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  1. Hi Res! Hope you're doing well~~ 

    1. Res


      Heyo Gin-doodles. I'm doing well, thank you for asking.
      How about yourself?

    2. Mr. Neppington

      Mr. Neppington

      I'm doing well too. Just throwing it out there.

    3. Molestia


      yeah thanks for asking about the rest of us ._. asshole! <3 

  2. Ooh, thank you for the video! That's actually super interesting.
  3. Closer and closer yet the approaching presence fell upon the sands and leaked into the sorrounding air, manifesting itself and keeping hold upon her thoughts. For a moment, her thoughts seemed similar to those which she had when they were still walking within the realm of humans. Calm, collected, empty of worries and paranoia, far off from the typical thought patterns that she had been plagued by all these years. On the one hand, she wasn't suprised that this encounter would envoke these types of reactions, in fact she should've been prepared for such. However, it was almost comical that after
  4. Hey everyone,

    while it might be a bit too soon to say that the site has been completely revived, I would still like to give a shout out to everyone involved in making BSE at least a little more active again. You guys rock!
    Of course, shout out to all the new and returning people as well, thanks for sticking around!
    Also, thank you to the staff team for keeping everything in check and helping things move along.
    And, finally, thank you to Isshin for keeping the site up! He could've closed the place down a long time ago, so a big thank you for keeping it around!

    1. Rash ラシュ

      Rash ラシュ

      Ya'll dah real MVP!

    2. Xarius Kaeru
    3. Molestia


      we must lure more victims :mellow:

  5. Where's that chibi art at. I know you be hiding it.
  6. With the blast of her cero subsiding, turning ever thinner until it finally disappeared into nothing, allowing the ever dark coloring of Hueco Mundo to return to normality, Minako's arm dropped back down to her side ever so slowly, causing the long fabric of her white sleeves to fall over her hands once more, covering them completely. There she now stood, cloaked in her white robe from head to toe, with the looming presence of her reiatsu slowly diminishing down to nothing more than the spiritual level of an average human. Her eyelids slowly fell down over her penetrating yellow eyes, dimming
  7. She shook the thought of Las Noches off of her mind, even though she had seemed to rest on it for so long. The yellow eyes that peered through the small slit in her head cover shifted across the white dunes of the vast desert in front of her. The empty void once more capturing her attention, though this time, for not more than a moment. Her right foot raised from the white sand, several strains of sand falling down from its sole to become one with the ground once more, while Minako moved on down the pale dune, further into the forsaken desert. Dune after dune, pit after pit, her travel wo
  8. "Hueco Mundo.....How long has it been?" A voice familiar, yet unheard for many a year spoke into the dying winds of a never blossoming white desert. Maybe these dying winds would bear fruit for one time in their short lived lives and carry a message across the plains that have been walked by many, yet that have no footprints embedded in its soft sand. Unchanged was the darkened sky that carried not one star, not one shimmer in its realm. Well, besides the ever present pale crescent one could call the moon, its appearance feeling almost threatening, a single body above a plain of none existence
  9. Wrrreeeeesssssssssss!! :3



    1. Res
    2. Kasumi Kudo

      Kasumi Kudo

      omiigee huggy hands  how isss ~~ 

    3. Res


      xD Bit late. I am gud thanks, yourself?

  10. *leaves some birthday booze* :pinkiehappy:

    1. Res


      Aww yeh. The boozeness. =O

  11. Res

    Mayor of Helheim

    Make Ardrode the mayor of Helheim. Or vote so that he may rise once more.
  12. Res

    Xxx Adult

  13. happy birth day res, i hope its a great one and you have a awesome day.

    1. Res


      Thank yooooooooooou~

  14. Happy Birthday Ressy! *Consumes Sute's Cake and replaces it with a bigger and better one*

    1. Res


      xD Thank chas!

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