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    Drawing,reading,music,painting random things on my grandma's garage,
    Ichigo,dragons,yin yangs,crimson,comics,and tattoos.
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  1. happy birthday? *knows its wicked late*

  2. Was wondering if you've read "the making of a monster" by gail petersen?

  3. I really really like your avatar > . <

  4. Thanks for commenting lol I do have a lot of piercings,but I want more XD I'm the true novablood

  5. thats alot of piercings!!! and your novablood!?

  6. Special d - clubland come with me At the end of every week Each one of us becomes a freak Tonight the DJ makes his move As the sweat drops from the Roof
  7. I watched tv too much growing up lol
  8. wasnt it on adultswim? :0 i couldve swore.....oh well
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