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JD ( Jiro D.)

Somewhere In Rukongai

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this are places somewhere in Rukongai,

-where the hidden kingdom will talk about stuff and/or drink.

so basically right now only me and my npc hitman.........

untill somebody wants to join^^

-people can do stuff that takes place in rukongai (arcs with traveling, training, hunting, anything^^)


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*Jiro walked into the office of the advisor: Chereny, a rather small man with black-brown hair and blue eyes*

any news from the search until now?

Only repords about territorys that are empty

*jiro sits down*

thats bad to hear.....but don't stop searching, we need to find here soon

thats what i told them too, but some are lazy and only look around while doing there normal work

thats there freedom nobody in our world likes rules or orders ....it's only natural that not many are going to be happy to get ordered around...

well at least i got repords from nearly 50% of the territorys ......the big ones are missing....

well it will take time to search through them.....

*chereny looks at jiro with curious eyes*

Did you talk to vi?

More or less half of the conversation was her apologizing and me saying "I don't hate you"

but yeah she's happy again and started searching for eniko..

thats great to hear, want some tea?

i would like to get some but i need to leave

welll then go :)

Oh....before i forget did you see the buisness repord?

yes, it was boring as always.....

but the buisness was great. Whats boring on it?

the only thing it has are numbers and names, i don't care about. You're the one that needs to know that not me....

fine but at least leave your stamp on it, so i can bring them to the storage room.

i already finished it .....you will get it later.......

*Jiro turns around and start walking away*

May the moon be with you "Kylar"

and may he over look your moves tonight "Cerry"

*Chereny laughs as jiro walks out the door and flash steps back to seireitei*

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*a old man walked into the room of the advisor followed by two big guys carrying a bad with something black inside*

Oh...*Chereny stand up to greed his guest*

It's nice to see you master schneider (hope i got the right word leo.org didn't had a better translation......)

It's nice to see you young man i came to deliver the thing you wanted....

*pulls out a night blue yukata shirt and night blue pants*

this is one of my master pieces special extra hard textile so it won't be destroyed and the perfect night blu if you wear that at night nobody is going to see you!

Thanks thats going to be perfect and ther other thing?

Oh you mean the haori?......

*pulls out a black haori with fear (in hiragana) in white written on it's back*

this one was one of my greates pleasures to make....its made out of the stongest yarn you can make strenght with my zans ability so its nearly impossible to destroy by normal means

thats great to hear..

but i can garantie it for realy strong people......

i didn't expext it to hold but thanks.......

then i will take my leave tell the shadow of rukongai "I wish him luck"

*the old man turns around and starts walking away followed by the two big guys*

May the moon be with you

and may he over look your moves tonight

*after saying that the old man leaves*

Ooc: with yukata shirt i mean the top part of an yukatan, simply imagen a yukata with the botten part cut of so its only a shirt anymore....

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Ooc: with yukata shirt i mean the top part of an yukatan, simply imagen a yukata with the botten part cut of so its only a shirt anymore....

ooc: I think at least japanese people would kill you for that. XD They even get mad if you put it the wrong way. ^^

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Ooc: well but thats the way it looks like........i don't know how to descripe it and i can't find the pic i need online....

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*Jiro stand at the front of Rukongai waiting for Arashi after he sees him Jiro said*

Emmell told us we are supposed to figure out whose in charge, so now we got 2 options:

you follow me and we will find eniko in no time...

or you act like the boss and it will take us ages to find her......

*jiro looked at Rukongai*

i need to bring him to the office.........

looks like i need to show him some stuff he isn't supposed to see....but never mind what i need now is to find eniko..

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*the sky brock behind Jiro befor arashi could answer and a man with red hair and black clothes stepped out*

the inversion has begone i will bring you to your captain if you have any orders boss.....

*jiro looked seirous*

bring me to chereny first


Arashi you might not know this phrase but

may god has pitty on the corpses in front of you

and may your path be filled with death

tonight we kill kings and gods!!!

*jiro walked through the portal behind him and out of it in his advisors room*

You said something abut new clothes?

yes here they are *gives jiro the clothes*

are you sure?

right now set every hitman on allert if even one vaden step into Rukongai kill him

As you wish my King....

may god has pitty on the corpses in front of you

and may your path be filled with death

tonight we kill Kings and Gods!!!!

*jiro takes the clothes and walks out of the office lookin gat them*

If shit goes down I'm going to use them......

