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Mission Adventures (Odds N' Ends)

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Post the RP of your missions here in spoilers. Label which mission a the beginning of your RP.

Mission A- Retrieving Emily

With very little warning the fabric of space begins to peel revealing a dark black hole, void of light. Then seconds later two figures emerge exiting the hole in the sky known as a garganta. Both wear the traditional clothing of the shinigami with a few minor changes. The shorter one known as Nero dressed exactly like a shinigami. He had long spiky, black hair that laid back instead of sticking straight upward. His eyes were also black but they seem to have a red hue to them. The taller gentlemen, known as Teschma, dressed like a Captain would except his haori was navy blue with a golden ram’s skull in the middle. But what was most noticeable was the ram skull shaped mask he wore.

Safely clearing the garganta Teschma raises his right hand and snaps his fingers. As if being filled in with an artist’s paintbrush, the black hole shrinks until it disappeared leaving no trace of it ever existing behind. After it close he then takes his right hand and raises his mask above his face letting it rest on the crown of his head. Tech and Nero both walk to the edge of the tree line that surround a large open field, which appeared to have a vast number of trees on the other side of the clearing. In the middle of this large swap like area ran a river that often overflowed causing a large portion of the area to become a huge shallow lake. Despite being only twenty minutes outside of the city limits this area had a large wildlife population ranging from small fish and snakes to massive snapping turtles and alligators.

“Well Nero, our client says the target should be roughly a mile up ahead in a fairly large size cabin, which sits on one of the larger hills in the area,†says Teschma looking around, scoping out the immediate area.

“Yea, yea I remember. Its was owned by a dummy corporation that supposedly went out of business before they could sell the land or at least that was the front/cover up,†responded Nero.

Tesch, smiling, turns his head and looks and Nero, “Ah, so you not only heard the briefing this morning you actually listened and remembered.â€

“Tsch, I wish you would let that go already. It was one time. One freaking time,†replied Nero folding his arms.

“Hahaha,†laughs Tesch. “Don’t get too worked up. I was only pulling your chain but anyways we should be focusing on the task at hand. It’s coming up on the forty-eight hour marker since Emily disappeared. If there’s any chance we are to recue her alive we should hurry up.â€

With the demeanor of both Tesch and Nero changed and now once again serious they begin to race across the air towards their destination, making sure to keep to the trees when possible. Although they were spiritual beings and could not be seen by those that are not spiritually aware it was better to play it safe than sorry and stay hidden as best possible.

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Mission A- Retrieving Emily Continued

ooc> it gets "Mature" about halfway down or so, so be warned

A small ray of light pierced through the edge of the doorframe coming from the light in the hallway on the other side. Within that small ray of light were numerous, small white, dust partials that appeared to dance about as they moved. Although they seemed to be contained to a small sliver of space it looked as if they numbered in the millions; moving about like shooting stars in their own little realm.

At the end of that small ray of light, illuminated a girl’s left hand. It was very dirty, covered in mud, with chipped black finger nails. By the looks, it appeared that she was recently in a struggle and indeed she had been. The hand belonged to the gorgeous Emily Tuleanie, captured a little more than a day ago. Suddenly the hand begins to move as she wakes up for the first time as a result of the powerful sedative she was given upon being captured.

“Aaahhhhh,†yelled Emily, as she grabbed her head she felt a large gashed that had already been stitched up by someone. Before being sedated she was smacked by something hard across the back of her head, knocking her out. A few moments have past as she becomes slightly adjusted to the pain that was still throbbing through her head. Her eyes flickered then squinted as they became acclimated to the darkness of the hell she currently found herself in. The only source of light was that small feeble ray that pierced through the door making it extremely dark in all but one spot in the room.

“S-so your finally a-awake,†echoed a harsh raspy voice, one that seem to have recently experienced its share of misfortunes. Startled and frighten Emily immediately scurries backwards unaware of where the voice was coming from. As she began crawling backwards she stop just as quickly as she started. Emily instantly bumped into something that impeded her retreat and by initial contact it didn't feel like a wall.

