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  1. Ayyy I remember my username and password


  2. Han shot first... that is all

    1. Deadpool


      Thats why I hate the digitally remastered one. Greedo doesn't shoot first!!!!!! Plus he is literally 3 feet away, is greedo that bad of a smuggler/bounty hunter that he misses like a stormtrooper?

  3. You're back :)

    1. NotDavidBowie


      Not really, got an email, came to check :/

  4. *looks for stuffs to steal*

    1. Kasumi Kudo

      Kasumi Kudo

      whatcha looking fo hmm?

    2. NotDavidBowie


      Dis is mein, I need dis *pockets sumn and leaves* O.O

  5. pfft i liked the milk lady sig better xD

  6. Good, cuz I like that dude xD hha

  7. They were off for a bit, i turned it on and put a sig and pic back up ^^

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