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Found 6 results

  1. Which lady or gentleman can dish out the most pain, be sophisticated, have a 3d character personality, and come back home to be all cool as always? WHO IS THE COOLEST!? WILL I EVER MAKE A FREIZA PUN!? Feel free to make a reply detailing which characters you think are some of the best at their jobs of killing and leading people to "certain doom"<--pun?
  2. So I was wondering what everyone's favorites were among the Eeveelutions. Mostly because they're super rare in pixelmon, but somehow I caught two of them and don't know what to do with them. I also left in the option for just Eevee without evolving. My favorite has been Vaporeon since childhood, but in the more recent games, I do think Sylveon is cute.
  3. I don't want your Facebook pages. I just wanted to state that outright. But if you want to post them to be added by each other you're free to do so. Just vote honestly. That's all I want.
  4. Ok it's that time. ...What time? It's time for a debate Why do we have to have a debate? Cause I thought it'd be nice More like you have no life WELL I'M SORRY I JUST FELT THIS WOULD BE A FUN IDEA! FOOL! What!? Excalibur is that you!? Why is he here? *crying* Anyways this topic is up so I suppose we should tell you how this is going to go.. O-O-Ok So um the basic idea was you all would pick what squad(not the captains!) you think is the best to live and eventually die in cause let face it the survival rate for a regular member is not very high. Get back on topic... So yeah after you cast your
  5. Ok so this poll is fairly simple vote for which group/organization is the best in ALL OF BLEACH in terms of -Order(how well do they set up everything?) -Leadership(Is their leader any good? Can he hold his own both on and off the battlefield?) -bleach manga/anime canon(Don't base your vote off of this game/rp) -Favoritism (go ahead it's alright to vote for the group with the one cool guy in it) -Anything else I haven't told you not to do PS: I thought hard about it, but I'm keeping the gotei 13 as one big group WITH THE EXCEPTION of squad 12's R&D department, The Stealth Force, and anythin
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