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The flight from General Mitchell International Airport to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was mostly filled up with several books that Sibylle's grandmother had given her to study. The literature included advanced case studies on the human psyche in regards to dealing with the paranormal. Grandmother Ermelinda Opie was a no-nonsense kind of person, so this seemed a bit odd. However, she noted that the other literature included Japanese myths on spirits and death gods, a book about chakra, case studies on people claiming to see soul-devouring monsters, and all of the top tourist spots to see while in Japan. The mixture was definitely different, but she was sure there was some boring reason that her grandmother had thrown all of that into her travel bag.

Reaching Seattle the layover took about two hours before Sibylle was on her connecting flight to Haneda Airport in Ota City, Tokyo, Japan. This leg of the flight was going to be another ten and a half hours. The teenage threw her headphones on under her long gray hoodie to drowned out the couple sitting next to her. The freedom to be out on her own was a feeling she was not exactly sure how to deal with as she looked out the small economy window waiting for the airplane to take off. Her silver eyes cast a distance glance through the slight reflection of her own face, she could see in the window. Pressing her lips together, the teenager curled up in her seat looking out this window while her music kicked onto the next song.

About a half hour goes by before the flight attendants do their spiel about safety and what to do in case of emergencies. Sibylle only half paid attention to this, as she found herself lost in thought about what this trip to Japan was going to mean for her life. As far as she was concerned every moment of her life had been planned out by her grandmother to a frustratingly suffocated degree. If she did not know better she would think that her grandmother was trying to relive her life without any of the mistakes she had made. She did not really care for her grandmother's plan for her, but she was interested in getting away and possibly discovering who she was outside of that prison-like atmosphere.

With the airplane in the night sky Sibylle allowed herself to get as comfortable as possible so that she could sleep during the flight. This comfortability was basically nonexistent, but she managed to get about eight hours of sleep before she woke up needing to use the restroom. She gestured to the woman reading a book next to her that she was going to get up. The woman nudged her husband waking him up, so that the teenager could make her way to the back of the airplane. Returning to her seat after her business was done Sibylle feigned a nice smile as she made her way past the couple once again. They tried to make small talk with her, but she simply bowed her head pretending to go back to sleep. The Pacific ocean was already starting lit up by the sun during her time asleep before, mostly as she could see when the skies were clear of clouds. 

Popping open book about spirits and death gods Sibylle let out a deep sigh. Guessing I will read this book now, she thought to herself as the music shifted to another song with a dreary undertone to it. She found the stories a little amusing as a thought experiment, but to think a whole culture believed that these things were real was almost laughable to her. However, she did like to understand why people gravitated to the thought of people having a life after death. She, herself, was not fully sold on what was next, but there was no coming back from the dead she knew that much. So, to cling onto the dead so strongly that they believed in ghosts and grim reapers was almost laughable to her.

The pictures in this particular book painted death gods as black kimono wearing katana wielding samurai fighting evil souls with white masks of creatures attached to their massive grotesque bodies. To her this was just another way for people to romanticize death and their way to coup with losing loved ones. The human psyche was so fragile that it would make up just about anything in order to get by another day. Fooling themselves into thinking that they did enough to help during that person's life and that there was no way they had been negligible to the deceased in any way. At least, that was what her research and experience with people had led her to believe.

Coming into Japan after what felt like an eternity Sibylle let out a long deep sigh. She patiently waited as pressure from the winds intensified outside. The airplane started to shake uncontrollably for a moment and then there was a sharp jerking motion as she cracked her head against the window. Her vision became blurred as the sounds around her of mass hysteria consumed her now exposed eardrums with her headphones slid down to her neck. "Are you ok?" The woman next to her as the teenager nods signaling that she was okay even though blood was trickling down the side of her head. Through the chaos the flight attendants tried to regain order with the captain speaking over the loud speaker, "Everyone please remain claim, we will be exiting through the emergency exits momentarily." 

