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  1. As the group arrived, the texture of the sand changed. Millions of holes of different size covered the desert, some the size of the tip of a Zanpakutō, other the size of the fist of a Menos Grande. These were the footsteps of the Colony, but the four arrancars would not know about it until later. If it were not of those holes, the location of the coordinates was utterly ordinary. Not a sound could be heard this far in this barren hell, yet an eery atmosphere could be felt. Those with a strong instinct would sense that something was wrong. It smelled like a trap. Even camouflaged, the band would probably feel vulnerable — nothing around for more than 50 000 miles, and they were standing there, in a marked zone. Drawing a red target on their forehead while a bounty hunter was pursuing them would probably hide them better than where they are now. Yet, nothing was interesting in this place beside the gaps, until the band heard a low hiss. A few meters from them was a jet black eight-legged creature coming out of a well-hidden cavern. The monster would probably have shocked the privaron and his bunch since it had no mask and no hole. The horse-sized beast would not lose time as it jumped toward one of the threat, trying to pin him to the ground while he was surprised. If the jump were successful, the monster would try to bite the neck of its opponent. The exact moment the intruders was seen by the Colony, a silent alarm spread in all of their minds. The Queen was now alerted, and she will be ready. The Colony will be prepared. "Let's give our guests a nice welcoming party shall we?" The four of the seven Guardias Reales that was currently into the base agreed quietly, excited to fight some worthy warriors.
  2. ____________________________________ The Gauntlet _____________________ A few weeks passed since the beginning of the pregnancy of the First Queen. She already had the pleasure to devour a diverse amount of food — humans, shinigamis, hollows, arrancars, quincies, and even some bounts. Her Guardias Reales did a great job as she always had something to eat. More than once her greed nearly got the Colony discovered, but she did not stop. Sabiduría needed nutrients for her unborn child. The day before however, one of the hollows that were captured had the time to send a message to his headquarter. The message went like this: Of course, the Queen did not know about this. If she had, the base would've changed location. Only time will tell what will happen next.
  3. Several weeks has passed since the Adjuchas progression of their procreator. Sabiduría worked without rest to address the future and current needs of her father; the Colony has come a long way. The base is now stationed at its final location, somewhere beyond the third Menos Forest, fifty thousand miles north of Las Noches. The surface looked as dead as it could be, but deep underground was another story. If you had the misfortune to fall into a strange hole, hidden around there in the barren desert, you would find yourself lost for years in a labyrinth of tunnels. You would think you were alone in those tunnels, but, in reality, millions of insect-like creatures were living there. Strange, you would think, these creatures are not hollows. This would probably be your last thoughts, as you realize you're surrounded. Even further below, the rocky walls were replaced by a soft meaty substance. The blue flesh would slightly contract as you walk on it, sending a subtle warning all over the Colony. This far underground, oxygen was absent, yet flowers-like growths covered the walls. These bulbs are called burbuja by the natives, and they are extremely dangerous. Not because of their aggressivity, but because of the invisible poison seeping out of them. As soon as it touches something not already converted, it's work begins. It doesn't matter if its living flesh or an inanimate object, it will slowly transform the infected. Be there long enough, and you would become part of the Colony. The only positive aspect of the burbujas -from an intruder point of view- is their feeble glow, guiding them farther down. Passed all that, the Lair stands proudly. The home and headquarter of the First Queen. The castle, inside a giant cave system, is comparable to the size of Las Noches. This is the busiest place in all of Hueco Mundo. A thick blue mist fills the area, and it is an even stronger version of the burbuja's poison. Millions of creatures are crawling around the walls and the roof of the cavern, making it feels like a metropolis. The city is called Colmena, capital of the Colony. At first, only Sabiduría's true children would live in the town, but now, converted hollows and even some Arrancars could be seen inside the walls. Converted hollows could easily be recognized, as their hole was replaced one of those infected flowers. Some of them even decided to be born again voluntarily because of the promise of immortality and the satiation of their endless hunger. They keep their individuality but lose their will. ____________________________________ Inside the throne room _____________________ "You called us my Queen?" The fifth of the seven Guardias Reales, Jeremiah, was kneeling before his monarch while the other six were standing just behind him. "Maaan, you're such a pussy." Sophia, Tres, giggled as she made fun of Jeremiah, the only one kneeling. She was quickly reprimanded by an elbow in her stomach. "Ouch, what the hell Tryne?!" Secundo had a fake smile as he explained "We are in the presence of our Queen. Show a little respect." "Enough." As soon as these words were heard, they all knelt before their Queen without any hesitation. She continued: "Has anyone of you ever heard of Phagogenesis?" The seven of them quietly made eye contact between each other until Séptimo, the only one wearing glasses in the gang, decided to answer. "Ahem. If my memory serves me right, the user of Phagogenesis can reproduce by devouring organisms and impart the characteristics of ingested creatures onto their offspring." "Exactly, thank you Helios." A wave of joy enveloped the royal guards. If their monarch was happy, they were too. "I have a critical mission for the seven of you. I want to make the perfect child with the help of that ability we have. The process has already begun, I need diverse and high-quality nutrients. Go fetch me what I need." The seven Arrancars agreed in unison and left the premises without any waste of time. Since Gargantas could not be opened inside the mist, they headed outside the cave. To be continued.
