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Found 6 results

  1. After entering Seireitei Kaeru was immediately taken to the Maggots Nest where he was held for ten days. His zanpakutos were taken from him as he meditated in the darkness. During that time a Captain's Meeting was held for the first time in two years. The meeting was to determine which of the captains would take him and protect the Central Forty-Six if he would attempt to harm them in any fashion. Those that came to get him were Captain Shuu Mikoto of the Second Division, Captain Elevander Jecht of the Fourth Division, and Captain Regashi Hokori of the Fifth Division. Shuu was the one t
  2. ----- ____________________ [Northern Rukongai "Gekkanikōra" District] Death prowled beneath the gleam on the full moon. Airi sobbed with every heavy gasp for breath as she darted between the trees, fleeing from her captors. Her arms still tightly bound behind her back, the young orphan girl ran and dared not to look back, lest she look death in the eyes and be frozen by its paralyzing glare as her fellow captives had warned. They were all gone now. The heart-sinking cries of terror had all died out and silent was the night. Bare-footed, the child winced as the coldness of the we
  3. Having made his way from the Rukongai District fifty-six to the outskirts of Seireitei Kaeru was looking for answers. The largest portion of Soul Society and the most populated are the three hundred and twenty districts known as Rukongai. These districts are divided evenly into eighty separate districts as North Rukongai, West Rukongai, South Rukongai, and East Rukongai. This is where the souls go to live after they arrive in Soul Society. As he gets closer to Seireitei the districts get less rustic and more civilized, along with more Shinigami presence. Seireitei is at the center of Soul
  4. SHUU ARRIVED AT the Second Division Barracks at the break of Seireitei's dawn and calmly made way to the Division's well-known training grounds --the marking place of hundreds of battle, some of which glorified by the names of legendary combatants like the former Captain, Angel Yamamoto, as well as the Captains before her and their many esteemed subordinates. And it was on these very grounds that Mikoto Shuu, now officially a graduate of the Shin'Å Academy, intended to carve into history yet another legendary battle. During his time as a student, Shuu had the opportunity to spar with both Capt
  5. After successfully making it through the first round and coming out victorious over the stylist yet very powerful Captain Grit, Shuu makes his way to the training grounds of the Second Division; where his next match, against the Division Two Captain Angel Yamamoto will proceed. Although Shuu's first victory was certainly an earned one, Shuu finds himself crediting it not to his ability to outmaneuver the Captain or outwitting him. In fact, a large part of Shuu believes that he won only by luck. As the battle reached it closing moments, he could sense something change about Grit, an ominous aur
  6. "Well, it looks like you're up, Mikoto-san!" Nanahara shouts excitedly as he observes the match bracket table displayed on the flat screen erected upon the far wall of the waiting room. "Wow, and you're up against that Grit fellow, this should be a good one, you're all the others in the academy will be talking about for at least the next month!" ,he adds; landing a light pat on Shuu's shoulder. Briefly managing a light nod and smile, the young Shinigami-to-be looks back towards the ground, allowing himself these last few moments to prepare mentally for the match against a formidable opponent.
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