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  1. It wasn’t often that Yoshirou took advantage of being lord of a Noble Clan, but right now was an exception. Instead of walking to Central 46 he rode in a carriage but it wasn’t because he was being a complete snob. No, it seems Metabee’s words were more warranted than Yoshi initially gave him credit for. While there was no serious backlash from recklessly using Kijin he was extremely fatigued. The unexpected surge of energy was more than he was prepared to initially handle; Yoshi never expected for the ability to already be so powerful. “We’ve arrived,” said the driver as he opened
  2. This is just to keep track of who is Active and who is Inactive in the urp (name + characters name) post below if active or inactive if i missed you. you can chose your own colors. (just post below) Urp list Active: Metabee: Characters: Metabee Luppi: Characters: Robons Hakumei: Characters: Hakumei, Irotoridori Fuzen, Rak(dead) Haley: Britney, Draiden, Adam Jazmin: Melody, Veronica, Bell Yoshirou: Characters: Yoshirou, Baal & Sama'el, Absolon, Nero, Vatto Forsyth Aiden Aka Otter Aka Rocker: Characters: Aiden, little Aiden, Typhon and Hideki, Ephraim Ruroki: (Po
  3. Visored (a.k.a. Vizard or Vaizard) Vizard, Vaizard, Visored - Are Shinigami that have acquired Hollow powers. The word vizard is a Japanese term meaning "masked warriors." In Bleach anime and manga it is a play on the English word "Vizard" which means "masked." Fans of the Bleach anime and manga will often use the term vizard. Visoreds, just like Shinigami, can only be seen by those that are spiritually aware. Visoreds are the inverse to Arrancars Creation The process by which a soul r
  4. The Shinigami - Shinigami (死神, death god(s); Viz "Soul Reaper(s)") are guardians of the souls who are going through the circle of transmigration. In ancient times, they were known as Balancers (調整者 (ãƒãƒ©ãƒ³ã‚µãƒ¼), BaransÄ). They purify Hollows who do evil in the World of the Living and ensure the safe crossing of souls - the Pluses who have lost their way after death - by giving them a soul burial. Shinigami are the opposite of the Quincy. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Draiden drudged into his room empty and a pale as all of las noches a pile of dirty uniforms that he had yet to wash ,he would strip down to his neon green boxers but kept the sash in his hands he would reach within the folds of the sash and grasp a metal ring which he quickly pult exposing the wire it was attached to He would throw the sash in the air as it inflated into a double quean size bed and hit the ground, draiden would flop down on the giant soft fluffy black bed , he would curl in a ball with the sheets and sigh as he looked around from his laying ,making a mental che
  6. There was an acrid smell in the air following the explosion of Draiden's bomb, and the blast of wind provoked by the vacuum crashed into the wall of Las Noches, finding its way through the open gates of the fortress. The long silver hair of Lurker's Arrancar form was blown in every direction, but he did not move. After the wind died out, the Adjuchas removed the strands of hair in his face and thought what the hell are they doing in there? Well, no matter. We need to go. After a few minutes, Kotaro's familiar silhouette appeared in the giant doorway as he tried to make his first So
  7. Hachūrui has built himself his own private lab hidden away in a private undisclosed location sadly due to its secrecy and nature of the experiments he does it was only natural he never received funding as he built this area with his own two hands over the process of years. AI system: This A I has been dubbed the name Lizzy she is in control of all computer and lab fuctions when her creator is not present she has a strange obsession with the outside world and feelings for her master that she was not proramed with. Hallways: The hallways ten feet wide and tall with doors that w
  8. ____________________________________ The Gauntlet _____________________ A few weeks passed since the beginning of the pregnancy of the First Queen. She already had the pleasure to devour a diverse amount of food — humans, shinigamis, hollows, arrancars, quincies, and even some bounts. Her Guardias Reales did a great job as she always had something to eat. More than once her greed nearly got the Colony discovered, but she did not stop. Sabiduría needed nutrients for her unborn child. The day before however, one of the hollows that were captured had the time to send a mes
  9. -The Other side of the coin- The blue bacterium lake that was left in the Menos Forest was given a simple order. *See this thread* "Help me become stronger." It will obey it by the best of its capacity, and it was given the freedom to choose how. Normally, it would spread, absorbing everything that has Reitsu and then return to its Master when asked, but this pile of goop evolved further by ingesting the remnant of the Spiritual Power from the cero of the Vasto Lorde. The destroyed trees & shaken ground had just enough traces of power to trigger a mutation inside the cells o
  10. Atmospheric song ~ Death Among Us ~ Living 700 years ago wasn't easy. The Black Death was killing everyone no matter their wealth, gender or race. Even Shinigami & hollows were affected a way or another. Once infected rare were those who survived the pandemic. But there was a hollow, totally ordinary, that gave birth to something horrifying without even knowing it. Desperate for a soul, it ate a deteriorating contaminated human. Every instincts of it screamed to stop, it's wrong... But he was dead either way. What would you choose between dying of hunger or dying of disease?
