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Lara Hyperion

A dull rusted blade

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The cry's of hollows echoed lightly across the pale desert sand resting ever so gently upon the ears of a lone privaron espada, a gentle breeze would jostle his neon green hair exposing his left eye which was hidden beneath his neon green bang. It was time to accept the facts he was a 'privaron espada' a lower life form, in the eyes of all who dwelled within the hollow palace of las noches. Draiden hung his head with a small smile of despair and amusement, 'im not the segunda anymore, im not an espada I'll never be one again,I'm not even the fastest in las noches anymore' his left  hand tightened upon a loose rock crushing It into sand. "Absolon the cero espada,Cherndog Rainer curto espada,Typhon the terca espada,James Vendire arrancar 105 , Vulpes arrancar 109 and William Gerobrine the Exquias Commander , I know little of you but las noches is in your hands" 

Draiden would give las noches one last look before he donned his elegant white cloak and walked away, something he hadn't felt in years sprung to life in his chest , despair , pain and regret. Each stride in his step shattered his past , 'the espada of old are dead '


He could only move forward it was time to say goodbye to las noches he'd travel to the farthest reaches of this realm far beyond even the shadow of las noches to train in solitude there he will begin his journey and there he will stay till he finds good reason to leave.draiden would follow his instincts and do what he did when he was an adhujas , he found a huge rock and burrowed underneath it making a small entrance for his scrawny body, he will train and hunt tomorrow for know it was sleep.

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Silence the only thing that played in the air of Hueco Mundo , a land of endless evolution and battle and now the home of the privaron espada draiden lendero. The privaron espada stood before a rock formation , which was quite huge in stature almost the size of a mountain. Draiden drew is breath rearing his right arm back and threw a solid punch at the formation alot of dust was kicked up but the results were not what he wanted. As the dust cleared draiden would close his eyes and sigh and then look up at the moon , 'three hundred years ago my power was thought to be massive, three hundred years ago I thought I could never fall, but this is the present my power is second hand know and I accept this fact maybe I can be a fraccion one day' he thought as he gave up his mad delusion of ever trying to gain his rank back. Draiden removed his fist from the rock it had a nice sized shallow crater about ten feet in diameter.

"Absolon,typhon,Cherndog,William......and you" draiden trailed off as his battle with monk flashed before his eyes , and the spiritual fluctuations he felt when the tercca and cherndog were going at it with the enemy and lastly his battlbattle Absolon , such a powerful being forcing draiden to pull out all the stops and to utilize his body to its fullest. He needed skill and maybe a few more tricks and possibly a new trump card and fighting styles

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"Cero's and bala's" a lone green haired hollow trailed off as he recalled all the cero's he had seen in his life time each unique , each deadly , 'i need a swift form of execution that would be effective in and out of combat a balla is swift but it lacks the power to kill a serious target' draiden would stair into the palm of his hand as a balla began to form , a balla was 20 times faster than a cero and could be fired instantly , 'a bala's power is based off the speed on which it's ejected the mass of the balla slows it to a degree'  the balla in draidens hand began to minimize and shrink rapidly , 'by compacting the balla I can greatly increase its penetrative power and speed and if I add a pulse it will loosen the bonds of matter it hit's '  he thought as the balla had shrunk to the point it looked like a bullet and a low humming noise reverberated from it.

Draiden would scan the area for a target nothing but rocks and quartz trees for miles , one thing he missed about being close to Las noches was the hollow activity, draiden would point at a boulder realising his new balla as it flew at severe  speeds , he quickly covered his face as it made impact it peirced through three boulders before it  shattered the fourth causing it to explode throwing dust and debris, "for now it's what a balla should be" he stated covering his mouth as dust passed by him , the three boulders that had been peirced suddenly crumbled "looks like I have a anti armor Bala" he said proudly walking off 


'i think I've earned a nap' he thought as he strode off into the distance, next up was cero's he needed something to make absolon himself consider him a serious warrior, maybe a new highly destructive cero oscuras hopefully I get a live target upon return.

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Draiden Slowly walked aimlessly about the vast desert of Las Noches, as he began formulating the perfect destructive cero. Something deadly that would shake Las noches to its very core, 'my cero is already leathal enough to damage stronger opponents who don't guard themselves well maybe i should focus on being able to charge multiple cero's for now and I have just the technique to use' he thought with a sly grin on his face.

Minutes later ~

A loud boom resounded as yet another cero blew up In draidens face, the young arrancar was face first in the sand with burnt smoldering holes inside his arrancar uniform shirt and pants, he would slowly pic himself up his face red with shame , "that's the 35th cero to blow up why is it so hard to learn La mirada?" He stated wipeing the caked sand off himself, draiden held both his hands out , 'maybe if I slow down my charge rate and synchronize them' he thought as a single cero would slowly buzz into existence in each hand , his face would be extremely serious as he made sure to keep them charging at the same rate and speed , beads of sweat began to form on his forehead as the cero reached their peak of power he would visualize the fuseing as they began to wildly flicker and just as the ceros finished charging he focused on the joining of the cero's , they disappeared for a short moment before wildly sparking and when he fired they had fused and he fired. The cero carved threw the air and slammed into a far off Sand dune raising a giant mushroom cloud. This was repeated over and over till he had it down pact and could do it like any other cero in his arsenal.

Techniqe learned: La Mirada 

When fully charged, the twoCero will fuse together in the middle before firing as a single, highly destructive blast

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Draiden stood over his makeshift training ground in his resurrection form holding out both his hands he would close his eyes as he began charging two cero oscuras's one in each hand  , his face would be extremely serious as he made sure to keep them charging at the same rate and speed , beads of sweat began to form on his forehead as the ceros reached their peaks , he would relax as the ceros quickly conjoined and he didn't hesitate to fire , the cero fired a huge wide range beam struck the field below him causing a huge mushroom cloud displacing large amounts of sand , the sheer force pushed draiden back slowly by three feet or so until it subsided draiden was absolutely drained  it was a struggle to stay in the air , " cero dragón dormido" He panted out as he named this new technique , when the smoke cleared he was rather shocked and pleased the cero not only made large crater but a deep one the whole training area was erased. For months he practiced this technique till it became something he could do on a drop of a dime. His body naturally adjusted to produce more spirit energy for this technique 

New cero created

cero dragón dormido (sleeping dragon cero)- by combing the La mirada technique , and cero oscuras he has created a new cero capable of new heights of destruction

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