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  1. Very tempted to get on the RP scene after reading some cracking posts on this site

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    2. Mr. Neppington

      Mr. Neppington

      I don't really make stuff though, I break them mostly. So I'll let somebody else do whatever the rp is supposed to be, then keep dropping by every 6-8 months. 

    3. Sofi Kudo

      Sofi Kudo

      Ah I don't mean the intense stuff involving other people, Though Gina, you may be an exception as you know my shit time keeping. I just mean creating a story around my character.  

    4. Kasumi Kudo

      Kasumi Kudo

      Do it, and holy shit I keep forgetting the pass for this place and every time it's just aizgejnhgjkezlj, ffs [heavy breathing]

  2. OMFG you're turning 30 this year hahahhahah hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 

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    2. Sofi Kudo

      Sofi Kudo

      plz don't remind me of my aging old ass body :'(

    3. Mr. Aizen

      Mr. Aizen

      Chu calling me old then as well T.T

    4. Kirito Gekko (Holland)
  3. Hello :)

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    2. Sofi Kudo

      Sofi Kudo

      Buzzed on coffee and re-writing my CV :) I thought of this site, thought I would pop back on :)

    3. Molestia


      wish coffee worked on me lol

    4. Mrs. Aizen

      Mrs. Aizen

      Welcome back girl :)

  4. long time no see, people!

    1. Molestia


      *pounces and snuggles*

    2. Kishikage Kaihri

      Kishikage Kaihri

      You're honoring us with your presence milady.

  5. five days early. but i just want to say i hope everypne has a wonderful christmas and a great new year

    1. Ryu Nakamura

      Ryu Nakamura

      thanks Sofi, i hope you have a great holiday and new years also.

    2. Mr. Clean
  6. *le snuggles* happy birthday XD

  7. Sophia Miguel: Rustling people's jimmies since 88

    1. OtterAiden


      Would you like a cookie for what seems to be an outstanding achievement?

    2. Sofi Kudo

      Sofi Kudo

      if you are offering a cookie... give me a damn cookie

    3. Ryu Nakamura

      Ryu Nakamura

      *flashes in, steals cookie, then escapes in a flashy way.* hahahah

  8. I never get to be member of the month :'(

  9. Finally hit ten thousand views.... I've been waiting for that tick

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    2. OtterAiden
    3. Deadpool


      *raises hand* Fine I'll admit it.... I'm sorry, Mr. Aizen. You caught me red handed

    4. Sofi Kudo

      Sofi Kudo

      either way....I hit ten thou... new pic shows how jubilated I am

  10. HEY!! I know a couple of people who would love to be my "Slave"
  11. *Sofi wanders into her office to be greeted with endless stacks of paperwork, countless resignation and joining forms and an unfriendly note left by the previous VC* Well shit, I guess I have a lot of work to do before anything can happen..... now, who wants to be the new VC *She ponders over the very scarce list to decide who should take the role*
  12. Sofi's business world tour is now over.... holllaaa

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    2. Shiba Isshin

      Shiba Isshin

      world.. includes canada.. fyi

    3. Sofi Kudo

      Sofi Kudo

      Montreal was fourth from last isshy

      I had no time to visit.... I didn't even have time to party :(

    4. Shiba Isshin
  13. world tour.... just left belgrade

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    2. Mrs. Aizen
    3. Sofi Kudo

      Sofi Kudo

      St Petersburg is slain! Malaysia next!!

    4. Kasumi Kudo

      Kasumi Kudo

      I demand pictures or it didn't happen!

  14. Definitely a bar! I was thinking a pond too! We must have a wine cellar or three
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