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Revolution Division Battle Records

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OCC: I'll have a record of all our battles and their results updated every time we finish one.

BATTLE: Battle at the snowfields of Rukongai: Ended with the Revolutionary divisions retreat.

Members Lost in battle: Yuroshima Hoshinko.

MISSION: Opperation Dessert Lens.: Success. Yuroshima was found alive but under influence of Fiodera

Members Lost during mission: None

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I still haven't figured that out yet. For now its just going to be records of wars n stuff like that... Not one on one battles but results as an army, our losses. If we gained recruits from the other side. If squads where succesfull in their missions and such.

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Yes indeed, Ren this is perfect as i was literally just about to make a Revolutionary Division mission section. So the results of that as well can be posted here, and spars can count :), just list in a seperate color that it was only training. i would make a training grounds threads but... i dont want to overload the gotei 13 forums with topics of ours, ( why the Bio topic will stay in espada fraccion forums )( because we are guests and that would be rude.

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The Gotei and Rev War : Ended in Peace treaty. 


The first Great War : Victors, ended with Rev forces aiding and saving the Gotei after warding off own invasion , Commander Yuroshima Imprisons King of Reich in Muken 


The second Great War : Victors, ended in Rev Division and Gotei Commander Shidow using secret plan to stop the battle before it began 



those were the 3 largest conflicts we were apart of but not nearly all of our accomplishments 

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