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Kaylain (Arina)

Mortal's Breakthorugh Invention

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this is a solo role play if you want to join send me a pm and I'll accept it or not.

- one year earlier -

It was a late afternoon and mortal was in his usual sciency mood when hes mind started to drift off and wondered how he would be able to get an invite to join the zero division he has only heard rumors of them. Mortal then stood up and headed towards the information center of central 46 and went through the data in search of information regarding how to join the renowned zero division.To no surprise he couldn't find much information on them mortal then go frustrated and stormed out heading towards his office in the school he owns.

Once arriving at his office mortal then looked through all his own data and information regarding his inventions then something randomly popped into his mind what if he could create something that the whole Soul society will use in future generations that would be beneficial to them this made mortal have thousands of ideas none of them he thought was good enough. So instead of thinking he wrote down and drew everything that came to his mind with out thinking of how logical it was he just kept writing and drawing eventually he stopped after creating over 15,000 pages of ideas. Mortal carefully read though each one laughing at how stupid most of them were.

After reading all of the 15,000 Ideas he picked 100 of them that he seemed to think that would help the Soul society the most no matter how outrageous it seems. Mortal then proceeded to head to his secret lab under his school and started to get to work on inventing his ideas. Non-stop he smelted iron carved out seki seki rocks and broke hollow masks. After creating 10 of his ideas he started to wonder if he really could make something really create something really amazing he started freaking out cause nothing was to hard for him to make until now no matter what he always happy with what he invents but lately his been thinking all of the inventions his made are udder shit so he made a vow that he would never stop working till he is able to make an invention worthy of granting him access to join the Zero squad.

- Time skip half a year later eg. half a year before the wars started happening-

Half a year later mortal decided to take a break from creating inventions and headed out for some sunlight which almost blinded him while mortal was outside his two vasto lorde's he created came rushing towards him as mortal had no strength left in his body so Mortal passed out due to working for half a year non-stop which in turn also helped train his body and spiritual power due to all the extensive work Mortal was doing while he was down the like creating and fighting vasto lordes to steal their masks or just the long nights or having no sleep at all. While mortal was passed out both the vasto lordes carried mortal to his bed and covered him in a special oil that helps heal and regenerate people stamina.

After sleeping for a week Mortal finally woke up to seeing him laying in his bed mortal tried to get up but kept on failing his body lost all their strength all mortal could do was speak and wiggle his toes. Since mortal was unable to do anything he thought of ideas non-stop an hour later he stopped thinking about that and started remembering about the past how him and many other Shinigami used to play chicken with hollows around the world of the living they used to find the strongest ones and who ever froze up was the chicken. Mortal started crying remember how fun his past used to be with all his friends and fell asleep.

The next day Mortal was able to move again but slowly as his body was all torn and beaten up from working and fighting to long with out a break. He slowly headed toward the kitchen and grabbed as much food as he could and sat down on a table and ate enough to feed the whole soul society once. Afterwards he started to feel stronger at the same time he knew that he needed to see his old friends again in the Soul society so Mortal did nothing but rest for a whole month before his strength was back to where it was before he started his quest but he realized that he was not fully healed nether the less he headed of to the soul society in his new outfit and his longer aqua blue hair and a new ambition to learn ideas for his inventions.

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- 3 months before the wars began-

Mortal entered the soul society with his two vasto lordes Flame and Eliz. After walking around by himself in few moments Mortal got lost from how much things have changed since he left to go live in the world of the living. After a few hours of walking he came across a shinigami Mortal yelled out to him hoping he would hear him as soon as he finished yelling the shinigami feel to the ground shocked Mortal didn't know why the shinigami was so shocked to see him. Mortal then held out his hand for the young shinigami to grab on to so mortal could pull him up."Why are you so surprised to see another Shinigami ?" The unknown shinigami got up without mortal's help and ran off. Mortal didn't know what was going on it was like they were all scared of him or something.

After a 4 hours of walking a bunch of shinigami appeared around Mortal. Not knowing what to do Mortal placed his hand on the hilt of his sword and looked at all the shinigami yelling "Are You Guys After Me?". The same young shinigami he saw earlier walked up to him and started asking Mortal tons of questions mortal knew none of them due to them asking about things that has happened while he was away. Mortal relaxed and just simply shook his head the shinigami then took that as a sign that he was an intruder so they asked him to follow them to the cells in their division Mortal just followed them because he didn't want to make anymore trouble then he had to.

Once Mortal was put into a cell in the squad 7 cell bay He waited there to see someone so he could explain the current events to after a whole day of waiting and eating the food that was given to him the door opened to his surprise it was Akito a long old friend of Mortal back in the world of the living before the got separated. Mortal stood up and headed to the bars and called out to him Akito walked up towards the bars and told Mortal in a sarcastic tone "it's Vice-captain Akito now" Mortal just walked to his bed and sat down and thought "smart-arse" Akito left and while he was walking out threw the keys into the cell with a note "Don't get me wrong I'm only doing this cause I'm not going to be Vice-captain for much longer so i had do you one last thing before i lose my power..". With that leaving of Akito and gaining of the keys Mortal quickly unlocked the cell and escaped to find someone he used to know.

- 4 weeks till Wars began -

Few weeks has passed and Mortal meet up with some of his old friends and got his name though all of the soul society so they wouldn't try to capture him again. He stole Food from the Kido corps like the good old days, showed his base of operations to Lance and Katsu and also heled invent some items for Lance. Then him and Flame had a massive battle almost destroyed the whole squad 7 training area but in doing so Flame became a Arrancar like Mortal secretly wanted. Also he heard rumors of the Vandenreich and that they are planing of invading the soul society. He even joined a clan it was a historical moment for when he joined for he said long ago that he would never join a clan.

Mortal decided that it was time to head back and continue is inventing he thought that his time here was a great experience but he had to go back and invent some more but this time he went back he had enough ideas runing though his head that even all the books in the world would be able to hold so he slowly headed back to the world of the living with Flame and Eliz to his secret Base and would start inventing as soon as he got there. Mortal Said his last good byes before leaving but he knew he would be back in 4 weeks time to watch the war cause after all he Could find more ideas from it.

OOC: okay so i know the last bit was a bit meh but i have to so soon T_T doctors i hate them but i might add some more to the end of it later so stay tuned :)

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