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Case Work

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All in a day's work

The sounds of laughter music and conflict fill the room simultaneously beneath a light fog of smoke that cascades across its entirety. This room had every cliche expected of a cut-rate pub; the pool hustling jocks, a loner or two pouring their troubles to the bartender with each glass that reached its brim, and of course the few feeling so lucky as to score an endless need of their ongoing romance afflictions. Thomas resided to a group of his own off in the distance, as he sits upon a stool with a glass of whiskey half full and a mind half empty. His eyes lay dormant on the television above, and could only make out what subtitles provided him among the endless cries of his subordinates in the background. They howled like wolves in the night, as they celebrate the closing of yet another grand case under their belts. Thomas however didn't seem to share the same enthusiasm as his joyous colleagues though, and rather let out a sigh as his glass turns upright. There was a sudden tap atop his shoulder as he swallows to make a wince of dissatisfaction to the flavor of his cut-rate brand provided on this night. "We got another monster off the streets Treynor, why the long face?!

He'd never expected a friend to understand the overwhelming feeling of melancholy and solace that befell him, even in the streamlined advances of yet another menial victory in the unwavering battles. Still though, Thomas would turn so that his body faced the television in a way that allows him to more easily addressed this level of concern. "I'm always glad to lock-up another scumbag, but it appears we've got another series of unanswered murders on our hands." His hand lifts to point at the TV while he speaks, and the smile upon the face of his friend turns solemn while retrieving his arm in order to take a seat next to Treynor. "I know Thomas, but we mustn't let the ever-recurring crime dampen our teams morale." His colleague waves for the bartender to provide the duo with a refill as his arm falls rest on the table beside the glass. "Tonight we celebrate the victory of a crime-lords descent, and tomorrow we suit up like nothings changed. We mustn't lose hope just because they always strike back." Thomas made a light nod in response, and grabs his glass just as soon as his reaches its brim. He turns his body to face the crowd with an eye on the real hero of night in everyone's eyes, and his friend sat idly. He raises his glass high the air while raising his voice to attain the attention of the crowd. "A toast to Commissioner Weisley! The man who makes all of this possible.

Officers and pedestrians alike 'woo' in response to turn their glasses up, and their drunken cheers would be soon to follow in superiority. As the group would return to their activities Thomas pushes his glass back to the counter and waves towards the bartender to signify he was done. Weisley held a bit of concern with his outlook as Thomas retrieves his jacket. "You know how I feel about you going solo Treynor, let me join you this time." He couldn't help give a smirk in response as he throws the trench coat over his shoulders. "We both know you cant leave a party where you're the center of attention, that would just be bad politics. Besides, aren't you a bit old to be active in the field?" Weisley couldn't help but chuckle at the joke as he waves for another refill. "Just be careful out there, we only have so many people who can handle the 'mysterious' sightings around here y'know?" With a simple nod Thomas made his way out the door, as billowing smoke pours from the pub behind his exit.

The detective takes in a deep breathe of fresh air immediately making haste towards the destruction earlier displayed on the television. Between the constant criminal affairs and 'mysterious' destruction that waked the ever active town, Thomas could rarely take the time to rest these days. It were days like these that the burdened soul couldn't help but appreciate the fact that he could handle his whiskey. "Guess now would be the best time to test the prototype Weisley gave me." Thomas looked down at the watch on his left wrist and began to try and recall exactly how to use it. "He could've at least gave me a damn manual, all these fucking buttons." He eventually figures the basics out with a signifying sight before finally pressing the required combinations of tiny configurations. "Ahh." A light flash of light consumes his entirety enveloping his being for a fleeting moment, only to reveal a change of his appearance most suitable for one who wishes to remain unknown to the press. He would now look as if from oriental descent instead of his actuality of Italian blood, as well as having suddenly donned long black hair. The white garb to accompany this clearly suggested that the disguise was meant to hint towards his being another Cliche old to the town. 

He didn't have the time to ring up Weisley and scald the poor bastard for the thoughts he had on this new device, but instead needed to make his way en route to the site of malice with great haste. "Taxi!" The yellow cab pulls up with the driver having a rather peculiar expression as he rolls his window down. "The hell are you? Some kinda.." Thomas would cut the man off quickly jumping in the back and throwing a hand full of hundred dollar bills towards the driver seat. "Thousand bucks to shut up, get to central town in less than 2 minutes, and not ask a single damn question." The driver's eyes remain wide peering into the rear-view for a moment, but he quickly speeds off without murmuring another word. Within 30 seconds an ominous beeping protrudes from the watch catching the attention of the detective who awkwardly looks down. "Damn smart watches." After further investigation he could see a map of sorts pop up on the screen signifying they were approaching the 'dot' on the screen. "He never mentioned a tracking device, lucky break I suppose. Hell, as if I couldn't follow the sounds of destruction and feelings of dread ever-present."

The detectives eyes peer out the window as his taxi turns yet another corner, only to reveal a rather troublesome even transpiring. "An open portal?He lets out a light scoff feeling as though this would truly be an all-nighter. He couldn't help but wonder why they would leave a portal open, as they rarely used them longer than needed to enter this realm. Just as he was beginning to suspect a flood of disturbing beasts pour from the tear in the sky. To the common-folk it would just seem as though a series of unnatural unpredictable weather had occurred. Strong guests of winds forming from the town's center, followed by questionably precise 'earth quakes' that caused a rumbling of the ground and buildings in the surrounding areas. "G'Damned Daemons." His escorts nerves had become apparently worked up as the mans sweaty hands trembled and his driving skills had become questionable at best. Treynor would then roll down the window pulling out two revolver's from his white coat. "Hold steady fool!" He takes aim shooting at the variety of targets descending from the sky onto rooftops, and his driver would have since slammed on the brakes freaking out. "The fuck are you doing?!" Thomas kept his attention steady of the onslaught of beasts instead of dignifying the man with his attention entirely. "I said no questions damnit!" It was apparent that he'd either not provided enough cash though; or rather, no amount of money would make this cab-man willing to dive through this destruction. He let out a scoff and jumped out of the vehicle before letting it speed off and bringing his attention back to the matter at hand. 

WC: 1,351 / ?,???

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