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Found 11 results

  1. Aiden was making his way towards the Nest, the place where he and his uncle had considered to be the safest location for them both. It allowed them to continue their operation without being bothered by the average citizen. After the night that he had, it would be a moment of paradise to be settled on the couch of the nest and take a moment to breathe. It became an impossible request as he landed on the following roof giving him a view of the building on fire. The glowing sign, Careful Clockworks was being consumed in fire from the inside. He could hear the local response team, meaning tha
  2. Aiden would traverse the streets of the Seireitei, his torn black cloak covering his athletic albeit scarred and damaged body. His long, unkempt raven hair would cover his head and the back of his neck though his two grey eyes could see without much in the way, looking down the street which consisted of but a few stalls and a Shinigami or two, most likely unseated officers, cleaning the tiled floor. They would glare at him, as Aiden was located near the Ninth Division, and the battle that took place there was still laid down freshly in his mind. The allies he cleaved through were nothing new,
  3. Typhon sat among his ruinous palace, thinking. His handpicked Fraccion, Ryas, still hasn't returned, and the simple fact that she hasn't, along with the state of the palace itself, has brought to light a revelation the Espada did not believe true until now: He wasn't enough to fend off the invaders of other realms, and while he had won his battle, his only ally is now missing, his home was in ruins, and he himself left temporarily to recover. He knew his time was coming, where a large change would happen to him, where he would no longer be who he is currently. His bodily pains from the past ha
  4. Dusk had settled hours past, the darkness of the night creeping in over what little light was yet spared when the young Captain had reached the end of his trail. A damp moisture in the air from the passing rain that left the skin wet and the already cold evening even more chill. A soft torchlight flickering in the short distance, an old broken down mansion beside it. Ruroki found himself out in the nowhere. It had been hours past since he last saw a building or even a man. The only textures that could be made out surrounding the blackened scenery of the building were the even darker silhouette
  5. It is dark within the Forest of Menos. It is dark not only because of the large tendril-like trees protruding into the blackened abyss above, or the slowly moving Gillian-class Menos mindlessly moving about, either doing nothing at all or attempting to devour one another, but it is dark especially because of how a certain creature sees things. Some have been long accustomed to the surrounding darkness and the many surrounding and occasionally moving obstacles around them, but not this one. This one, while lurking about in the darkest of shadows, keeping out of sight of its prey, had trouble se
  6. I'm making this because i haven't legitimately been on here in a month : I Felt like it would be appropriate to tell everyone that i'm back in action! Been going onto another RP site and spending more time with my boyfriend and all that fun stuff, but now i'm back and i'mma love it! <3 Missed you all!
  7. Himura was calmly walking throughout the Second Division. The day was rather nice, the sun was shining, and the smell was rather nice. It seemed strange to others when he tried to describe all the smells it had, though the best way he can some it up was by saying "nice". The scent itself was usually rather sweet or average, and never bitter. It holds a vast amount of scents that stretch beyond just flowers as well, though. The rivers, streams, forests, deserts, they all had their own smells and scents and feelings. The desert felt dry and devoid of life, though this is just a veil, as within i
  8. Hearing the shouts of shinigami's who'd come to inspect the area the cylinder-like elevator had begun ascending towards the sky with great speed. Their loud voices fade into nothingness quickly in the background as silence followed, only a whisper of the passing wind could be heard. The ascension takes quite a while even with the high speed the elevator utilizes, and during all it's long ride Ruroki said nothing. Just simply staring at the closed door in deep thought. He'd been acting quite distant after leaving the shadow realm, always seemed to be pondering about something with a troubled fa
  9. Before he knew it, Zaius now found himself outside of the Squad Seven Barracks. He had managed to slip away from the meeting that was taking place without anyone seeming to notice that he had disappeared; of course, the power of the young Shinigami’s Zanpakuto could have played a small role in aiding his exit from a gathering that was starting to become a cavalcade of bickering and a lack of listening. For that very reason, the bald adolescent felt that it was time to make his departure. Besides, he felt somewhat out of place amongst so many veteran Soul Reapers. Especially since by the grac
  10. I'm dedicating this victory to Eml. The man I respect and fear the most.
  11. ooc> non of these events actually take place. Just consider this a filler arc. Dominar had been preying on pour Vasto Lorde souls all day now. That makes twenty five he says after devouring the last in front of him. Suddenly Dom senses a powerful presence. One far stronger than the terrifying Vasto Lorde's he had been endlessly feasting on. Dom stretches his magnificent and mighty dragon wings and with one flap took off in a steep vertical ascent. Being high in the air Dominar looks for the strong reiatsu that he noticed moments earlier hoping to track it down and devouring him too. His goa
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