  11. Geographical image: INFO: 978 MILES LONG NORTH TO SOUTH AND ABOUT 1,989 MILES WIDE. Info:The hyperion clan is located far off beyond the reaches of soul society located far off in the oceans of soul society on a fair sized island surrounded by a barrier that acts very similar to soul society's along with the pluss that it completely hides the island and any and all spiritual pressures on the island. Naturally due to the nature of the barrier air and rain are allowed through.Vill Border wall: The wall is like a replica of the wall around seiretei. This wall is extremely high
  12. URP Overview World of the Living – Perhaps the safest it’s ever been. This is not necessarily due to the policing of the Shinigami, the Quincy, or Bount, but to the current lack of interest from the races. Perhaps this will change soon with the movements of Hell but for now it was the quietest of all the realms. (Introduction to Vizards) (Bounts) Hueco Mundo – Even in peace death can always be found here. The word peace would be a stretch here but there was a relative calm now; but it wasn’t always like that. Absolon the Cero Espada began to rekindle the Es
  13. HUECO MUNDO The Environment Hueco Mundo is the dimension where the creatures known as Hollows and their evolved superiors titled Arrancar reside. It's a vast desert laying between the World of The Living and the Soul Society. The entire noted environment of Hueco Mundo is literally a white, endless desert. There is no dirt, there is no grass, and any and all natural water sources are nonexistent. Some may find some ruins or caves where some Hollows may have as a home along with a dead tree or two every once in a while, but for the most part, Hueco Mundo is just a white, endless desert with tre
  14. Jasmin L. Duman was and is still not a quincy of great wealth this cabin in russia is where she grew up , the place is hidden by a dense forest covered in dense snow wild bears wander the area though freindly they scare away locals ,naturally all her close family so its soley her home alone. She chose to live a simple life after the reich had been disbanded. The trees give ample firewood amd the deers and stags are abundant so pleanty of food as well. She can also grow beats as well.
  15. Jessica's Point of View & Thoughts (First person) “It was great to finally receive word on the status of the caravan. Not only was Lord Kyoraku on that convoy but also his newly appointed Advisor Metabee. Had they both gone missing it would have been a blow that we probably couldn’t recover from. Of course there was no way they could lose, right?” Or so I pondered while awaiting their return. Looking around it’s easy to tell that I’m not the only one concerned. JDan and a few others are also here waiting. Earlier we expressed our curiosity and discussed what on eart
  16. From Birth to First Kill Darkness, absolute darkness; a space so void of light that it achieves absolute black, an impossibility on Earth. But in Hueco Mundo it was a feat commonly reached in the voids of the Forest of Menos. The only signs of light was the unimaginable darkness bouncing of eight small reflective surfaces… I open my eyes for the first time but immediately I’m confused. Some how I know it’s completely dark but I can see as if it’s the peek of day. Even more I can see in a three hundred and sixty degree radius with high depth and extremely vivid details.
