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    puzzles, karate, basket ball, rock/alternative music and of course anime (favs: Code Gease R2(and R1 but R2 is the best anime ever!!!), Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, FMA)
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    Name: Elvis
    Race: Vaizard
    Division: Faction-Cell 3
    Rank: Cell-Commander
    SP: ITS OVER 9000!!!
    page 3 of player rankings

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  1. Dude get your ass back here

  2. well im back as cc of cell 3 :D

  3. na, its fine, im building up cell 5 ;)

  4. lol "Posts:

    8,388,607" hehe

  5. just wondering.. u dont like naruto?

  6. yep i hate fillers... o, btw, anyone play this naruto game? NinjaManager click to play
  7. im busy... i still train... kinda :P

  8. i command you to get more active right now L

  9. I've always liked DBZ abridged's version.

    Vegeta, whats the scouter say about his power level.


    Wha...wait really. Yea, kick his ass.

    Nappa:yaaaay, oof ah a ow.

    Wait Nappa I had the scouter on upside down. Its over 9000...rah.

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