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Found 5 results

  1. ooc> wanted to make it easy to look up who is the urp captain or vice captain as the standings on BSE Game change often. THIS IS FOR URP. Squad 1 Captain- No One Squad 1 Vice Captain- No One Squad 2 Captain- Hakumei Kuchiki Squad 2 Vice Captain- Cluckers Squad 3 Captain- Laanie Squad 3 Vice Captain- No One Squad 4 Captain- Aliza Phoenix Squad 4 Vice Captain- No One Squad 5 Captain- No One Squad 5 Vice Captain- No One Squad 6 Captain- Sasuke Squad 6 Vice Captain- No One Squad 7 Captain- Aiden Hunter Squad 7 Vice Captain- No One Squad 8 Captain - No One Former Captain Sofi Kudo Squad 8 Vic
  2. Hello again my BSE URP Family, lol I could almost be a rapper, almost… Anyways I find myself discussing this matter with Amy/Aliza in IM’s and we both agreed that Hopefully our URP community could come together and finally figure a solution out on how to become a Captain in the Gotei 13. Yes, Yes some have tried before but we were younger, newer, immature and just down right infatuated with this new bleach universe that we could now take part of. But now we have our big boy and girl pants on, and have a lot more experience with the bleach world and mechanics than we did before. So Amy/Aliz
  3. Urp captains Althalos Phoenix Rpg captain CursedHollowFlash
  4. Which lady or gentleman can dish out the most pain, be sophisticated, have a 3d character personality, and come back home to be all cool as always? WHO IS THE COOLEST!? WILL I EVER MAKE A FREIZA PUN!? Feel free to make a reply detailing which characters you think are some of the best at their jobs of killing and leading people to "certain doom"<--pun?
  5. A man was sitting on one of the benches in the back room of the colloesseum , He sat there thinking if he was ready to Face his opponent, naturally he would be ready to fight anyone, hell he wouldn't give give a rats ass if something happened to his opponent, but this time it was different, the man looked back upto the screen and saw the battle list, everyone had a good pairing, except him, he was to face Eml on the first round, he was'nt ready to fight him until later, he only froze at the sight, the he started sweating profusely, he eyes shifted and he started to look around, the backroom se
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