Even more startled than before the frighten young girl lets out a scream, “Aahhhahhhahh.†The tone and pitch was much higher and louder than before, exactly like scared ‘trick or treaters’ at a mainstream haunted house. As she screamed she hastily turned around and looked up. The site before her was not what she had imagined though to be technical none of this was. Within the dark her eyes could barely make out a medium size man that was covered in mud and blood just as she. The man before her stood on his tippy toes as his legs were stretched out to the max. His arms too were raised above his head and seem to be stretched to the point of dislocation. Around his writs were old fashioned steel cuffs, like that from the medieval times, which at the center was attached to a chain that hanged taught from the ceiling.

“P-please girl do not be so l-loud. My ears are still r-ringing from that b-blood-curdling scream of yours. B-besides he will hear you and we don’t want him to come back a-any sooner than he plans t-to. Trust me you d-do not want that, †says the man in the same beaten and tattered voice as before.

Still panting Emily scoots back and stands up. “I-I’m sorry mister...â€

“Jonathan, m-my name is J-jonathan. No need to be f-frighten by m-me. I’m far more h-helpless than you are,†interrupted the chained up man.

“I’m sorry Jonathan, my name is Emily; you startled me and I’m scared. Honestly I’m not sure what’s going on; last thing I remember is walking though the parking deck just arriving at my car. The next thing I know something goes over my head and I struggled briefly before being knocked out,†replied Emily. She then begins to look around but it was no use. Even after her eyes grew used the darkness she couldn’t really see, after all she was only human. Anything outside of the mere strain of light couldn’t be made out, which was just about everything; darker shades of black and silhouettes was the only thing either one of them could see.

“I s-see. You are just a-as unlucky as I-I,†replied Jonathan.

“Were you taken in a similar manner?†asked Emily. Jonathan coughs a couple of times spitting up a little blood in the process. “Are you alright? I can’t see you to well but you sound like your dying.â€

Jonathan turns his head to the side and spits out some of the blood that remained in his mouth then faced the direction of Emily. â€I p-probably am at this p-point but anything would b-be a release from this h-hell.†Jonathan momentarily pauses rethinking his words. â€No, I’m s-sorry I should not say s-such things in front of a young l-lady but y-yes; the answer to your question, y-yes. I too was t-taken in similar f-fashion. I had just left a b-bar a little after m-mid-night and was walking d-down an alley. I thought I heard s-something behind me b-but when I turned there was noting in s-sight. So of c-course I turned to proceed on m-my way when I was s-struck and knocked out. Next I k-know I was here.â€

Emily listened and grew more and more weary as Jonathan spoke of how he was abducted. “So how long have you been here?†It sounds like it’s been a while?†asked Emily.

Just as Jonathan was about to answer he stops. He wasn’t sure if his captor was telling the truth but when he brought Emily in yesterday he mentioned to him that he had been here for twenty-six days so to today would make twenty-seven. But his trust of the captor was not what made him hesitate to answer Emily’s question. He couldn’t help but think of his deceased daughter when he heard Emily’s voice. So he knew for her sake of hope and her will to fight that he not tell her how long he has truly been here. Perhaps her case would be different. “F-four days I b-believe though I have had n-no means to tell time or d-days anym-more.â€

Emily couldn’t lie to herself. When she heard that Jonathan had been here for four days she grew more terrified. “No, no my dad will of course send a team to find me,†she thinks to herself but the thought of it taking that long or possible longer truly scared her.

“T-the man who caught us, he-he left a pitcher of water over in the corner over there next to the door. I would l-love some if you d-didn’t mind,†said Jonathan as his parched throat crackled as the blood begins to burn/sting his dry mouth.

