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  1. As the group arrived, the texture of the sand changed. Millions of holes of different size covered the desert, some the size of the tip of a Zanpakutō, other the size of the fist of a Menos Grande. These were the footsteps of the Colony, but the four arrancars would not know about it until later. If it were not of those holes, the location of the coordinates was utterly ordinary. Not a sound could be heard this far in this barren hell, yet an eery atmosphere could be felt. Those with a strong instinct would sense that something was wrong. It smelled like a trap. Even camouflaged, t
  2. ____________________________________ The Gauntlet _____________________ A few weeks passed since the beginning of the pregnancy of the First Queen. She already had the pleasure to devour a diverse amount of food — humans, shinigamis, hollows, arrancars, quincies, and even some bounts. Her Guardias Reales did a great job as she always had something to eat. More than once her greed nearly got the Colony discovered, but she did not stop. Sabiduría needed nutrients for her unborn child. The day before however, one of the hollows that were captured had the time to send a mes
  3. Several weeks has passed since the Adjuchas progression of their procreator. Sabiduría worked without rest to address the future and current needs of her father; the Colony has come a long way. The base is now stationed at its final location, somewhere beyond the third Menos Forest, fifty thousand miles north of Las Noches. The surface looked as dead as it could be, but deep underground was another story. If you had the misfortune to fall into a strange hole, hidden around there in the barren desert, you would find yourself lost for years in a labyrinth of tunnels. You would think you were alo
  4. The scales on the scientist's hand immediately reminded Lurker of the others reptilian aspect he saw on the shinigami. He thought about it for a few seconds, without reaching an answer. I wonder how that could happen... Maybe- His reflection was cut short by Hachurui's words. "I see, it could be interesting. What do you have in mind?" His friend did not answer him outright. Instead, he whistled. The muffled shriek that followed instantly grabbed the Adjuchas' attention. A little dragon came flying and landed on the head of its master. This is when the hollow finally understood exa
  5. Another two hours passed and they finally entered the forest. Zigzagging through the branches was more natural than the last time he was here, so it took less than 20 minutes until Lurker found what he came for. The Adjuchas stopped abruptly in front of one of the biggest tree in the forest. It was gigantic, nearly the size of Las Noches' entrance. He waited for his friend for a bit, then asked him in a cryptic tone "Are you ready to be blown away? It's not as big as Las Noches, but it's something." He waited for an answer then pushed against the tree. At first, nothing happened, but af
  6. Lurker felt no urge to mock Kotaro on his stumbling; because of the intense and unique training that he did, Sonido was second nature to him, but he had the same struggles for the first few times. A few words later, the two of them departed toward the forest. Along the way the hollow thought about how they will find their objective. They knew Monk was pretty unstable from the description they received from Absolon, and they also knew he was spotted way beyond the Menos Forest. That is not a lot to go on. There is nothing after the forest; just a giant, endless white hell. It would take a
  7. There was an acrid smell in the air following the explosion of Draiden's bomb, and the blast of wind provoked by the vacuum crashed into the wall of Las Noches, finding its way through the open gates of the fortress. The long silver hair of Lurker's Arrancar form was blown in every direction, but he did not move. After the wind died out, the Adjuchas removed the strands of hair in his face and thought what the hell are they doing in there? Well, no matter. We need to go. After a few minutes, Kotaro's familiar silhouette appeared in the giant doorway as he tried to make his first So
  8. The low humming of scientific instruments and the hissing of the door quickly grabbed Lurker's attention. The shinigami then walked to the newly opened wall and instructed the hollow to come with him. He responded to the proprietor's invitation by a slight nod as he entered the well-lit room. Several computers accompanied the machinery as they fed complex data into them. Different colored liquids passed through various transparent tubes that joined into a single location, a single glass pod in the middle of the room. It was very similar to the one he appeared in a few hours ago, with the only
  9. The question Kotaro asked without any hostility relieved a little of Lurker's tension. Hollows were not known to have a sense of humor after all. It was with a warm smile that he replied: "Oh but of course! While traveling I'll be as slow as this technique allows, you only need to observe." After that, the Adjuchas asked Absolon for more details, and it was revealed that Monk was spotted at a great distance on the other side of the Menos Forest. The morphed slime chuckled at the description of his target, "I agree, he does look extravagant." Absolon then concluded with praise and g
  10. Interrupting the scientist's story was not an option, so Lurker quietly listened to it all, nodding in understanding. He never was human, nor shinigami, but he lived their life thousands of time. Each time he consumed one in fact. He knew how much a friend could mean. It was with profound respect that Lurker replied to Haru's comment about being unprofessional: "No harm done my friend. If me listening to you could relieve even just a bit of your sorrows, I'd be glad." The computer then showed the new creation named Angel and the shinigami asked about further inquiries. "Well, wha
  11. The cocktail of emotions Kotaro exhibited in his aura was easily detected by Lurker's sense, but he did not need to ask about it as the Vasto Lorde clearly stated his opinion vis-à-vis the Adjuchas' copying feat. The latter chose to ignore the comment and carry on. He is so quick to anger. There are a lot more unknown special abilities in this world; obviously, there would be such copying techniques. I suppose it is his lack of experience that is speaking. A few moments after Lurker's Sonido demonstration, where his head was nearly cut off, he replied to Kotaro's warning with an
  12. After Absolon was answered by an excited nod, he asked Lurker about his experience with Las Noches. Vatto answered partially, and Kotaro agreed with his statement. The Tres Espada then signaled the multiform hollow to continue, which he did, even if explaining his ability again and again was getting boring. "Like the two of them said, the way I consume is quite exclusive." He turned toward a giant white boulder and said: "I guess It would be quicker if I demonstrate it directly." He lifted his palm, and a black javelin was expelled from it. It's been already a few hours since Lurk
  13. Only an exceptionally powerful Arrancar with a Pesquisa without equal could sense the hidden Reitsu of Lurker's main body, buried a hundred meters under tons and tons of sand coming from the barren desert that is the Hueco Mundo. Fortunately for him, those kinds of opponents would not waste time on such a small matter. Now was the time for the hollow to leave his impossible hiding place. Upon meeting Absolon, he realized that his power was far from mighty and more like a weak ant, waiting to be crushed. Yes, he will be more vulnerable. If someone chose to obliterate that body, he would lose mo
  14. The lifeform patiently waited for the shinigami response as he were finalizing his formula and started the calculation, but it seemed like he will have to wait for a bit longer. Catching the bottle thrown at him with a small grin, he relaxed after he heard about the offer to start over. With a little sigh and a genuine smile he answered "Alright, let's!" He would watch his new friend remove the screw with his fangs and he thought some scales around his eyes, an intense instinctual look and now some sharp fangs. It seems like he have some lizard genes in his body huh. Well, no matter, it really
  15. The Adjuchas had a small grin at the mention of his two evolutions in a single day. It seemed like forever ago, but he was so weak at the beginning of the day. He were grateful to the neon-haired arrancar since it was because of his intervention that he became what he is now. Lurker was perplexed at the mention of the power of the Vasto Lorde. Is he really that powerful? From my point of view, he is nothing comparing him to Draiden. Maybe I missed something. And again, he seemed to have missed something else, did Absolon really "death"glared at the ex-espada? If it meant anything it seemed mor
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