Eventually a medical person comes over to check on Sibylle helping her get bandaged up as she waited for her turn to go down the slide to the rafts taking people to shore. The airplane had crashed in the ocean before reaching Japan proper. There were several boats and vessels nearby helping with the wrecked plane. Taking a closer look at the side of the wing appeared to have three serrated claws like marks that were unnatural for the wind or gunfire to make. The damage in her mind did not make much sense, but she also was not an expert on airplanes or how wings could get randomly destroyed out of nowhere like that. That is when her eyes noticed something moving in the water pushing past a boat as if it was a lumbering invisible creature. 

"Hey," Sibylle called out to the woman next to her, "Do you see that over there?" "Yeah, the waves of water are giving the rescuers a hard time," the woman replied as if the water being moved around was a natural phenomenon. She rubbed her eyes a few times before looking in that direction again and the shiloutte of the massive invisible creature was gone without a trace. Maybe I am losing my mind. That hit to my head must have been more severe than I originally thought, she thought to herself as she turned away from the wreckage waiting for the raft to get pulled to shore. 

[WC: 1177]

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A few days after the international flight landed in the Pacific Ocean Sibylle was still in the Tokyo Hospital being kept there for viewing purposes. She had sustained a minor concussion, but there would be no permanent damage or scars from where she had been busted open. However, since that day she had been seeing more things that others could not. Ghosts, specters, ghouls, aberrations, or phantoms could be used to describe what she was seeing. She left like she was losing her mind every time she saw a new one passing by that no one seemed to notice or interact with. 

As Sibylle asked questions about these ghosts her stay seemed to only get extended. Paranoia setting in that they were keeping her here as a test subject or someone that lost their mind. Growing frustrated that she began to ask why she was not allowed to see any of her things or find out what of her luggage had survived the crash. The nurses feigned concern that she was not ready to see those items and lied about having seen any reports of recovered objects from the plane. She was relegated to watching the same ten channels every day. 

Waking up the next morning Sibylle felt that she was not in the room alone. Rolling over slowly in her bed she saw a young adult female with a youthful appearance that had almost pale skin with messy blond hair, average height and weight, and red eyes wearing a white uniform, consisting of a loose trench coat featuring a hood and a high collar, white pants, golden buttons evenly placed up the coat, and black gloves. "Good morning Sibylle Opie," the young woman spoke directly to the hospitalized teenager as she removed the top of her head exposing more of the wild blonde locks, "My name is Frieda Thoumeaux. I work for Noir and have been employed by your cousin Yusei Kinoshita to make sure you are being taken care of during your stay here in Japan." 

"You are not off to a great start," Sibylle replied sarcastically without changing her expression. There were all kinds of people in the world looking to take advantage of anyone and everyone in any way they could. This could very well be someone trying to kidnap her or faking knowing her cousin to trick her in some way. "Due to some unforeseen circumstances that statement is indeed more correct than I care to admit," Frieda replied without missing a beat as she kept her professional tone, "Are you ready to check out your new living arrangements and to see where you will be going to university?" "You have my things?" The teenager repeated the words in question form as she narrowed her eyes at the red-eyed woman across the room from her. 

"But of course. Between getting what could be salvaged back and the doctors were not cooperating we were finally able to get all of your things in order," Frieda explained as she turned slightly picking up a stack of clothes from a nearby chair in order to bring them over to Sibylle. Placing them down on the bed gently, she then stepped back so that the teenager could inspect her clothes and would find that her cellphone was resting on the very top. "Why did you not so sooner?" Sibylle's tone changed almost immediately as she rotated to her back to sit up in the bed. Grabbing the phone first she noticed that she had over a thousand unread messages, thirty-two missed calls, and thirty-two voicemails. 

Letting out a sigh Sibylle looked over to Frieda, "give me a few minutes and I'll be ready to go." Frieda narrowed her eyes this time before giving a half bow, "Very well, I shall be just outside." With that the young woman stepped outside, closing the door behind her in the process. Quickly scrolling through the phone as she shifted her body to the edge of the bed, she looked through the messages she wanted to read first. Purposely ignoring all the calls and voicemails from her grandmother. Placing her feet on the cold floor, the teenager removed the gown so that she could take the time to get changed back into her previous outfit. She could tell a few parts had been replaced but otherwise this was the exact same as what she was traveling with. 