You pissed of the wrong man vadenreich!!!

i open a portal to your captain *puts his sword into the air creating a portal to the place lance is*

*jiro put the clothes inside a bag and walks through the portal to his captain*

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Ooc: this is going to tell the story of some of my hitman as they depart to help other squads*


*a man with green hair, a black sicentist cloak,glases and his zan on his left side walks out of an underground laboratory

with an wicked smile he says* I can finnaly test my new poisens

*he pushes his glasses up with his right index finger*

I help squad 2

*vi appears next to him*

i will come and help to ....don't do anything stupid Veane

okey but don't stay in my way......0

The Shadow brothers

*To men where sitting on the roof of some building both had black hair and purple eyes one was a little bit bigger than the other on*

we are supposed to help anyone that need help...... do you know a special squad..?

no idea brother....

Let's just wait for Ryan to tell use where to go


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*the safe house 7 was an underground facility in under one of the mountains of rukongai*

This place still looks empthy

*jiro walks around carrying eniko because he had no place to put her down yet*

Out of the way!*a portal at the celling appears and fancy funiture falls down,l in the last second jiro moves out of the way*

that was close

sry i didn't knew where you were, sorry boss

*lays eniko down on the bed*

i will need to keep an eye on her and wait untill she waiks up...

*looks at ryan*

when you leave lock all the door from out side

okey oh and i got your bag, boss *give jiro his bag*

thanks i will need it when she wakes up.....

*a hell butterfly flys on jiros shouder and waits there*

i'm going to leave good luck with her^^


*while walking outside he closed all the doors that leeds outside making the maze ,the facility was, even more confusing*

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*a woman (looking 35**) walked inside, followed by a young woman(looking 14)*

you came Mona K. and you brought a student?

yes she needs some training so her we are .....Alice this is the Shadow of Rukongai

*allice fast bows down*

nice to meet you my lord

hy there ....mona can you fix her?

thats going to be easy alice you heal the scratchens and i heal the real wounds

okey master

*the two start healing eniko with kido*

you should leave

why ?

in need to put some bandages on her shoulder


*leaves as mona puts some bandages on enikos shoulder after closing the whole in it with healing kido*

i realy get to old for long time healing ...You can come back in

*jiro walks back in sitting down next to eniko*


everything is fine it will take her some time to recover but nothing serious

*starts walking away followed by alice*

thaks mona

no problem My lord

*mona K. and alice leave the facillity locking all the doors on there way out*

** the young version i mean those woman that still look young with 35 like rangiku matsumoto, not those that look realy old

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Ooc: i'm on my way home i'm going to post later

My pc got some problems right now...So it will take some time until i can post.


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*jiro looks into enikos eyes*

save house 7

*looks worried*

are you okey?

thanks fully even if she get violent her zan is in save house 3

so I will have no problems here...please turn back to normal

*jiro looks at his bag and pulls out a pocket watch waiting for enikos reply*

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lay down...and cool down

*looks in her eyes*

They left me two choices..... impresonate you in a real prison that you won't be abel to leave

or bring you to the safest place i have and watch over you...

*jiro looks at the pocket watch*

this watch once belonged to your mother.....I'm supposed to give it to you, so here

*hold out his opend hand and shows her the pocket watch*

if you want you can have it....

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*takes the watch*

My mother?

*she looked at it for a brief moment and then looked again at jiro with hated *

I rather be in a prison than in your pity!

I already lost in my battle l, that's a shame as a venderich!

But I still have my pride, and I don't need to be in a safe house.

If serertei decide to kill me, let them do it! I'm not scared of them!

*she said angrily *

Ooc: jiro if you want to take part in war, just leave me here! It's ok

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Ooc: you know i can't simply leave you here.....as jiro care to much to simply leave you here,

*jiro keeps a kind and soft face*

nobody is going to kill you, nobody is going to come here and even try to hurt you as nobody exept me and ryan know this place.....

*looks at her with serious eyes*

i won''t let anybody kill you.......you got that?


now what do you want to eat?

I'm going to make some food now ,want anything special?

*stands up and start walking out of the room*

Ooc: i also sayed i might join if i can get you back but even if i get you back i might not join..... don't realy have the time to fight in a war right now^^

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Ooc, ok! Was just saying cause I felt bad! ^_^

Eating? People are fighting out there! And you want me to stay here and have a dinner(are we eating dinner?) with you?


Let me out of here! I don't know why you're even doing it!

It's not you're responsible for it!

Even if daddy questioned you, just say she escaped!

Then you can go and continue your peaceful life, right?

*she said trying to pursued jiro to let her go*

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I can't hear you *smiles*

let's say it's i got personal reasons to not let you go^^

*comes back with some onigiri and some sandwiches*

were not eating dinner were eating a snack as i'm realy hungry and it's not dinner time......

*looks at eniko and puts the food on a table near the bed*

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nope not going to happen

*start eating and with food in his mouth he mumbles*

I wo.'t le..let...the...pe.so.e th.....at....he.p me k.i..ll her- *swallows* selfe

*looks at her and smiles*

do i look like i'm going to let you leave soon?Hime-chan?

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