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How I feel so OLD! T_T

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I just want to share my story here on BSE lol

When I first came here at BSE It was when I was watching Bleach lol

Like seriously I'm like 12 or 11 that time so yeah I kept and kept playing till I became with a staff on facebook

He's a guy with a red mouse profile I forgot his name tho but yeah thanks to him I felt welcomed here on BSE

but time goes by and I got busy with studies and other things I became inactive but everytime I have time I never forget to play visit this game

(was scared of getting my account deleted because of inactivity lol)

 and kill some monsters what we call hollows then yeah I kept playing till I saw that thing go through hollowfication in my screen

and clicked it of course :Spike_lolface: so yeah it went successful and the game went inactive and isshin became busy

But yeah it was 2012 or 2013 back then now it's 2019 I have the dream job I wished since my childhood(System Administrator) always the techy things

but yeah I still always come back here to release some stress and kill hollows

what I'm saying is no matter what other good games have been released I always come back here

because the game itself is original and unique which makes me always come back and yeah story of me with BSE lol




What do you mean by "It's just me your king" old me oh gosh seriously blushing here

Slacker/Like A Boss? What? You retard lol


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