Lifting her belt, Sibylle found the five-point cross emblem and necklace wrapped in a small bag. Sliding the belt through the loops in her outfit, she made sure to return the emblem to the left side near her hip once again. Clutching her mother's necklace after clasping it around her neck, she found a few news articles about the crash with no mention of what caused the accident or mention of large invisible sea creatures. This was annoying, but she was just going to have to accept that she was still suffering from some post-traumatic stress of some kind. She had read a few studies on survivors' guilt and what that does to the human mind.

Opening the door Sibylle is greeted by the nurse, doctor, and Frieda. "Am I good to go?" The teenager asks in Japanese to the three standing there. "Yes, we just ask that you get a check up in a few weeks at the local clinic to make sure everything is still alright. Your test results came back negative, just some swelling that has now gone down," The doctor explains to them. "I will make sure that she does," Frieda speaks up in Japanese finishing the conversation with a few more standard lines about where to go, who to report to if there are any issues, and to make sure they finish the paperwork at the reception desk before leaving.

What seemed like an eternity later, they were outside getting into a black Toyota Prius. Sibylle noticed that her luggage bags were in the back along with a few other bags. Frieda makes her way over to open the door for Sibylle she speaks in Japanese once again, "This is our ride. Please get in Opie-chan." "Thank you," Sibylle replies in a short fashion not feeling the need to speak in Japanese in return she gets into the car so that Frieda can close the door before heading to the right side of the car to drive off.

[WC: 1067]
[TWC: 2244]

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Driving into the area basically no words were said between Frieda Thoumeaux and Sibylle Opie on the drive from the Hospital in eastern Tokyo over to Karakura Town. Passing through the northern highways to get over to the University of Tokyo that Sibylle would be attending next week. There were trains in and out of downtown Japan, roadways were cluttered with people. Making it over to the school from Karakura Town was going to be a chore every day that she had class. Leaning back in her chair the teenager just kept her gaze out the left side window as they drove down the left side of the road. Things were so different here in Japan that it was going to take her a while to adjust. 

Hours later they finally arrive to the two-story building that they would be staying in. Pulling the car into one of the three open parking spots Frieda then states, "We are home." Glancing up the side of the building Sibylle notices that this is one of the nicer houses in the area. "Kinoshita-sama did not spare any expense making sure that you would be comfortable while at home," the red-eyed woman spoke as she opened the door to get out. "I see that," Sibylle replied looking at how there was a horizontal attached to the back of the house as well as she stood grasping onto the passenger side door to stand up, "Awful lot of space for just the two of us." 

"The back section is a training area that Ermelinda Opie-sama requested that you had to stay in shape," Frieda replied as she closed the driver-side door then pulled open the back door on the driver's side to grab out a couple bags. Sibylle face started to scrunch with displeasure at the mention of her grandmother even this far away from her the woman had claws into her daily life and schedule. "Grab your things so we can get inside and make some dinner," Frieda cut through the teenager's state of zoning out getting her attention. She begrudgingly closed the passenger-side door and opened the passenger backside door to grab out the remaining bags before heading to the trunk to get her remaining luggage. 

The rest of her night was filled with exploring each room and area of the house which included a living room area, a small kitchen smashed together with a dining room, stairs leading up to the four bedrooms on the second floor, and a spacial training facility that could be reached by the door under the steps or from the outside backyard. Within that room were several training dummies for hand-to-hand practicing, archery targets, a rectangular mat area that looked like the main training section, and a small weight set on the far wall. "This will do," Sibylle shrugged at all of the physical exercise that was probably in her near future.

After dinner Sibylle went to her room to check out what was in her luggage. Opening up the bags, there was everything she needed from cosmetics to personal care. The three bags of luggage were a mix of some of her clothes and a few items that survived. The water-damaged books were still mostly intact, she was down a few sets of clothes but she had enough to make things work until she made some money, and the two metal containers were still in good condition. One was her fencing sword to practice with and the other was about the size of a shoe box that her grandmother had told her to show to her cousin. Apparently he would be able to explain the contents of the box better to her when the time came. Whatever that cryptic foreshadowing statement meant.

