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Abaddon Lord of Wrath

The Past of Numa

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The sands of hueco mundo a timeless site in the eyes of numa how long had it been now? years , a century no a millennia? these questions ran through the mind of the simple hollow everywaking moment of his existance. numa would look up the eternal night sky that was hueco mundo his sharp eyes spying a large eagle like hollow flying high in the domain of the sky , numa's gaze would follow as it swooped down only to swoop down upon a large insectiod hollow it was almost fitting in witch the course of events had transpired. numa himself was of the lowest teir of hollow he had remained a "new born" for som time now he couldn't become a gillian and not for lack of trying but he had a theory. "hmp" was all that would escape the maw of numa as he began moving once more through this jiant waste land he had been driven out of the menos forest for the fear of his life as many unkown massive powers had been clashing above the canopy but now he needed to return , the need to eveolve was stronger than ever in numa. With all of Las Noches's activities disrupting the natural flow of things outside its walls it was in every hollow's best interest to get strong while one could , numa new what it was to be prey and today was the day he took his first step up the ladder to becoming the hunter.

the air would wistle as numa darted and manevered the dunes of hueco mundo his senses wide open keeping himself aware so he didn't miss the menos forest as it was a jiant hidden cavity in the earth below the dunes ; although he didn't need it a black dot on the horizon seemed to grow beigger and bigger numa would think nothing of it at first until he grew closer and closer numa's quick bolt like run would slow to a complete hault as his eyes would widen in fear and shock "w-what the hell happened!?" the lone hollow exclaimed with fear lining his voice , what was before him was a large gaping hole in the canopy of the menos forest , "such power i couldn't even fathom......were does this destruction end and were did it begin?" numa would trail off as his gaze landed upon las noches in the far off distance.

"is this what evolution promises?" numa would question lunging foward down into the hole decending into the darkness of the menos forest .

(part 1/5)


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The taste of blood danced upon the pallet of numa's tounge. The canine like hollow had recently killed his latest meal. A humanoid bear like carcus layed atop the sand infront of numa its legs gone as numa made sure to imobilize his prey , numa would circle the presumed corpse eyeing it most would see this as meaningless but he was in search of the beast's hollow hole. Similar to a soul sleep and or soul chain a hollow's hole was the highest spiritual power concentration point on ones body ; numa would have circled the dead hollow three time already and had no such luck in finding a hole "this is rather curious" numa would grunt out as he loward his head and began to attempt to flip the giant ball of fur over , numa would slowly crane his neck upward after he place his snout under the mass using his face like a shovel. Numa would let out a relieved sigh as he fully raisef his neck flipping the carcus over were a large black hole shrouded in fur glared at his face , numa would sigh hanging his head as he turnt and walked away from his recently dis-owned kill. Numa was a very picky eater and he didn't have any plans for coughing up hair balls later that day.


Numa would casually walk through the great gathering of quartz trees his intention was to find a clearing , from what numa had deduced one could not become a gillian class menos by simply eating he needed to merge into one being with a multitude of other hollows but at the same time he couldn't allow himself to be overtaken by the other hollows becoming lost in a tempest of souls meaning he needed to find a vast multitude of hollows that were in a frenzy and low in intelligence or a vast amount of hollows with little to no power. Low intelligence would gurantee numa his spot as the dominant personality but it wouldn't ensure his survival while dumb doesn't equal weak ; the weak grouping would provide him more security but could lower his chances in terms of becoming the dominant personality as weaker hollows seemed to have an almost primal instinct to survive. At this point numa had reached his decision he wouldn't risk being lost to a tempest meaning he would take his chances with stronger hollows

Numa would quickly begin to weave around the many quartz trees that inhabited the forest , his ears open for the crys of hollows and for the crys of any menos grande not wanting to die before he can even achieve the first step in his evolution ; numa would leap into the air flexing his paws exposing his claws taking grip onto one of the quartz trees he would continue to travel in this fadhion at rapid speed only stopping upon reaching his destination which was perched atop a high tree branch overlooking a great expanse of what one would call "clear space" had it not been for the high volume and density of the hollows on the ground below. The sounds of mindless savagery filled the air the shattering of skulls and breaking of bones combined with the pungent smell of the already fallen numas gaze would eye these primal creatures with ambition his paws ached with anticipation repeatedly sheathing then unsheathing his claws. Numa would take off leaping from the branch diving into the croud were he landed upon a frog like hollow to numa's dismay a lion like hollow lunged at him to which he lunged foward but not with the same intent numas paws would be positioned at the felines abdominal area causing him to throw it off ballance and push it onto its back. Numa refused to waste his time with combative situations if he could help it all he needed to do was wait out the fight till the reaction happened so he could become a menos.

Numa would focus spiritual power into his claws as he lept off the other hollow causing crimson construct extensions to grow around his claws impaleing the hollow beneath him, numa would slash at the back of several unknown hollows keeping other hollows at bay by throwing other hollows off cheating them of victory ,a pile up effect around numa those who stopped to feed were fed on it wasn't long before a bright green glow began to overtake the vast space a burning sensation flooded numas body all had gone black when his sight came back he waa at a point of elevation and surrounded by menos grande. Numa questioned nothing he would quickly lunge foward taking a chunk out of another menos he would repeat this process till he achieved the next evolutionary step.


(Part 2/5) 

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Numa was know locked in the cycle of endless feeding for he had become an adhujas although he lost many of his animalistic type traits he was know around ten feet tall with a small musculare build. Numa felt prideful of his power but as it was it wasn't enough to even compare with those who scarred the very land of hueco mundo it was terrifying to think of the espada and the power they weilded. Numa's eyes would scan over the horizon until he spotted another creature off in the distance not that long of a run but if its one thing numa has learned its that dead food cant run numa would raise his right hand aiming it twoard the creature in the distance he would then quickly make a fist flexing every muscle within his arm causing a long bone like projectile to fly out at blinding speeds as a spurt of blood came running from his hand onto the desert floor. "Hmph" numa would examine his lower palm were th projectile flew from , numa had been able to use these for hunting and killing hollow from a distance eliminating uneeded conflict.


Numa would focus his spiritual energy twoard his wound upon his hand watching as it closed , "soon" he would trail off as he went to collect his meal soon indeed although one does grow weary of hollow meat numa was starting to wonder if he could make a hamburger ot somthing. It wouldn't take long before he ascended to the highest level of menos becoming a vasto lorde.

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