“Yes of course,†replied Emily. She turns and hastily follows the beam of light to the door and then to the left corner that Jonathan had gestured to. Purposefully falling to her knees Emily beings to search around in the assumed area on her hands and knees. In her haste it seems she was in a bit too much of a hurry and knocks the small pitcher of water over on the dark, dirty floor. “Oh no,†she mutters quickly picking up the pitcher. By the weight of it, she assumed three fourths of it spilled leaving a measly quarter left for them to split.

“D-did you find it-it?†asked Jonathan hoping to get the taste of blood out of his mouth as well as his throat wet.

“Yes I’m coming though it’s not very full,†replied Emily, making her way over to them, omitting why it contained so little.

“S-something’s better th-than nothing besides we can’t expect a kidnapper to be t-too kind,†said Jonathan. Making her way back Emily took a large gulp deciding to leave what was left for Jonathan who desperately needed it more than she. As she raised the pitcher to his mouth he took a small sip and gargled it before turning his head once again and spitting. Getting the majority of the remaining blood out of his mouth Jonathan takes two big gulps from the pitcher and swallows them. He enjoyed every second the luke-warm water that ran down his parched, dry throat. “M-mind pouring the r-rest of my p-portion over my head.†He imagined that it would probably feel just as good as it did running down his throat.

“Sure,†replied Emily pouring the remaining of the water on his head. She felt to embarrassed to tell him that she spilt a good bit of the water in such a dire situation, so decided not to and just give him the remaining bit.

As the last bit of water poured from the pitcher Emily suddenly realized something that she should have tried earlier. Dropping the pitcher she immediately headed for the door once again but this time attempts to open it. She twists on the handle hoping that it would turn and much to her surprise and against all odds it moves. The knob turns and then applying the necessary force she pulls on the door…

The small ray of light grew, many times over, as the door actually opened. Over come with hope and joy her adrenaline begins to pump and flow throughout her body giving her a slight boost in strength, causing the door to fling open the rest of the way. The initial light coming in from the hall was overwhelming as if the sun itself came down to make an appearance. Emily and Jonathan’s eyes’ both rapidly begin to water and violently blink as they attempt to adjust to the sudden and drastic change in lighting. Emily being much closer to the light feels its intensity more causing her to throw both hands up in front of her face attempting to filter out some of the light. Seconds past by before either one of them can see.

“W-what do you s-see,†asked Jonathan still in shock that the door opened so easily. Squinting Emily can finally see again but in that moment she wished she hadn’t for the overwhelming feeling of hope and joy instantly fades giving way for an even deeper terror. Yes the door opened but on the other side was a barred door much like a cell door.

Suddenly a shadow appeared and came closer. â€Haha, did you really think it would be that easy?†said a man stopping in front of the cell, finally coming into view. Upon his face he donned a huge evil smile that though impossible for a human literally seemed to stretch from ear to ear. He wore a, light blue collared, Polo shirt. “It truly is enjoyable to see that look of despair upon a beautiful young girl’s face such as yours. That hot dirty body of yours, ooh, I truly have found myself a rare gem this time.†The captor couldn’t help but lick his lips as he finished speaking as dirty, perverted scenes begin to play in his head.

Emily immediately gasps and instinctively finds her body slowly retreating from the door. Overcome with fear Emily manages to trip over her own two feet sending her falling backwards on her butt where she freezes. The captor, known as Governor Ralph Alindberg but unknown to his captives, raises his right hand flipping a switch on his side of the door. Immediately the entire room lights up, revealing a room larger than Emily had anticipated. To her the room looks more square than rectangle, guessing it to be fifty-by-fifty. Each wall looked identical to the next made of grey concrete blocks with mortar holding them together. The room was well-built and very sturdy meaning that the flimsy looking wood door in front of the barred door was just a teaser in the dark. And the ray of light purposely let through for a false sense of hope, the Governor was truly an awful being.

