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Unofficial Role Playing And Rpg Captains Squad 7

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No..... i don't want anyone around your level or over that should give a hint to a few people who want to join P.s V-C Doesn't mean your strong just my work dog and can handle the squad if i leave for a time eg. Paperwork.. but then you leave everything to 3rd seat who ever that is >.> Some one need to make a seat list in urp not rpg (lance i'm looking at you)

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My plan of a list that i made thinking hardly

Captain : Mortal/Althalos

Past captain:lance Hunter (not a threat (evil laugh))

Vicecaptain :to be picked

3rd seat:Jiro

4th seat: Aiden

5th seat: Dante

and that all we have at the moment that i know off (urp members) also i want to make it so dante and Aiden are 4th seat but i can't :( We need more People !!!

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