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Found 8 results

  1. He wasn't sure where this was, the place seemed more or less to be some sort of rubble. Burnt forest in the background. A body here and there, and of course the bodies here and there, though those were sortof his fault. At the very least they had stopped annoying him. Sighing he rubbed at his eyes, reaching up into the hood of his cloak and rubbing his eyes, completely shrouded from onlookers. "Fuck.....well I may as well find shelter." he murmured, making his way toward the barracks. " he murmured, continuing toward the buildings. There were still some shinigami running around, but they seeme
  2. Urp captains Althalos Phoenix Rpg captain CursedHollowFlash
  3. Captain: Rion Requiel Vice Captain: (Not chosen yet, please ask IC) 3rd Seat: Jiro D. Yamato 4th Seat: Dante 5th Seat: (Empty)
  4. Rion looks around at Squad 7's territory, it had truly been laid to waste, bodies everywhere, shit in the Captain's Office. Rion took a deep breath. "May we always rise from the ashes." Rion said and then sent a large amount of Reiryoku into the blade of his Zanpakuto before walking to the middle of the area. "Choshinsei!" He shouts and sends a wave of burning hot white light, turning anything it touched into ashes and the ground beneath into a black color. Rion then looked around. "I am sure I can rebuild it using some Reiryoku..." He thought and looked for some wood and the like to begin the
  5. Ruroki


    Ruroki did 1.84467440737E+17 damage. The group of hollow have -1.84467435737E+17 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Ruroki has 1.84467440737E+19 left. Cloudgazer did 13836331.5 damage. The group of hollow have -1.84467435751E+17 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. Cloudgazer has 251606189 left. Congratulations, your group defeated the Hollows!
  6. Hey Im your new Lieutenant (Vice Captain ,fucu-teichö) Jiro this is my office if you have any question or just searching my character im here^^
  7. Ruroki


    Gotei 13 Vaizard Faction Espada Fraccion All alliances are broken, new ones will be denied. We're our own, we don't need anyone else.
  8. ZenNiko

    Rp Character

    post your RP character stats here for squad 7 only.
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