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Decima: Seating List

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Espada: MarcusHyrule

Prime-Fraccion: Serry

Seat 03: Koschy

Seat 04: Thor

Seat 05: coolnes

Seat 06: deweevon

Seat 07: birky

Seat 08: kanji

Seat 09: heliconia

Color Info:

Seat Rank Up

Seat Rank Down

Seat Rank No Change

Seat Rank New Member

Edited by Serry
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Yeah 3rd seat fraccion xD even that my character is just an adjuchas

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Don't worry Serry... I lost my job in the Exequias... T_T will you take me back? Please ? :3

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NicoVega was stronger -.-' , but not so looks like he is not so aktiv in the forum... Now i'm in Fracction 2 but i don't know if i stand in this fracction or switch to a other one (1,4,6 or 9)

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