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  1. ORP mods, if you could point me to the thread about faction ranks and becoming leaders of factions, I'd appreciate it. I cannot seem to find it

    1. Brain


      Terms for being leader is in the FAQ section at the bottom.

  2. I still exist. Somewhat. Maybe I don't? Eh, I think therefore I am

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      Rash ラシュ

      I think you, therefore you are.

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      i drink therefore i am >:3

    3. Ryleigh Kuchiki
  3. *le gives a birthday* ._.

    1. Ichigolink


      :o Thanks so much. *Takes*
  4. So two things, one: two weeks is a long time to wait. Two: Are the Shinigami still busy, or just not bothering with KT anymore?

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    2. Mr. Neppington
    3. Xarius Kaeru

      Xarius Kaeru

      nah the gates are still closed. But all those threads happens at the same time so... all of us would have to do flashbacks to show up in your thread.

    4. Xarius Kaeru
  5. Well, I'll say this. The memory to walk and speak and the memory to what you did the day before are two different parts of the brain. It's no wonder that you are able to remember that. Ichigolink shrugged past that and let the conversation continue.
  6. IT was interesting. Ichigolink had offered to hear about her injury, but when she stated it, Sentei offered to help her before he had. Ichigolink smiled and let the man step past him to examine the injury. All Ichigolink was going to do was use his Jurei to heal up any damaged or dead cells by using his ability over life energy. Still, he was curious what Sentei would do and didn't say anything.
  7. I should specify. Shikai: Heal the weak and burn the strong, JureiEnkou (LifeFlame) Bankai: FukyuuJureiTadashiiEnkou (EternalLifeRighteousFlame) Currently, I've fused with my blade, so I'm in a new state of release.
  8. He boosts by becoming a Vaizard and disappears for a bit, then comes back.
  9. Ichigolink

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    Hello Malady. *Bows* Nice to have you join us. ^^
  10. *Watches her eat them and smiles passively*
  11. *makes some just for her* There ya're
  12. Ronin exhales, the heat moving from his hand back into his body. His eyes open up more and he groans as he leans back, stretching. Wow, that puts a lot of stress on the body. He looks at his hand and shakes it, uncomfortable with the feeling returning to his hands as if he slept on them funny. His eyes land on the young lady and he walks past Sentei, slowing down as he moves past Sentei. He waves his hand in his direction. If you want to continue, just let me know, but first- with that, Ronin continued his step and appeared next to the girl, not overbearingly close, but at a respectful distance. He put his hand across his chest and bowed as one would for a dance. I would like to introduce myself properly for her. My name is Ichigolink, the captain of squad six. Ronin lifted his eyes, meeting hers. Understanding you don't remember your own name, I don't expect you to respond with an introduction. I would like to ask though, how come you grabbed the hilt of your blade if you don't know how you got here? You were being defensive when we might have been allies.And more importantly, does your head hurt anywhere, as in, you maybe injured your brain with a cranial injury?
  13. This next part took his concentration. Time seemed to slow down as he focused all of his fire into his hand. Heat, motion, energy. All of which were connected. Heat was all the particles moving and if he wanted to take all that energy away, all he had to do was to stop that motion. Objects that were cold absorbed all the heat around them, meaning that they took all the energy from the surrounding objects. This movement was an advanced form of that idea. Four Seasons: Dance 4: Winter By concentrating all his heat into one part of his body, he created an effect were all the rest of his body was below zero temperature. His control over fire meant he had control over the motion of particles. By stopping all the particles in his body except for the erratic motion in his hand, he created a slight pull toward him for all the energy. The man sent a scythe at him, but as it entered an area around Ronin, it was met with the field that absorbed all the energy from its surroundings. This meant that since the scythe entered this area, this area transformed all the kinetic energy it had into heat and absorbed it, causing the scythe to slow down considerably. Ronin's eyes lifted, extremely slow, but the scythe may as well not have been moving. This meant when Sentei came at him from his back, he entered the area and would feel extreme cold as the heat from his body started to be absorbed. He would find that his movements were significantly reduced against his will. Ronin's hand glowed a bright white as all the energy was focused into it to continue this effect. Ronin's hand caught the black energy scythe and it stopped in the air and a layer of ice began to flow along it, destroying it. Ronin stepped to the side where Sentei's chain didn't even touch him. To Sentei, Ronin would appear to be moving at a normal speed, one that was extremely fast, nor very slow. Yet with Sentei's kinetic motion all being transferred into heat, he would be moving much slower than Ronin. Ronin took a few steps to the side and didn't even dodge the shield, it was being sent somewhere he wasn't anymore and it wasn't Sentei's fault, he just couldn't keep up hopefully. Ronin's eyes were half closed and his face was stoic as he couldn't put any energy into moving his expression. The only parts of his body that moved was one leg as it pushed him to the side and his eyes that followed Sentei. Ronin's hand was the only thing in this field that was able to move with any speed. If Ronin didn't hold back, and Sentei was hit, he'd be hit with all the energy that Ronin had absorbed from the area and all of Ronin's energy too. There was a small spurt of fire behind the hand as it was rocketed toward Sentei's shield. Ronin wasn't aiming to kill the man, but if he hit the shield, it might be able to withstand the impact and would propel the boy out of Winter's range. As for the girl in the background, Ronin had noticed her as Sentei had also, but he had moved so if Sentei was sent flying, he'd not be knocked into her.
  14. Ooc: I have no issues with that.
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