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  1. After hearing about applications for captain positions being accepted, Kougo decided to take some time and stroll on in to the Squad 1 Captains office. He smiled at the people leaving, and also at the people entering. Seems there was competition, and that just made it all more enjoyable. He took a seat as he waited for others to come. He decided he would watch an listen in on one of the people applying, so he could know what to expect when he went up to apply.
  2. i like your new profile picture xD

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  4. Banned for having too many pages created.
  5. Welcome to the site! I just have to say this...FIRST COMMENT

  6. Toshiro Hitsugaya VS. Hiyori Sarugaki This would be an awesome battle cuz it would have alot of comedy. Due to Hiyori's constant name calling and easy temper, it would be easily comical. Also, with Toshiro's sriousness and rage itself, they would just cancel eachother out.....like in th Aizen fight when they had to work together. Also, their Shikai's kinda work together. Hiyori's is a giant club, white Toshiro's blade gets longer and he can make the giant chinese ice dragon, and Toshiro could move faster. Also, when Hiyori uses her mask, which is kinda like her bankai, and Toshiro uses his ban
  7. Ryu saw it coming right before it hit, and dodged by a hair. Ryu gripped his sword tightly and feigned a slash to his arm to the left, but instead lashed lower and went for a blow to the center of his body of his body. After this attack, Ryu was forced backwards by a strong gust of wind, knocking the wind out of him.
  8. Ryu grabbed his sword enthusiatically and stood in the center. "All right, let's do this! Get ready to be owned! Ryu was obviously pumped up, swining his sword like an idiot for fun, acting like his laid back, easy going self.
  9. Welcome to BSE! Glad to see you! ^-^

  10. Welcome to BSE! Glad to see you! ^-^

  11. Hello Rukia-Chan, if you need any help you can ask me, i havnt been rping alot but i could maybe help. Anyways, welcome!

  12. Hello there Ryu-san! :D

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