Crashing in the bed Sibylle found herself enjoying the comfortable bed. She could feel herself tired enough that she changed for bed when a knock came to her door. Finishing getting into a tank top and shorts she opened the door to see Frieda wearing the same outfit of the white uniform, consisting of a loose trench coat featuring a hood and a high collar, white pants, golden buttons evenly placed up the coat, and black gloves. "I am heading out to take care of some errands," the woman with red eyes stated so casually. "Do you normally call your booty-calls errands?" Sibylle asked sarcastically with a tilted smile. "There are two of us living here now and I did not have time to stop earlier. Stay here and we will go get you more clothes to replace the ones you lost tomorrow," Frieda replied brushing off the teenagers attempted humor as she moved her curly blonde bangs out of her face. "Fine, fine. Don't tell me about your late night fun," Sibylle stated as she jokingly threw up her hands in protest.

Laying down in bed Sibylle grabbed her cellphone with her right hand while resting her left hand up against her forehead. "Guess I should listen to these..." she muttered to herself now that she was alone. Most of the messages were from her grandmother before and after the accident trying to make sure she had made it or how she was recovering. She sends Ermelinda a text figuring that their time-zones were fourteen hours apart saying that she was fine and had reached the new house thanks to Frieda Thoumeaux. Before her grandmother could call or text a reply the teenager had found herself in an exhausted slumber.

Waking up in a cold sweat Sibylle could feel this ominous presence nearby. She could not describe the feeling, she was somewhere between vile and depressing. This aura hung on her like it was consuming her very being which was giving her a headache. So she decided to get up walking over to the sliding door blocked by a curtain, which she easily moved out of the way so that she could unlock the door sliding it open enough for her to walk out on the small balcony. She was overlooking her neighbor hood as the cool night breeze pushed by allowing her to think it was just the weather that was getting to her, possibly even a badly insulated room. 

Looking down towards the roadway Sibylle could see a few humans walking down the sidewalk lit up by street lamps. The more unusual thing was, she could see a man on a bench that appeared to be almost flickering in place. Crossing her arms on the railing, she leaned her chin forward to rest on the top of her right forearm. Her silver eyes analyzing as the man now seemed to have no legs and was leaning forward in a distraught manner. That is when the looming presence could be felt once again, this time in a more overwhelming fashion causing her legs to almost buckle. "I must be really out of it," she mutters to herself when she hears a loud thunderous scream. Turning around she seems the outline of a large figure lumbering down her street. As this outline gets closer to the intersection, the more intense this sinister aura bears down on her. Looking down she sees that the people walking all feel down and the man in the bench was rocking back and forth. 

The moonlight then catches the large humanoid figure with a pure white fish-like mask, a black dorsal fin on its back, shoulders and arms are covered with the same substance as the mask, and its body is covered with dark gray stripes. "Hey!" Sibylle found herself calling out to the spirit on the bench as she was not sure if this was real or a terrible dream, "You have to run!" This was out of her normal, all of this was bad. Whatever that thing was, she could see it as the creature launched as the man in a blind fashion grabbing him up to bite his upper half clean off. This was straight out of a horror film, the teenager thought to herself as she stepped away from the railing as the creature finished chewing and had started to look around. 

Before she could react Sibylle could feel her body being grabbed and crushed by this monstrous force. She could not even scream out as her body being squeezed of the very air she was trying to breathe. The creature lifted her up and off the railing up into the air as it opened its enormous mouth as if it was going to drop her down into its throat. That was when she felt a sharp jerking motion as something had impacted the creature from the left side. Looking over in wonderment and terror she sees the familiar outline of Frieda holding a blue glowing longbow as the arm holding the teenager crashes to the ground. 

As the creature cries out Frieda appears right next to Sibylle placing a hand on her left shoulder as the creature's left arm dissolves. "Freida, what the Hell is going on!?" the silver eyed teen asks trying to push herself up, but struggling under the new less demonic aura taking over the area. "Not right now Opie," the red-eyed woman replied in a serious tone, "I am going to give you some of my reiatsu to you. I will explain the rest later." "Reiatsu!? What the Hell is that?" Sibylle asks frantically struggling in place as a blue translucent flame shrouds Frieda before covering the teenager for a moment. 

