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Flame burns eternal

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What happened? Marko slowly opened his eyes and tried to remember what we the last thing to happen. He remembered being on a rooftop and somebody threatening him. He certainly remembered the one that attacked him then he realized what happened. He was thrown off a roof of a skyscraper and was killed. At that thought he couldn't help but grit his teeth in anger. He remembered who did it and he wanted to see how they like the feeling of being killed. However when he stood up he realized that he was in an alleyway. What was odd however was the fact that a bum tossed an empty his way and it passed through him, literally. Marko then stood up and tried to punch the bum but all he did was pass through him. He was a ghost. 

Most would be sad and depressed at this sudden realization. He was in limbo or if nothing else he wasn't in heaven or hell. He then noticed his chain on his chest no doubt the tether of his soul. To say he was angry would be an understatement he screamed as loudly as he could. Marko wasn't ready to die and he wouldn't allow himself to die yet. He took a moment to calm himself and think. He couldn't do anything like this so he figured the best thing to do was to wait somewhere for someone to notice him. 

He took that opportunity and he left the area where he died, he could tell because the building had the same logo as the one he went into when he died. Whether it's been days or weeks didn't really matter anymore. He doubt that someone so powerful wouldn't try to cover-up his death as a suicide. He then walked to the outskirts of the city and found an old garage that nobody was using. He then sat their and waited. 

How long he did that was beyond him time didn't seem to be an easy thing to concentrate on when your dead. Weeks passed, even months. The first one to find him wasn't as a messanger of God it was a dark creature with a hole where it's heart should be. Clearly that's what Marko would become if his chain disappeared. He didn't need to be a genius to know that much. The creature leapt towards Marko but he didn't waver his rage and determination not to die spurred him forward. Marko leapt towards the catching it by surprise. That was the only reason Marko was able to destroy the beasts mask. He smashed it to bits, he then bit into it's flesh. He felt so hungry and this was the only solid thing he could touch. It tasted like Ash and rot but he kept eating. He would survive and he would get his vengeance. 

He ended up doing this two more times with other hollows before he finally felt he had the strength he needed. He closed his eyes and when he woke up his chain was gone. He grinned as he then found a mirror nearby and saw his reflection. His hair gained a strand of white but that was to be expected. He was alive again and now it was time to show that bastard who killed him why killing Marko Reagan was the worst decision he ever made...

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Marko went outside and he was finally able to feel the sun on his face and the breeze through the air as it blew past him. He didn't know how or why but he was brought back to the living. He could only guess that eating hollows, a name which he could only surmise. Had some kind of power and when he ate them he gained at least a portion of it. Enough to materialize back in the real world again. He couldn't help but grin wide, he was back and now it was time to go on the war path for his vengeance. So he decided he needed to go and find the men who killed him, he started at the bottom he fought, and fought, and fought some more. He soon realized his strength was practically superhuman. Whatever changed him made him stronger. 

He was getting stronger each time he fought he knew at first he could only break a bottle that was untouched. However as he fought and became more used to being in a physical form he was able to tap into his potential more and more and was able to break a brick wall with a single punch. He wanted to confront the bastards who killed him, he was on a war path however someone stopped him. 

This person never revealed his face and only wore a skull mask with a hoodie. Or at least, Markus prayed that he was only wearing a mask. He called himself Azazel, Markus wanted to push past him but the old man seemed determined to stop him so Markus fought him. If you could call taking wild swings and being dodged with ease a fight. Markus soon ended up flat on his ass with Azazel standing over his chest. 

He thought he could easily get him off but it seemed that the old man was much stronger then he originally thought. Even in his old age was able to soundly beat a young man with superhuman strength. That made Markus want to listen.
He told Markus that he was a special man he was actually a Shinigami or a death god. His power was deep inside ready to be released however he needed to be taught how to control himself. 
He then went through difficult training in order to allow him to speak to his spirit. After 4 months of training with Azazel he was finally able to meditate and reach his inner sanctum for the first time. It was a land of fire and blood of voices seeming from everywhere screaming at him to fight and to kill. Inside was a single man wearing large gauntlets on his arms. He looked like Markus however his entire body was made from iron and fire. He then said "when you have need call out my name Norowa re" and before he knew it he was kicked out but not before he saw a second image of himself but this one was made from shadow and blood smiling a Cheshire smile saying "I'll see you soon" 
When he regained consciousness he saw gloves with bladed knuckles with a screaming head on the fist. Once he grabbed his gloves snd put them on he felt a sense of calm before he went and killed those who were responsible for his death. However his rage didn't disappear it simply looked for a new outlet...

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"Why? Why damn it?!" Marko screamed at the sky. He killed the ones who killed him when he was still alive. Even just thinking that was a bit confusing. Despite him killing them however Marko still felt nothing but rage and anger. Whenever he saw himself in a mirror he broke it. Whenever he noticed someone staring at him funny he growled and snarled threatening to hurt them. He felt like his rage would swallow him whole. Even out of battle he had to suppress his urge to attack. He needed to learn to direct his anger properly. 

He decided he needed to train properly. He got gloves and they were meant to be his zanpacto or at least that's what Azrael called them. He figured physical excersice would help him deal with it. He then went to his training area and started to fight some dummies. He worked on fighting his own way. It was a sort of brawler style mixed with Muay Thai. He aimed for critical spots putting as much forced into his blows as possible. Of course the blades on his gloves turned the stuffing into shreds. They felt perfect able to direct all his energy into a sharpened point. For now he kept working on his fighting needing some way to learn how to work his body in tandem with his zanpacto. 

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