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Please, do not post here. 

In this thread I will explain pretty much every abilities Lurker have and I will try to go as deep as possible into the details. I will describe how his cells are structured, how he can communicate with them between worlds, etc... It will also serve as a character sheet for him that will be edited every time I can. This won't include any backstory on how he got those powers, only what they do in details.




The Legion: This is the regroupement of all of Lurker's cells, including those dispersed into other worlds & his childrens. This also regroup every souls he ever ate & their memories.

Cognizance System: This the "place" in Lurker's psyche that stores every souls, every memories and even his personality. This can be considered as his brain. This is what make all cells communicate with each others. This system will be explained later.



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