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Found 20 results

  1. The beginning of Sibylle’s day was spent with Frieda Thoumeaux in the Karakura shopping district on the west side of town, but then she was dropped off at the Karakura Community Park towards the center of Karakura Town while the older woman had to run some errands. As the Tsubakidai Park was too far south and the only other park in town was the Yumisawa Children's Park to the north. This was the first time she was allowed to explore, other than walking around the local area near their house or going to university. That red-eyed woman endured the teenager’s constant protests of being coddled. T
  2. Waking up the next morning to an early alarm set by Frieda Thoumeaux so that she would have time to get ready for university Sibylle Opie found herself still sore all over, particularly her feet and hands were not in the best of shape. Rolling over she decided that today was not going to be a get out of bed day. She hurt too much and did not want to do anything today. Her long hair was not pulled up into her usual hair style, because after she got out of the shower the previous night she was too exhausted to do anything special to prepare for the next day. Fixing her hair would take too much e
  3. This topic is reserved for the Moderator Team and those who have been approved by an active Mod to make a post within this topic. Each Post not made by a Moderator needs to be approved, before it is posted. (E.G. If you have been given permission to post here by Mod, that permission only extends for one post, further posts will require mod permission each time.) Anyone who posts within this Topic with the sufficient permission will have their post deleted and will receive one a warning. All changes made within the Rp will be announced here, this topic will also contain a link to the relevant
  4. This weekend had brought her on a very long walk by the Karakura Town High School. Her teacher and roommate Frieda Thoumeaux had told her a lot of the hollows had appeared near here in the past. The teenager was told to steer clear of this area while she was still in trainee status. So naturally she wanted to do the opposite as she was in a new country, found out that she belonged to a superior race of humans known as Quincy, and she was quite tired of feeling helpless. There was so much new in her life now that she was in Japan and she did not want to lose this rush that she was feeling.
  5. Waking up the next morning on the couch with a stiff neck to the smell of steaming vegetables Sibylle shifted her weight so that she could sit upright. Stretching her arms upward she felt her stiff back crack a few times. Getting up off the couch she turned the corner to see the mess of curly blonde hair that was Frieda Thoumeaux. “Look who decided to do something with her day,” the red-eyed woman stated sarcastically as she continued to cook breakfast, “Sit down and get eating. We have somewhere to go today.” “We do? I thought you said yesterday we would relax before I had to go to school tom
  6. The flight from General Mitchell International Airport to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was mostly filled up with several books that Sibylle's grandmother had given her to study. The literature included advanced case studies on the human psyche in regards to dealing with the paranormal. Grandmother Ermelinda Opie was a no-nonsense kind of person, so this seemed a bit odd. However, she noted that the other literature included Japanese myths on spirits and death gods, a book about chakra, case studies on people claiming to see soul-devouring monsters, and all of the top tourist spots to s
  7. After entering Seireitei Kaeru was immediately taken to the Maggots Nest where he was held for ten days. His zanpakutos were taken from him as he meditated in the darkness. During that time a Captain's Meeting was held for the first time in two years. The meeting was to determine which of the captains would take him and protect the Central Forty-Six if he would attempt to harm them in any fashion. Those that came to get him were Captain Shuu Mikoto of the Second Division, Captain Elevander Jecht of the Fourth Division, and Captain Regashi Hokori of the Fifth Division. Shuu was the one t
  8. stepping downstairs into the massive Kaeru Clan training grounds under the noble house's grounds Xarius was exhausted as he sat down on a nearby boulder near a small pond. This was a pocket space where an entire landscape was carved out in what appeared on the outside to be a standard house. This was something the head of the house Xarm Kaeru, his father, had commissioned the Twelfth Division into doing for them. This was where his siblings went to train and where he was going to get a break from the nonstop headaches of his family. Only a little bit of time had passed since his memories
  9. Star

