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Malek heart


Malek was Born into The Clock family which is Known for its fire abilitties But despite his abilities he did not like being a noble So he decided to become a shinigami. His family opposed this decision so he was forced to cast the way the Clock name. Despite

his natural born abilities he does not show his true power unless provoked and with nobody else around. He comes off as cold and calucating but if someone he cares about is in trouble he will stop at nothing to protect them

natural born abilites

eye ignite attack=it cause anything he looks at to burst into flames can be dodged with enough speed also it takes a lot of spirit energy to use so he does not use it often

master spiritual pressure hider= his spiritual pressure is almost invisible



shikai=ryu no tsume


EnshÅ-jÅ=causes his sword to turn into pure flame which he can move at will

KurimuzondorÅ = he condenses all his shikai flame into the sheath the unleashes a

quick draw unleashes a crimson slash of fire as fast as lighting bolt its said to be able to cut threw rock metal as if the were butter

Nan bunsan = allows user to disperse into flames at will and reform at will its dispersal speed is said to be almost instant

bankai=sou kou shii ryu no tsume

Kaen seigyo=he can summon flames and control them at will he can also control other zanpakuto flames

Ken shÅkan=he can summon multibles of his shikai and move them at will

they are also cappable of doing KurimuzondorÅ

Kaen shuraudo= he is shrouded in flames which help reduce damage from all attacks and completely hides his spiritual pressure

HonÅ gazÅ= he is able to make flame images of him they look exactly like him and disappear on contact

Furasshu nessho= his ultimate attack it combines his bankai and his eye ignite attack causing everything in 5 meter radius to turn to ash this attack forces him to return to shikai and he can not use bankai for one day

final release -Tamashī o tabe-en = these flames feed on the spiritual pressure of the oppenent to fuel them

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Name: Kojo Minamoto

Race: Human (Fullbringer)

Rank: Bartender

Age: 21


He is 185 cm high and even through he doesn't looks like it has a well trained body with nearly no fat at all.


Fullbringer object:

A ring on his right ring fingeryrfklde5.png


Fullbring: Fullbringer equivalent to flash step.

Vector manipulation - is abel to change any vectors he touches.

in first stange of his fullbringer power there is a violet glowing flame like energy around his arm and legs.

Second stage there is violet glowing energy all around his body. Theres also two flame like enegy at his forehead going upwards and looking like two horns.

-Special Active:(usage with using the name)

  • Wind strike: **
    Form a claw hand and moves his hand downards. The weak wind that get's created from it gets it's vecotrs changed to make that wind move 100 time stronger. making a decently strong wind attack flying at the enemy. it is a little bit charp so it can cut skin and clothes. If it is used against a wall the wall would simply get some screatches.
  • Shadow spear: ****
    It's and material arts move. He makes his hand in a claw the palm facing the enemy. Then he punches forward while twisting his arm. The spining movement creats an spear like movement of the force. Increasing those vactors Kojo is abel to actually pierce the body of the enemy with this attack. Leaving a big whole.
  • Vector shield:**
    Kojo puts more power into his energy making the space he can change vectors a lot bigger, creating a shield around him that repels everything with half the power it hits it. Duration 1 post cool down: 7)

-Active:(usage with out saying the name)

  • Echanted punch /kick:
    Changing the vecorts of his punch. He increases the damage of the punsh and reflects the recoil of his punch at the enemy as well. Giving the enemy twice the damage while not taking any damage at all.
  • Repell:*
    Kojo switches the vectors of the attack flying at him. Making it fly into the exact opposite direction it came from with the exact same power but not the exact same form. Flame dragon -> Flame wave
  • Reject:***
    Kojo not only switches the vectors of the attack flying at him but also the increases the value of the vectors. Making it fly into the exact opposite direction it came from with X time the power originaly had. Again not the exact smale form.
  • Cancel:**
    Kojo sets all vectors to 0 stoping any motion and turning energy attacks into nothing.

-Passive: -Extraordinar understanding of math and physiscs

-Extraordinar Stamina for his Age.

-Master of mixed material arts created by his old master.

Limitations to his power:

  1. Simply having his ability activated with out using any of his actives or special actives it already is a strain on Kojo. Making aktivating already quite hard.
  2. This causes Kojo to prefer aktivating it for an attack and deactivating it after wards. Sadly aktivating and deactivating takes 1-2 seconds.
  3. Using his ability is a big burder for Kojos body. Going from headaches to internal bleeding. Making him unabel to use his ability all the time.
  4. Can't change to many different vectors at the same time or to short after another. (2000 arrows=okey / 10 different attacks at the same time= nearly impossible)
  5. Anywhere that's not his hands or legs is a place where he can change vectors but it's slower and weaker there.
  6. Changing big vectors uses up more energy than changing small. (I know that this should be obvious but I'm writting it down anyway.

Star system:

As you might have seen there are small starts behind the attacks those tell you how much of an strain it will be to use this ability.

0 Stars: Nearly non can use steadily.

1 Star: Can be used quite often but has already a bigger strain. Using it once will already cause an small headache after deactivating his fullbringer power.

2 Stars: Is already a challange. Kojo needs to concentrate on these abilitys as they won't work on instinct, meaning Kojo actually needs to do some quick math in his head to use them

3 Stars: Those aren't more work when it come to thinking but they drain a lot of energy and using them can be quite a burder on Kojos body. Using them once already makes Kojo cough after wards.

4 Stars: Those abilitys won't work without training. They need all of Kojos focus. They are not only hard to creat but also they are a big strain to Kojos body. Using them once already couses him to cought up some blood. Using them twice is the absolute maximum and can already be deadly if he used to many abiltys before.


He went to school like everybody else but always had the image of a man you don't want to mess with. Kojo never under stood why people had so many problems with trusting him. Okey in the past he took out a school gang that was ruling his school because they were mean to some girl Kojo only met on his way to school. They where sometimes talking but Kojo didn't even knew her name. After school he created a small bar. Quickly it became a place where good people as well as gang member came to drink at. When Kojo started the bar he still had somebody else as his bartender as he wasn't old enought to be one. After turning 21 he became the bartender himself but he didn't wanted to fire his old bartender so instead he now simply has two bartender, himself and his old bartender. Ever since Kojo was small he was learning mixed material arts from his master. His parents weren't to happy with it but they let him be. After finishing school and before turning 21 he was training every day and learning everything he would need to be a good bar owner at night. For a human he has a lot of combat experiance but compared to a Shinigami that lived for hundrets of years he has nearly non. Ever since Kojo turned 14 he could see spirits and also learned some stuff about there fights but Kojo never realy cared about them. Kojo dislikes using his ability if it's not truely necessary. Even so he once met some strong fullbringer. After training with that fullbringer the full summer break of his 9th grade he learned to use fullbring. Even now if he get attacked by an hollow he tends to run away or kills it with his normal mixed material arts attacks.

Power level: High Spiritual Energy (close to weak vc )

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