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Lucky 7's Training Ground

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Ooc: yeah you're right! I mean poor mortal! He just wanted to experience on me in my cat form, gave me a candy that makes me not to be able to transform, tricked me, grabbed me by neck and then put a tape around my mouth and left me for 3hours!and all of that in about 30 min! You're right I shouldn't be this mean to him after he was such a gentleman! :)

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*walks into the training ground*

lets try the new abillity in shikai

Devour and Destroy Zuckimaru

*activates shikai*

mhmm.... i can call it out by only thinking his call out...

now lets start training

*start training*

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*sees eniko*

well.....*looks at his zan*

you be a good boy?


okey lets do it^^

Ooc: thats why i wrote in on the pc in an word document and saved that right away so i don't loose it^^ Im sorry for you sucks to loose an long text......

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well then i start^^

*points his left hand at eniko*

Hado 4: Byakurai

Ooc: okey^^

Edited by JD ( Jiro D.)
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*appers behind her* lets start simple :)

Hado 33: Sokatsui

*after he released his kido he flashsteps away so some space would be between them*

Edited by JD ( Jiro D.)
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