirenkyaku, or Flying Bamboo-Blind Slide. A more advanced Quincy technique that allows them to ride the flow of Reishi from one location to another at a high speed. Some others would refer to this as a flash-step. Depending on your skill in Hirenkyaku this ability will allow you to keep up with and overpower faster opponents. Some have even found other uses from this technique, but most Quincies use it as a simple movement technique to get them an advantage in combat.”

The deadpan expression on Sibylle’s face showed two things; how little she was believing the woman across from her and her lack of patience in this continued training. The whole point of all of this was to test her limits, but at every turn another technique was revealed and she was made to look the fool. This was a different teaching style than the strict no nonsense bootcamp style training that her grandmother put her through, but still the same level of annoyance. There was a coldness to how the woman across from her spoke and explained things to her, almost emotionless. Getting to know the messy-haired blonde across from her was going to be a chore, the teenager could already put that together.

“Look. Watch as I slow myself down,” Frieda stated as she lifted her hands up slightly as she hopped into the hair slowly. Below each of her feet formed a blue almost translucent disk about the size of a compact disk. She would hop from one foot to the other traveling about five yards each time as she hopped. “As you learn more and more about Reishi the applications are almost endless. The ones I have shown you so far today are the most commonly used by Quincies,” Frieda explained as she hovered over the teenager at a thirty degree angle about twenty yards away from where she stood, “Go ahead and try it. Everything else has been coming to you rather quickly, this should be no more of a challenge than the other ones.”

Slowly lowering her Heilig Bogen Sibylle’s face remained almost expressionless. Her blue glowing eyes looked over the shorter river that was about ten yards across. Keeping the vision of Frieda on the reishi disks the teenager would focus the flow of reishi down to her feet. After a few moments she could feel her feet flowing with reishi around them almost like a pair of boots. But as she tried to flatten them into disks she could feel her feet both kicking to her left as her upper half crashed to the ground hard. “Shit,” she muttered as she lifted her right hand to her forehead while the headache kicked in. “Think of the reishi platforms you are creating as ice skates, they want to move away from you on the ice but you need to keep in control or you will end up on your ass,” Frieda explained as she disappeared and reappeared where she was previous standing with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

“Easy for you to say,” Sibylle muttered to herself mostly as she pushed herself up off the ground. Taking the time to gather the reishi under her feet once again, but this time flattening them down into disks. Concentrating on this was difficult, but once she was comfortable with maintaining their structure she stepped up with her right foot as if she was walking up a set of stairs. Following with her left foot she was now one foot off the ground and pretty proud of herself. “Good, now cross the river in one step,” Frieda stated after she saw the teenager was at least able to control the platforms, “In your mind it needs to be like a long jump, but you need to be there now. In one step without hesitating as if your life depended on it.” Looking across the river once again the younger Quincy let out the air in her lungs before nodding her head a few times as if she was trying to psyche herself up.

As Sibylle gathered more reishi to her body while focusing on the other side of the river she tried to will herself across to the spot she was picking. Trying to hop step into the jump she found herself face planting into the water in a comedic fashion. Pulling herself up floating in the not so deep water now drenched she could see that Frieda was at the water’s edge. “I said to jump across like your life depended on it. Face diving into the water was not the goal. Now you are all soaked. Get out of the water and try again, not like you can get into the car all wet,” Frieda sarcastically stated with her usual emotionless expression. Standing up in the water she made it to the other side. Tossing her jacket on a nearby tree to air dry she would step onto a reishi platform with her right foot then a separate one with her left foot. Over the next hour she would continue to crash into the water until she was making it to the other side without tipping backwards or slipping. Jumping from side to side until she could handle the movement of Hirenkyaku.

[WC: 1271][Learned Hirenkyaku]
[TWC: 5740]

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Crashing to the ground onto her back Sibylle found herself looking up at the evening sky. The last several hours were spent testing all of these different Quincy abilities that she just learned about today. Then pushing her to her absolute limits. Every muscle in her body felt like it was on fire as she tried to shift her weight so that she could roll to her side. Had she not spent so much time in the gym with her grandmother then she would have been down within the first hour. If she had a weaker force of will she would have given up a half hour into the really difficult subject matter. Instead she was pushing into the later part of the afternoon growing frustrated that she had not managed to land one more hit after the two free shots that Frieda had allowed on her at the beginning.

“That is it for today Opie-chan,” Frieda declared as she offered her right hand down to the prone teenager on the ground. Sibylle did not like that this was being called before she figured out the trick to catching the woman, but she did acknowledge that she was fatigued beyond belief. This was quite possibly the most exhausted she had been in a long time. If her grandmother could see her now she would be scolding her for being so out of shape. Gripping the offered hand with her own right hand the teenager used the leverage to stand herself up. She was a mix of dirt, grim, water, sweat, and self loathing. Quite the attractive look she was working today, not that she could feel another other than disgusting and tired. “I need a shower,” Sibylle let out as she walked over to grab her jacket.

Reaching down Frieda snagged her own jacket that she had tossed down earlier. “You and I both,” Frieda replied as she dusted the damaged jacket off like it was going to help anything. They walked together in silence back out of the now mostly empty park towards the older woman’s car. “Here throw this under you so you don’t soak through the seat,” Frieda states as she offers up her jacket. Sibylle takes it and places it in the passenger seat before getting into the car herself. They did not even make it out of the parking lot before the white haired teenager had passed out with her face mashed up against the window out of pure exhaustion. 

A couple hours later they reach their home in Karakura Town’s residential area. “Opie-chan,” Frieda nudged the teenager a few times to get her to stir awake, “We have made it home. Go ahead and take your shower first. I need to make a work call.” “Okay… Sure… Whatever…” Sibylle replies groggily as she unbuckles from her seat before opening the door and heading inside so that she could take these nasty clothes off and get a much needed shower. Once the teenager was inside Frieda scrolled down to the number of Yusei Kinoshita to call him with today's updates on his cousin's evaluation.

[WC: 519]
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