  17. Ooc - hoping to make a return to my Roleplay. Have a lot of unfinished business and hope to possibly rekindle some fires of other Roleplayer or new ones. The vast desert of Hueco Mundo, endless white sand under a pale moon and know one knew this better than the Arrancar Monk. Wandering for what felt like month now. Monk had finally come to understand the meaning of endless, this desert went on forever and even without allies he would strive towards an endless life. The Espada, the worthless Espada had given him nothing. They did not have the strength he required, the raging battle against
  18. Silence reighned over rukon the peacful chirp of cricket lightly echoed through the night. The clouds passed over leaving rukon the moonlight making the rooftops glisten as the moonlight hit water droplets atop the many houses that existed in rukongai. All was peacful but like all things it would soon come to an end , the clouds seem to hault as a thin line came into veiw before warping and squelching and then bursting open revealing blood red environment with a multitude of chains suspended everywhere within it steps would lightly echo along with the ominous sound of rattling chains after eve
  19. Weak from his latest battle Monk dragged his arms and zanpakuto behind him. Light red blood flowed down his back showing him that the bleeding would at least stop soon and then he would be able to give it time to heal over. But apart from that he was just tired. Yet his mind was on edge with ideas and a possible goal. 'The Espada' he knew it only by name, but knew it consisted of strong arrancars. Some where he now felt he belong. But if they disagree he would be prepared, for it had been a long walk, but he had finally made his way back to a place he called home. A small system of caves in a
  20. 'how long? How long have i been here?' the thoughts of a lone little boy more dead , than alive. His skin was a sickly pale his eyes sunken and lifeless his frame was skinny and fragile looking one could equate the boy the skeleton with a mop of blonde hair. The male figure had retreated into the mountains long ago , the mountains were constantly in a snow storm he would stay in his cave to avoid the snow , his only nutrition being icicles which he broke off from the maw of his cave. He was not here of his own free will , for tell me who or what would purposely place themselves in the middle o
  21. SOUL SOCIETY Odd New Religion: "A strange new cult of sorts has appeared and has spread itself among Districts 1, 2, and 3. Investigate them and make sure they are not undermining the Thirteen Court Guard Squads!" The Cult of Knowledge has appeared and seemingly appears to be harmless, for the most part. A series of reports have shown that some of the missing individuals have been seen entering one of the many private homes used for worship before they have actually gone missing, which raises suspicion. Hopefully if someone were to investigate they will make sure to not become missi
  22. Ah, the academy. What a place full of joy, wonder, and excitement. A place where young minds are shaped, and young bodies molded, into our future protectors and leaders. Here, friendships are forged and healthy rivalries flourish, and above all, knowledge is bestowed upon our joyous young students. Our young hero... wait. Scratch that. Hmmm... Our young protagonist, Toshiki Kyōraku, starts his wondrous journey of knowledge and self discovery here at the academy. What fun, exciting, and possibly dangerous adventures lie in store for our young Kyōraku? Let's find out shall we! _______________
  23. So I've decided to make a topic here to keep track of the classes of currently existing Arrancar Characters. If you have an Arrancar Character in the Urp, Post their class here and I'll add them to the list. Vasto Lorde Class It is stated that there generally is no more than 10 Vasto Lorde in existence at any given time. Because of that, I'm setting a limit of 10 characters that can be claimed as Vasto Lorde for now, though this is subject to change because it's urp and I hate restrictions. The only reason I'm doing this is so that we don't have every single person claiming to be a Vasto Lorde
  24. Quote: "All it takes is a spark for the fire to rage in your heart~" The hyperion clan a distant isolated clan that is cut off from the rest of the world to a certain degree. this clans offspring are well versed in all forms of combat being all arounders but seem to have a rather strong gift in terms of spiritual force and manipulation . They have no affilation with the gotie 13 as this clan has remained a ghost amongst others throughout the years. This clan has hand many branches but under the rule of Lara hyperion they have joined into one fully functional family. The Family is led
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