“P-please let us g-go. I-I s-swear we wont r-remember a thing,†pleaded Jonathan; his voice spoke of desperation.

“What’s with this ‘we’ now Jon?†replied the Governor. “Surely you didn’t think today would be any different than the twenty-six before it when you begged only for your life?†asked the Governor and in doing so gave away Jonathan’s lie.

Still on the floor Emily turns around to her right, “You lied to…†before she could say anymore her eyes fell upon Jonathan for the first time with a clear image. Besides begin strung up by the cuffs and stretched out he was also tortured other ways. Across his chest and back were marks that looked as if branded or singed with something hot, over and over to the point where you could tell where one mark ended and another began. “Oh no,†in that instant she lost all hope. Any reason and rational thinking went out the window at the thought of never getting out. Her mind went blank and she collapsed on the floor, passing out.

“Well damn handsome, I guess you’re prettier than the young lady thought. I bet you always had this effect on women haven’t you. Haha,†snickered Ralph Alindburg, throwing his left hand up to his face palming it. “This is to much. I never realized what a comedian I am.â€

“You sick p-psycho,†yelled Jonathan best he could.

The Governor lowered his hand from his face, looking at Jonathan, “Awe no, that just won’t do. I was going for sadistic psycho. I guess I need to step it up a bit.†Ralph then pulls out a set of keys from his khaki colored pants and unlocks the cell door.

“P-pleaasee, noo,†cried out Jonathan and tears ran down his dirty and beaten face.

“Geez shut up Jonny boy, you sure are a chatter box today. Lucky for you I’m more interested in her right now,†the Governor said entering the room and heading towards Emily. “Doesn’t she make your blood boil with excitement. Looking at her curvatious body, her big tits and soft ass make you just want to reach out and grab them.†He stops roughly two feet away from Emily’s unconscious body. He looks her over from head to toe. Under the layers of dirt and mud and blood she wore a fitted rose red dress that stopped well before her knees. “Look Jonathan, from the position she’s laying in I can see her cute little pink panties too. Oh yea that’s right you can’t. I guess I get it all to myself.â€

Jonathan wants to respond and say something but bites his tongue. He can’t help but think at least he’s not torturing me right now and as the thought passes by a few more tears run down his face. The Governor Ralph Alindburg takes a knee by Emily’s side pulling out a fairly large flip knife. Jonathan not wanting to see what takes place next closes his eyes. Quickly the Governor cuts at the midsection of Emily’s dress, then ripping it away leaving most of her body exposed, all but her private parts. With his free hand the Governor gropes her large breasts. “Just as soft as they look,†he blurts out unable to help himself. Upon hearing those words Jonathan reopens his eyes as he expected to hear something else, screams perhaps. He told himself he would keep quiet but witnessing what he saw he couldn’t help it.

“S-stop, stop, stop. Y-you don’t have to d-do this. Really you d-don’t,†pleaded Jonathan. Those words were like a ton of bricks hitting the Governor. It was like he actually heard the sincerity in Jonathan’s voice. Ralph immediately stops fondling the unconscious girl and begins to stand up.

“Your right, what have I been doing all this time? I’ve completely been going about it all wrong, please forgive me,†commented the Governor, walking towards Jonathan, putting the knife up and pulling out the keys again. Reaching Jonathan, Ralph unlocks his shackles and removes the old fashion pin lock that held them together. Like a sack of potatoes Jon collapses on the ground gasping for air. It was the first time in days he could take good deep breathes and took a few seconds to enjoy it, even under the extreme conditions. “Stay there I’ll be right back.â€

Confused and bewilder Jonathan laid there as the Governor left. Its not like he was in much shape to do anything else anyways. As soon as Ralph leaves the room Jon calls out. “Emily, E-emily. Wake up. I’m not s-sure what’s going o-on but you need to w-wake up if we are g-going to take advantage of this.†Jon had no idea what was going on but he was unshackled and their cell door was left wide open. If he was going to escape it would be now and he need Emily’s help. “Emily, Emily.†He cried out again but to no avail for he could already hear footsteps’ signaling the Governor was returning.

