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  1. Just stopping by to say that I'm so happy to see chat and some of the topics so active whenever I drop by to creep around. Also, huge congrats on making the donation goal! I'll try to stop in and talk some more with everyone in the future.

  2. lol, did a raid HakumeiSeishin did 4.1835398453208E+22 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. HakumeiSeishin has 7.6349602177801E+23 left. AGuyNamedDave did 147929.04 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. AGuyNamedDave has 1702278 left. fearthefear did 13802.04 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. fearthefear has -740667 left. Deewvul did 5341332.38 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The
  3. Your Waifu


    When you get burned so hard
  4. OOC: I say do whatever you want. It's been months and Vad hasn't posted. As for me, I don't know if I really have much time anymore and after all these years, I think I've finally given up on the urp community.
  5. HakumeiSeishin did 4.1835398453208E+22 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. HakumeiSeishin has 7.6349602177801E+23 left. Congratualtions, you have defeated the enemy!
  6. Gonna delete this, but I've been given permission to go over any of the apps/bios. Gonna start by saying the majority of Toma is totally good, only small problems are just that as an Arrancar, he shouldn't know Gran Rey Cero without being an Espada and he shouldn't have High-Speed Regeneration without some sort of reason why. Other than that, nice job with everything! As for Azezel: First thing I noticed isn't necessarily a problem or something to change, but decent RPers have said this to everyone time and time again, "saying your character is super smart doesn't make them super s
  7. Reaching the crowded entrance, the young Shinigami would wait for an opening in the mass of students to get to the doors. She saw many students all around and a few Shinigami as well; some groups appeared to be forming already, evidenced by the fact that they didn't look totally comfortable together. Ren herself wondered how awkward it might be to have to spend this time with randomly selected partners, people who may have not met before or not even like each other. Just as she was preparing to make her way into the building, the Shinigami heard a familiar voice call from behind her, "Are we l
  8. I did tell Eml over IMs as soon as I read his post that everything should be cool now or whatever after he worked stuff out with Aiden. So I'm pretty much not going to comment on any of the resolved stuff. I did say, however, that I wanted to bring up the few concerns that I still had in a post when I got the time; so here they are! I'll try to keep this super short so that I don't waste time I could be using on RP stuff. Also, I mean this all in the most polite and objective way I can; if you think the way I said it was wrong in any way, just correct me. Going back and re-reading
  9. The man in the gray coat's slash grazing the sternritter, another wound was carved below her left breast. She moved back intuitively, escaping the reach of the man's jab and responding in kind with her own attack. Manifesting a Quincy Heilig Bogen, she would launch her reishi-charged Seele Schneider as the arrow it truly was. In this quickly-paced exchange of attacks, the man had little time to think without acting. She had launched a single, straightforward arrow, and he was still moving forward in control of his movements; as she had not interrupted them nor tried to distract him. He was in
  10. Since Aiden was the one issuing the attack; I guess just work out what happened with him and I'll follow along. I'd say though that it's difficult to say he wouldn't know about the charges or else he would've never had reason to leave the Seireitei. If I can throw in a suggestion; you could always say he heard about the charges and fled(for lack of a better term) the Seireitei before Aiden, Yoshirou, or Hakumei arrived at his office. That way there's a reason for everything to have progressed the way it did from there and Emmell can live, as it seems you'd like(albeit still a wanted criminal t
  11. I'm just going to point out some of the wrong stuff here so none of the newer URPers get confused.... for continuity's sake. " 3 time Former Captain Commander of the Gotei 13. " I feel like at least 2 of these times were self-proclaimed. " The killer of The Major, the One True King of the Wandenreich. " If anything, I'd give credit of the Major's final death to Yuroshima; as I believe they both killed one another at Yuroshima's retirement party. If Emmell killed him once, fair enough, though. " Unifier of the Revolutionary Division and the Gotei 13. " Actually
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