In the next moment Sibylle's body explodes with energy, as if she could feel every living thing around her. Looking down at her forearms with bright blue glowing eyes now there were now dark blue veins appearing in a similar fashion to what she could see on Frieda's neck. "Well, that confirms that you are a Echt," the woman states as she turns her attention back to the one armed creature attempting to throw a downward punching in her direction only for Frieda to quick draw the longbow manifesting an arrow out of nowhere. This arrow is fired into the fist cutting throw the fist into the arm exploding out the shoulder. Then sliding forward Frieda ends right under the creature manifesting and firing another arrow directly under the throat and through the skull. A moment later the screams of the creature stop as it turns to dust and fades away.

Letting out a quick sigh of relief Frieda gets up and dusts herself off. "I thought we were going to have more time before this would happen," she stated as she walks over to Sibylle offering her a hand to get up. "What was that?" The teenager asked as she got up on wobbly legs. "That was a hollow. Specifically a Fishbone D type of hollow, one of the weaker tier ones," Frieda explained in a hushed tone, "We will talk about this later. I need to move the car out of the middle of the road." Sibylle slowly nodded as she watched the glowing blue longbow disappear reverting into the black glove on her left hand. The teenager had so many more questions than answers at this point, was she dreaming? What was going on? Why did her veins turn dark blue? Why am I able to feel my mother's five-point cross necklace pulsing?

After Frieda parked the car and they checked on the civilians that had passed out they returned to the house and locked the door behind them. "I am sure you have a lot of questions," Frieda stated as she pulled off her white hooded jacket and hung it up in the corner, "But I am exhausted so let us keep this to five questions and the rest we can pick up tomorrow. Does that seem fair to you?" "Fine," Sibylle count feel her face scrunching into an annoyed expression, "What was that really? What are you? How could you create that bow with that glove? What did you do to me back there?And how do I turn this off?"

"A hollow as I stated before," Frieda replied to the first question with an exasperated sigh, "Hollows are creatures born from Human souls who do not cross over to Soul Society after their death. Before you ask another question, Soul Society is kind of like heaven but not really. These souls that do not move on, lingering too long can and often do become corrupted." The pale-skinned woman makes her way over to the nearby couch where she sits down to rub the bridge of her nose with her thumb, middle, and index fingers of her right hand.

"Second question, I am the same as you," Frieda states nonchalantly, "We are both Quincies, humans capable of detecting the existence of hollows, spirits, and shinigami. We hunt down the hollows to destroy them before they can hurt others. You are a Echt or Pureblood and I am a Gemischt or mixed-blood. This leads me into the third question; Quincies through a lot of training can gather the spiritual energy around us known as reishi." She demonstrates by lifting her left hand to create a blue longbow once again before letting it fade from sight almost as fast as it had appeared.

"By giving you some of my reiatsu, spiritual pressure, I was able to activate your dormant Quincy powers deep within your blood," Frieda explained as she leaned forward bringing her hands together as she helped her right leg lift up and over the left knee, "Because both of your parents were purebloods as well your Blut powers automatically activated. Blut techniques take the Reishi around you are directing them to flow into your blood vessels, allowing you to be able to drastically increase defenses. Specifically your Blut Vene was activated, we will talk about other ways to use that in the future."

Leaning back against the couch Frieda continues, "You can turn it off by relaxing your body and the reishi you have gathered. It will hit you like a ton of bricks when you do though because your body is not used to the stress." "Alright, alright I get it," Sibylle replies as she lets herself find a relaxing state of mind. Her eyes flicker for a moment before returning to their normal silver color. At the same time the dark blue veins give way to purple, then burgundy, then red, then pick, before returning to the pale skin she normally had. "Whoa, that is..." she barely gets out before she blacks out crashing sides onto Frieda's lap. I tried to tell her so, Frieda lamented in her head before grabbing her phone to text her employer, He is probably not going to be happy about how she learned of her heritage, but I need to know how he wants me to proceed now.

[WC: 2472/1350 (Spiritual Wit 10%)][Learned Blut Vene]
[TWC: 4716]
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