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Kasumi Kudo

Captain's Office

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Lyra couldn't help but feel a sense of nervousness as the captain opened the door for her but she managed to keep her composure as he ushered her into his office. She bowed lightly in respect to the superior and then took a seat in the chair in front of his desk.

"My name is Lyra..Lyra Kuchiki sir." She spoke in the best professional tone she could muster as she continued. "I am new to the court guard squads and have been seeking for one to join to make my skills useful to." She kept her eyes on the captain as she spoke hoping she wasn't putting herself out to be too stiff. "I had noticed the lack of people around and wondered if I could be of any help here."

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"It is nice to meet you." Shiro would state, before pausing for a brief moment, processing their name. "I see you were born of a noble lineage. I suppose I should introduce myself as well. My name is Shiro ShihÅin, Captain of this division as you are probably already aware of. Feel free to just call me Shiro." He observed her previous forms of professionalism and formal manners before she took her seat. While Shiro valued honor and pride, he preferred that one would feel in their comfort zone working under his command, without the need of worry about impressing their higher ups. Shiro would smile, with a welcoming expression to the other being in the room. "There is need to use formalities here, as I have made sure that everyone feels at home and comfortable. A happy work environment creates a healthy atmosphere where one can truly be at peace." Her statements regarding finding a place to be of use struck him immediately as something of benefit to him. Considering the unimpressive size of his division, any recruits that he could obtain would have a monumental impact. Shiro imagined of how he could finally get Division Eight back on its feet, and prove useful to the Gotei 13, rather than sit in reckless abandon. He could read this female's desire to have purpose as a Shinigami, and with his position as Captain, he was one who could grant this wish. "This Division is in fact in need of more recruits to carry out daily tasks of a Shinigami as it was recently deserted by the previous Captain. I have taken over the mantle, working to recruit new squad members and increase activity around here. You would make an excellent addition to this squad to help me see this to the end. I hereby appoint you as a squad member of Division Eight, effective immediately."

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She sat back and listened to him quietly, never one to interrupt her superiors in case she was to step on any toes. She was surprised with the lack of formality coming from such a figure of authority and found it a little uncomfortable when addressing higher ranking people in a casual manner, something against her upbringing, but if that was the way the squad was to be run she was not going to question it. She relaxed slightly in her seat and continued to listen until he announced her appointment to the squad which caught her off guard at the suddenness to accept her but she accepted it with a slight smile and stood up, bowing once more.

"Thank you sir. I hope not to let you or my squad mates down." She managed to keep her professional tone but seemed less stiff than when she first entered the room, glad to have the chance to be of some use now.

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