The Governor enters the room once again but this time with a syringe in hand and heads straight for Jonathan. “You know Jonny boy I’m glad you said something. I’m not sure if you knew this about me but I’m the Governor of a town less than an hour up the highway. And we governors and politic folk like to observe and watch the chaos around us more than participate or be apart of it.†Reaching Jonathan who was still laid out on the floor, Ralph bends over and injects him with the syringe.

“W-what are you d-doing,†Jon cried out.

“Come on don’t worry its not gonna kill you. It’s just an adrenaline shot that with a little research I concocted myself. It’ll take a three or four minutes but you feel like an athlete soon, I promise,†said the Governor.

Jonathan coughs a few times before he’s able to respond. “W-what are you g-getting at.â€

“You hadn’t put two and two together. I’m a little disappointed at your lack of awareness. I told you I like to watch right,†says the Governor pointing at the ceiling in each corner where the cameras were. “You still want to go home right. You have been pleading for it for weeks now. Well, rape her.†Those last two words fell on Jonathan’s ears heavier than the weight of the world.

“Ww-what…†Jon began to say but was quickly interrupted.

“You heard me and I’ll give you and hour to do it or you both die,†replied Ralph as he got up and went to Emily and took a knee. Once again he pulled out his folding knife. Though this time he took the blade and plunged it into Emily’s stomach, piercing her flesh and intestines. The sudden shock of pain was more than enough to wake Emily from her unconsciousness.

“Ahhhhahhhhaahh,†Emily cried and hollered out in pain and crying all at the same time but unable to move, being pinned by the Governor.

“Your still with us, that’s good to see. It’d be no fun if you slept through everything,†says Ralph in a sadistic voice. “Emily, Jon over there has been told to rape you and if he complies I will set him free, but that wouldn’t be a fair game if he was only able to win freedom. So I’ve decided. Remove that knife from your stomach and kill him before he gets the chance. Show me your will to survive. Do that and you will be able to go home, getting out of your newly acquired cell. But be warned once you remove that knife you will bleed out in less than an hour. So you must be quick if there’s to be enough time for me to treat your wounds after.â€

Ralph gets off Emily who continues to cry and scream from the pain. “I hope she heard me,†said Ralph walking to the cell door, exiting and then locking it behind him. “Remember I’ll be watching and if you both choose to do noting I will kill you both, which is fine with me. It’ll be really boring but I’m sure I can find others to play with.†He then leaves heading for his viewing room leaving the others to “duke it out.â€

Jonathan crawled very slowly towards Emily. “I-I’m s-sorry but I have to g-get out of here no m-matter what, please forgive m-me,†says Jon. As each second that ticks by he feels more and more energized and invigorated due to the mysterious shot. Emily still crying in pain finally gets a grasp of the situation fight or die. She had already failed once and was determined not to a second time. Seeing Jonathan approaching faster and faster she grabs at the knife.

“Ahhh,†she screams. At first touch it was too sensitive to pull out so she quickly lets go of the handle…


Governor Ralph Alindburg was almost back to the viewing room. “Man I truly have out done myself this time. I haven’t felt this kind of rush in years, not since my first time more than eleven years ago,†says Ralph as he rounds a corner but immediately freezes having his arms forced behind his body.

“Bakudo number 1, Sai,†said an invisible force and figure. “It seems that our target is spiritually unaware Nero. This is turning out to be a very easy and very profitable job. You’ve got to love those,†says Teschma with his right index and middle finger pointed at Ralph Alindburg, their target.

“We still need Emily, Tesch,†replied Nero.

“Yea, hopefully she’s still alive but the job pays either way,†said Tesch.

“How could you say that out loud?†asked Nero.

