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Sabre Falls

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After focusing for a small while, waiting in darkness as the falls blocked any external sounds from interrupting his focus, Akimoto entered his inner world. The sound of Sabre falls disappeared, replaced with the occasional chirping of a bird, and the light coming from a beautiful sunset shined through the openings in the surrounding trees. The trees themselves stretched high upwards and were scattered as far as Akimoto could see. It seemed he was within some kind of forest, and out of curiosity he began to walk around. Although he can hear signs of life, no matter where he went he did not see anything living, which was strange to him but it also made sense, as since it's a world within him here would be no reason for any animals to be within it. As Akimoto continued his small trek a sudden oddly colored fog brushed past him, forming itself into some kind of humanoid creature, one that possessed a hood over its head, had tattered robe sleeves, which almost seemed to come out of the thing's forearms, the bottom section of a tattered, black robe, which even though it covered its lower body it danced around as if it was alive. The torso appeared to be a dark gray color, and the ribcage easily showed itself, almost disgustingly so. The back of the creature had spikes sticking out of its spine, running downwards vertically from the bottom of the neck to the lower back. Two glowing red eyes appeared out from under the hood which enshrouded its face. It held what appeared to be two black-plated, 3-clawed gauntlets with a gold trim, one for both hands.

The voice of which the creature spoke with was indescribable, as if it was more of a whisper than anything else, yet not a whisper at the same time. Overall this creature was a strange one, and almost immediately Akimoto had a hand upon the scabbard of his Zanpakuto, ready to attack. "Calm yourself, and listen to the sounds around you, tense one." Akimoto still attempted to reach for his weapon, only to find out that it was missing. The creature spoke once again, holding up its left hand, revealing Akimoto's Zanpakuto within the hand of it. "Looking for something?" He didn't know what to do, but it was obvious that conflict wasn't something that the creature had in mind. There must be something more to this, something Akimoto was not expecting. Suddenly, he placed two and two together, and formulated a question within his mind. "Are you.. The source of the voice that speaks out to me?" He asked in a curious tone of voice, wondering how exactly such a thing could be created from him, but then again he was taught that an Asauchi molds to the time it spent with the wielder, so it is indeed possible, but still, Akimoto did not know he created such an odd looking thing from the times he spent using his weapon.

The spirit moved closer to him, appearing to simply hover over the ground as it circled him, the dark fog which it came from formed a small trail, following it to where ever it moved. The sound of whispering could be heard as the spirit circled him, and they seemed to go away as it moved away from him, returning to the original position it was in before. "Yes, i am. I am the spirit that is your Zanpakuto, though you do seem strong enough to begin your training, the way this conversation goes will truly dictate whether or not you're truly worthy of knowing my name. Come, walk with me." Akimoto followed the instruction given to him by the spirit. Many things were on his mind, though he kept them within his mind as well, trying his best not to annoying or anger the spirit. After he reached the spirit's side, they began moving at the same pace, walking throughout the wooded area, the only sounds coming from them at first being the whispering which the spirit itself gave off, and the occasional chirping of birds within the forest.

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"Tell me, tense one, what do you think of a Zanpakuto? Should they be used as a weapon and a tool, where you do not care about the well being of the spirit itself, nor the relationship which you can create with it? Or do you believe in the partnership between the Shinigami and the Zanpakuto, and how they're more than mere tools?" The spirit asked as they continued walking through the forest, going nowhere in general. Silence took place as Akimoto's current answer, as he was thinking about it. Was he truly treating his weapon correctly? Or had he been using it as a mere sword? His thoughts ran back to the multiple times he had tried to connect with the spirit before, and how each time he had failed to do so, and also how he listened to the words it would speak to him and how he kept track of what it had said time and time again, and also how it helped him improve because of so. He closed his azure eyes as he relaxed a bit, opening them back up shortly afterwards. He figured out his answer to the question, and how he knew for sure that it was truly what he believed.

"I think that in order for a Shinigami to truly declare himself a Shinigami, they need to build a relationship with the one that's aiding them in fighting their battles. Without a Zanpakuto the power of our kind is severely weakened, and we can not hope to get anything done if we're weakened any more than we already are. I think that, in order for both the Shinigami and the Zanpakuto to survive, they will have to build a relationship that goes beyond a simple weapon and wielder one, but one which can possibly be classified as one which a master and a student would have, or maybe even two friends or companions. It's vital for a person to get along with the one that's helping them, and any bad blood will just make both weaker than before, as they will try to find a way to fight separately from each other." He spoke what was within his heart, and what he truly felt. Although he felt that this spirit appeared to be some sort of evil creature, honestly, it wasn't, at least it wasn't from what Akimoto can see. Actually, it seemed that the spirit was rather friendly, someone he can get along with, even.

"So you believe that we are vital to your survival? Interesting, though if you rely on a Zanpakuto entirely, then you may get hurt worse than you would before. It is best to learn how to live without your weapon, too, as if an enemy were to separate myself from you, you would be helpless." "I know i would, which is why i'm planning to train myself in Hakuda soon. I need to get as strong as possible so i can restore the thing i care about deeply, and then use my strength to protect that thing along with everything else. You have been watching me, so it is useless for me to tell you that i'm willing to do whatever i can to form a bond with you. I not only need to, but i want to." As Akimoto spoke his eyes showed a fierce determination in what he said. He had always been passionate about such things, and he always felt that he wasn't living up to the best he can possibly be, which frustrated him more than it should.

"I know you want to, but you need to know that you yourself are worthy, as right now, i can see that you still find yourself to be weak, almost horribly so. You need to rid yourself of such a mindset and start believing that you're trying your best. I wasn't only speaking about Hakuda though. Unlike Hakuda, which you have been doing well in, you're severely lacking in kido, which will put you at a severed disadvantage. I do not wish to see you get killed only because you think you do not need such a thing. You have to work harder and improve in any way you can. It's obvious you have the determination and resolve, but now you need the confidence to back it up." The spirit slowed down, turning around and getting in Akimoto's way. The whispers it generated grew louder and louder as it remained there, staring at him with the glowing red eyes it harbors. "Tell me, Akimoto Shihoin, i have watched you improve and become more mature than before, but you still have a long way to go. I need you to become more confident in yourself, along with improving yourself in skills which you dislike. Will you make a promise to me that you will never stop trying to become stronger, no matter what happens?" The spirit asked as Akimoto stopped moving as well. Such a promise would be hard to make, as there's no guarantee that the curse laid upon them all, the one called 'time', won't mold him into someone else, someone horrible, though he will fight against such a thing, even if it's himself, he believed that currently and felt that he can stick to such a belief.

"I promise. No matter what, i will improve and stay on the right path. I will try my hardest to set myself up to your standards, kind spirit, until it is time for my life to end. I wish to become a friend to you, an ally, so then, now that we had our conversation, have you decided on whether or not you find me worthy of knowing your name?" Akimoto can hear a small chuckle come from the spirit before it suddenly stopped. the sealed state of Akimoto's Zanpakuto appeared in his right hand, unsheathed and ready to go. The spirit raised a hand, the finger pointing at the blade. "'Emerge from the Shadows and break the silence, Kiken'na sasayaki.' That is how i am called out. Kiken'na sasayaki is my name, remember it well, Akimoto Shihoin, and may we speak again." Kiken'na sasayaki said as Akimoto's inner world faded into black. With the opening of his azure eyes. Akimoto saw that he was back at Sabre Falls. The roaring waterfall greeted him as he stood up, flash stepping away to continue improving so he will not break the promise he made to his companion.

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