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  1. it will raise? Or just replenish? I will try it. Thanks kensei-sama
  2. I have 2.5m sp but i died so it's only 1.8. About the se, how can increase mine? It increases when i level, is that the only way?
  3. Does it have regenerate too? The high-speed regeneration? And others say ya need 150 se or str to become 1 of the vaizard?
  4. did ya try the war of emperium? If ya play ragna, ya must play join war of emperium, it's amazing and pvp's too. I really loved playing ragna
  5. Hey ya shouldn't say that this is not a big problem, losing sp/zp changing race is big matter in this game, isshin must know are feelings and are opinion too for strong players like ya, ya don't care about losing or decreasing sp and zp. But for sure isshin will find a good to this. So gudluck!
  6. Wabizuke it will make yer sword heavier, it will also make ya kneel like yer askin' for forgiveness or mercy
  7. Ohayou! Im from ph 20 yrs of age going 21 this may, i live in cavite for about 12 going 13 yrs. I love playing games i started pc games at the age of 9 or 12 hehe im not sure
  8. Is faction for display only? Then ya cannot have a squad? Ya even can't regenerate? Only pots? Please help thanks!
  9. What character do ya like? I have too many characters there and plays almost 20 ragna online, but my fav was hunter
  10. Haha! I have many, legend of the seeker, smallville, lost, heroes, supernatural and many more, told ya i have many
  11. I want to watch the green lantern movie and thor im super excited. I love the movies for 2011, dont forgot the harry potter deathly hollows part 2.
  12. Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! It's a opening theme in bleach
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