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Rukongai District 10

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Ooc well I'm sorry if I'm not informed any of this eniko and we are in Ooc ha ha any back to it

*Walking along the forest I come up to a old wooden cross and next to it was a sign saying Mary Ann's name* heh heh it's been awhile....hasn't it......im sorry that I left to become a soul reaper, maybe if I didn't....maybe you would still be here hun......heh heh our daughter or your daughter since I don't deserve her......she came to the squad, my squad and endured everything I threw at her and made me happy......*moment of silence* I'm glad I have the chance saying you did a great job and I'll drop by once a month to give you new flowers *sets the flowers near the cross* one day I'll see you again....mary ann...... *walks back to the serietei*

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*walks onto the mountain of district 10*

its been some time, hasn't it? *has an weak smile*

*places some new flowers at the grave*

looks like chereny has hold his promise of carreing about your graves ^^

*start getting sad*

looks like im going to break the promise i made the day you died.....

*silent for an moment*

You don't have to worry about me i found good friends at squad 7 so i will be fine :mellow:

*stand up*

I'm going to come by more often now..

*starts walking away*

By Elene-nee-chan ,Master

*bows and leaves*

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*flashsteps to eniko's mothers grave and sets flowers at her cross* heh heh I can't do months but I'll come in when I can Mary.......*sits right next to the cross and stares up at the sky and doses off*

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*flash steps to his sisters grave*

yoah its been some time

*sees the flowers*

looks like your been good :D

*places new flowers next to the old*

Some stuff happend in my live......

*silence for a moment*


*sits down*

The war has been called of and Vadenreich wanted to attack us

and then just called everything off, too

*his eyes get wet*

looks like i don't need to break my vows anytime soon....

*rubs his eyes*

I also joind the lightmoon guild :)

*stands up*

Im going to drop by more often and tell you what happend^^

*starts walking away*

Rest well Nee-chan, Master


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*flashsteps in front of Mary's grave with flowers* hey Mary it's me again and I brought you flowers again hope you like them *sets the flowers down* I'm trying to protect our daughter but I seem to be doing a bad job at it...im sorry that I'm failing you...*looking at her cross*

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....if only I knew that you were ill....i would've been there in a flash.....I love you Mary Anne *picks up the phone and calls the carpenters of squad 7* hey its the captain I need you to come to the 10 district and build me a house.......yes that's an order ok bye *hangs up the phone and waits for them to get here and the day past and there was a house built near Mary's grave* Thanks guys *walks into my new home*

Ooc I live here now he he

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*sitting around a fire making stew* hmm it looks like it's almost done *looks around then pulls out a wooden pipe and puts tobacco in it and lights it up* heh heh........ ahh this feels nice.....

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*walks by having flowers in his hands*

Yoah Labris what are you doinig here?

Ooc: now i only meet Labriss okey?

Edited by JD ( Jiro D.)
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