    Case Work

    All in a day's work The sounds of laughter music and conflict fill the room simultaneously beneath a light fog of smoke that cascades across its entirety. This room had every cliche expected of a cut-rate pub; the pool hustling jocks, a loner or two pouring their troubles to the bartender with each glass that reached its brim, and of course the few feeling so lucky as to score an endless need of their ongoing romance afflictions. Thomas resided to a group of his own off in the distance, as he sits upon a stool with a glass of whiskey half full and a mind half empty. His eyes lay dormant o
  10. ^ Aiden ^ ^ Left Arm ^ Aiden looked at his phone as he took the time for his rest in between the sets. Mostly because he wanted to change the music, get something a little more intense to get him through the last set of his workout for the day. That, and it would help him to tone out the rest of the world. He set his towel on the rack nearby before he went back to his work out. After his final set, Aiden went to the showers and as usual he got the looks of people curious and not in the way the he would have preferred. As he went to turn on the showers, someone in the group of curio
  11. Event Title: SELECTION BATTLES OF NYGAM'S EXPANSE Event Trigger: Reaching 500K in The ORP COMMUNITY REIASTU Sign Up Period: Closed Event Duration: Ongoing Until Completion Event Head: Nygam "The Overseer" [Event NPC Controlled By: Rash] Location: Nygam's Expanse Combatants: No. 1113 Tamura Ryūnosuke - Fullbringer No. 0081 Connor Knight - Fullbringer No. 6660 Yamashiro Gazami - Arrancar No. 0003 Yuroshima Hoshiko - Shinigami No. 6172 Hizorashi Masato - Fullbringer No. 6969 San Salvatore - Shinigami No. 9999 Tsukishima Higurashi - Arrancar
  12. First and foremost I would like to issue a warning that I hope everyone will heed. This Topic is only for suggestions to the Moderator Team. There should not be any discussions in this thread for any reason between members. Any suggestions made by the members will be discussed and a decision shall be reached whether the suggestion is of any merit and worthy of being implemented or not. Once a decision is made a Mod will reply to the suggestion relaying the decision of whether the Suggestion holds merit and thus might be implemented or it does not hold any merit and is disregarded. When a mod
  13. Upon a dusty desert dune, materialised as if birthed by the air or sand itself, A naked being with the appearance of a young boy, his skin ashen and his eyes mismatched amber and ruby. The eyes of this young man-thing fluttered slightly but remained a solid still for what felt like an eternity though no-one else would see, after this wait this solid silence and inaction, the boy slowly blinked his eyes watering heavily, why he did not understand. He spent his first few hours on that hill looking over the sands, seeing little but finding many, he felt the sand below him, small grains of which h
  14. After the passing of twenty of so years, twenty hard years, amassing power, control wealth, Möröödögch stood 10 feet tall a very large man with a dark complexion and mismatched eyes one of deepest amber the other purest violet, his body full thick with muscles built was that of a warrior, and that was exactly what he was now. A Warrior Khan, The Warrior Khan Of Rukongai, he sat in a camp he made outside of the districts within a steppe, it reminded him of the memories he saw in dreams, his camp consisted of multiple yurts, a kind of simple mongolian warrior tent and one larger more elaborately
  15. This thread serves the primary purpose of allowing the RP Community to discuss their thoughts on anything that was stated in the ORP Suggestion Thread.When attempting to make a comment towards a suggestion, please quote the exact post in your reply on this thread for reference. ^ This is a direct quote from the Suggestion Thread. Note: Although this is used to discuss suggestions, refrain from attack a person's suggestion or using this thread to insult an idea that was proposed. If there is any post that is deemed unnecessary, rude, or in any way violates Forum Conduct, it shall be delete
  16. The Condition of the World This thread is meant to keep track of the current events within all of the realms and site plots effecting those realms. Replying to this thread allows players to post a short summary of their character's current story path for others to read and get a gist of what is going on in the day to day life. This thread will be updated every Sunday at 10am eastern.
  17. Having made his way from the Rukongai District fifty-six to the outskirts of Seireitei Kaeru was looking for answers. The largest portion of Soul Society and the most populated are the three hundred and twenty districts known as Rukongai. These districts are divided evenly into eighty separate districts as North Rukongai, West Rukongai, South Rukongai, and East Rukongai. This is where the souls go to live after they arrive in Soul Society. As he gets closer to Seireitei the districts get less rustic and more civilized, along with more Shinigami presence. Seireitei is at the center of Soul
  18. Lumbering down a long dirt road Kaeru kept his head on a swivel and his eyes peeled for any potential oncoming trouble. The frog humanoid stood about six feet two inches tall dressed in his traditional black Shinigami outfit with no sleeves he kept his hands covered with thick leather gloves and over his head sat a wide brimmed kasa style hat. His head and arms were bandaged up by shreds of what used to be his Captain Commander’s overcoat to obscure people from reacting to his large frog humanoid form. During one of his first stops he also acquired a large gray cloak to help conceal his appear
  19. Name:Haley Kumasa Age:300 Personality: haley is a very calm mellow girl.she is also very hard to read she rarely shows emotion unless in battle keeping a solid poker face.to most at first she may seem cold ,uncaring and desensitized but if one were to truly get to know her they would see that she can be sweet and kind. Despite all this she becomes very bloodthirsty if the person she is fighting peaks her interest.she always speaks in a even tone voice making it even harder to read her Description of Character: Haley stands at 5'4 .she lacks many feminine qualities and is often mistook for a ma
  20. As the title says this is for oocs and questions as well...
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