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Hey guys its Yuroshima, 
Its been a while, 
I just wanted to come back and say thanks to all of you and this website, sometimes at night i really reflect deeply on all that happened here, all we said and talked about. 
I got on here as an early  teenager, about 14, and stayed for years, , I don't want to get into the good stuff going for me as this isn't really a come back and shine kind of post, but do know I am doing very well in life and not to worry, im a 20 year old man now though, and idc if anyone thinks this is lame, but I still think back to this place a lot, I had a pretty average if not good social life during my time here and even still I consider the things that took place here to be some of the greatest memories of my young life. I truly consider you all friends and I make my name on every single internet or game thing I do Good Ol Yuro, just so youll recognize me one day maybe, and remember how special those times were. 
I always wanna come back and do a massive post I planned years ago that would sum up all my characters, even Yuro, but I just never seem to be able to /:

I know I was a bit terrible many times, and I know some of you were too, but we were all going through our cringy phases and the changes of life and all that so I just don't even onsider those times relevant. 
From what many other people ive met in life who would tell me in times we would be alone that they also RP'd, apparently no where was as cool and cinematic as we were 

I love you guys 
I miss you guys
Truly thank you for times of the highest fun in my young life 

and I hope you all come back one day and see this, so you know that I hope your all doing well. 

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*first i know this is late but i just came across this


Good Ol Yuro, man its been far too long. Your post was well said it is really good to hear from you. You honestly were one of the greats and still are and although the good times came with some bad ones you are a BSE Legend and that will never change!!!

Best Wishes

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Aw man, thank you for that, we were all great though, that window of time , where the rev division was established, the gotei was active in a good way again and the reich was new and buzzing, that was the best time to be alive on this site lol, so much went on , im gonna pm you I want your opinion on something

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 Lol sorry I was very drunk and was smokin on hash 

but for real I love and miss this place and it’s ppl very much 

I could be alone in feeling this way but I always get a second family vibe whenever I think of the memories here or come here and that’s not even from a lonely guy, I got really the best friends a man needs , and a wonderful life , this place is just special to me like that (I only say this cause I don’t want you thinking my feeling this way is a result of lacking in anything , always know I just simply love this place ) 

I have so much crazy ass shit I could tell you and want you to tell me, so if your ever out and about strolling the internet and you happen to be in the neighborhood

check in w Ol Yuro 

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Damn , what a beautiful thought Lol and I agree

idec I’m gonna find the time and motivation and come back to posting lightly at least 

your name is changed, who would I remember you as 

that’s another sad thing a lot of name changes at different times through out the site 

lost track of many 

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