“Don’t get attached to the targets, it’s easier that way. You only need to worry about doing what it takes to get paid, ultimately getting the mission done,†responded Tesch.

“As cold and calculative as ever commander, all about a dollar,†says Nero.

“Enough knock him out and subdue him for now I will continue and see where he just came from. Perhaps Emily is there,†ordered Tesch.

“You mean perhaps the target is there commander, try not to call the ‘target’ by its name,†said Nero with a slight attitude.


Mean while…

“Stop. Jonathan don’t let him win,†pleaded Emily for her life. Jon was now fully energized thanks to the shot the Governor had given him a few minutes earlier. He also managed to pin Emily down and remove the knife from her stomach, tossing it to the side, out of the picture. Blood gushed everywhere but nothing was going to slow Jonathan from doing what was necessary to survive and escape here. Not even raping a twenty something year old innocent girl.

Jonathan’s right hand pinned Emily’s hands just above her head. With his left firmly around her throat and he begins to choke the life out her dirty naked body. He choked her half to death before stopping and allowing her to breathe or more like gargle on her own blood. She was much more easier to control this way. Jonathan then takes his left hand removing his belt and sliding down his pants and upon doing so he too would now be nude. “I’m sorry Emily but its always been a you or me type w-world, and I’m not ready to die yet,†says Jonathan crying in shame and madness.

Just as Jonathan was about to begin raping Emily the cell door flies off the hinges and simultaneously Jonathan begins bleeding from his chest and coughs up blood on Emily’s face. Jonathan couldn’t see it but Emily could begin to make out a fuzzy, blurry vision. It was a sword, known as a katana, and it pierced directly through Jonathan’s heart ending his life. His lifeless body then falls to the side landing next to Emily.

Emily then raised her right hand slowly, pointing directly at Tesch, “T-thank you-u,†she said before passing out once again though this time it was due to the large amount of blood she is losing.

Nero then enters the room with the Governor tied up and across his right shoulder. “Nero it’s not good. She was able to see me and I’m sure in her condition its not cause she was spiritually aware but because she's close to death instead. Any later and she might have died,†says Tesch picking her up. “I know it’s just a target but we hope to make this customer be a repeat customer so it’s better to deliver his daughter alive. Open a garganta and let’s go. Also leave his body. With Emily alive all we need is that targets head and you can heal Emily as we travel.â€

Nero throws the Governor to the ground and pulls his left hand downwards across his face, donning his vizard mask. It was black with blood red vertical stripes, it resembled an enlarge skull. Waving his right hand he creates a portal for them to leave through. Nero then draws his Zanpakotu and walks over to the Governor and with one quick precise cut beheads him without even getting a drop of blood on his blade doing so. Next he grabs the head and places it in the satchel provided by their client, and then they both proceeded to exit via the portal heading for the agreed “drop off area.â€

End of Mission.

A shadowy silhouette emerges from the shadow of Jonathan’s dead body. The shadow converted to a hooded figure with many large spiky protrusions through his robe. Swiftly lifting his right hand towards the ceiling, the lights shatter once again casting the room in darkness. “What a show,†he says to himself, wondering how it could have gone if the two vizards didn’t interfere. Well its no big matter seeing how they left him two lifeless corpse as a token of respect, whether they knew it or not…

“It’s starting,†said the cold voice of Death as he sensed the beginning of Jonathan and Ralph’s descension.

High in the sky above the cabin and swap area a large demonic door appears, with a skeleton embedded on either side. It was the Gates of Hell and they were here to collect its newest residents. Slowly and eerily the doors open releasing numerous chains that were sent homing towards their prey. Multiple chains pierce through both of the dead bodies. Steadily they retracted, extracting Jon’s and Ralph’s soul, both went kicking and screaming not knowing what was in store for them but knew it was not going to be pleasant. With the souls harvested the Gates of Hell disappeared just as mysteriously as the came. As the spectacle finished Death to took its leave.

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