  4. The scales on the scientist's hand immediately reminded Lurker of the others reptilian aspect he saw on the shinigami. He thought about it for a few seconds, without reaching an answer. I wonder how that could happen... Maybe- His reflection was cut short by Hachurui's words. "I see, it could be interesting. What do you have in mind?" His friend did not answer him outright. Instead, he whistled. The muffled shriek that followed instantly grabbed the Adjuchas' attention. A little dragon came flying and landed on the head of its master. This is when the hollow finally understood exactly what happened. He did it. He created a mythological creature, but something terrible occurred in his experiment. This explains the scales and the animal stare — what a genius. A true scientist is willing to take a risk in their research, I only have respect for that. Haru then redirected Lurker's last question to his lizard and petted him as he thought about it. Less than a minute later, he answered. The hollow replied with a nod, but just before he could get to work, the shinigami warned him about the securities he set in place in the secret archives. "Yeah, of course, I won't touch anything I'm not supposed to, let's get to it then." For his first step, Lurker decided to focus on the 96 hours limit. One of the humans he absorbed was an expert in marine microorganisms; it didn't take long until he chose which DNA to use. The circle of life of a Gastrotrichs is three days. With the integration of a mayfly, which lives a single day, 96 hours was achieved. The limit was now hardcoded directly into the biology of the creature they are making. It felt like only two hours, but the two of them already worked for a full day. Since Lurker did not need to rest nor to eat, he wasn't tired at all, and he continued working.
  5. Another two hours passed and they finally entered the forest. Zigzagging through the branches was more natural than the last time he was here, so it took less than 20 minutes until Lurker found what he came for. The Adjuchas stopped abruptly in front of one of the biggest tree in the forest. It was gigantic, nearly the size of Las Noches' entrance. He waited for his friend for a bit, then asked him in a cryptic tone "Are you ready to be blown away? It's not as big as Las Noches, but it's something." He waited for an answer then pushed against the tree. At first, nothing happened, but after a few seconds, the outline of a door could be seen. Lurker pushed a little more, and then the shape became a real door that opened like the gate of an old castle. The entrance revealed a giant stairwell that went deep underground. The eerie aura could now easily be perceived, it was a thousand of Lurkers, training intensely. A faint sound of Sonido could be heard while the duo descended. A few kilometers later, the stairs unveiled a giant room illuminated with giant white orbs. Everywhere in the room were hundreds of slimy humanoid fighting and practicing their sonido. As Lurker went deeper, he said to Kotaro: "This is one of my homes. They're all part of me, and they will help us find Monk." As soon as he reached the floor, he clapped his hands once. Everyone stopped moving immediately. Of course, Lurker did not need to come here nor to clap his hands. That was just for show. Since they're a part of him, he could control them as he wanted from anywhere. "Normally I'd offer you to train your sonido with me here, but we're racing against the clock. Do you have any questions before we head to the surface?"
  6. Lurker felt no urge to mock Kotaro on his stumbling; because of the intense and unique training that he did, Sonido was second nature to him, but he had the same struggles for the first few times. A few words later, the two of them departed toward the forest. Along the way the hollow thought about how they will find their objective. They knew Monk was pretty unstable from the description they received from Absolon, and they also knew he was spotted way beyond the Menos Forest. That is not a lot to go on. There is nothing after the forest; just a giant, endless white hell. It would take a madman to go further without a good reason. We will need manpower, a lot of it, and I know just where to find that. With a grin, Lurker told the Vasto Lorde "I need to make a quick stop inside the forest to grab a few things; It won't take long." After their conversation, Lurker chose to stay ahead so that Kotaro could observe his technique as much as he could. The Adjuchas slightly changed his posture and speed with each step so that his friend could learn faster, taking care that he stayed close to him. A few hours passed, and the first of the crystal timbers could be seen from afar. The moon's reflection made them looked like they were glowing and the scene could be called peaceful if it were not of the screams of Menos Grande and hollows in the distance. The forest did not look any different from before, yet a menacing aura seemed to be floating around. If a talented individual were to open his senses to the max, they probably would be able to sense the army under tons and tons of sand, but a Vasto Lorde would only feel an aura of danger lingering. Lurker did not slow his pace at all, he knew what's was going on since it was his troops that was giving off that aura, but he left Kotaro in the dark. Why spoil the surprise?
  7. There was an acrid smell in the air following the explosion of Draiden's bomb, and the blast of wind provoked by the vacuum crashed into the wall of Las Noches, finding its way through the open gates of the fortress. The long silver hair of Lurker's Arrancar form was blown in every direction, but he did not move. After the wind died out, the Adjuchas removed the strands of hair in his face and thought what the hell are they doing in there? Well, no matter. We need to go. After a few minutes, Kotaro's familiar silhouette appeared in the giant doorway as he tried to make his first Sonido. As soon as the Vasto Lorde was finally beside Lurker, he asked him: "That wasn't so bad, was it? For the first one, it was pretty good." With a small nod, he added: "You do need to work on the ratio of power you put in each of your legs though." Without giving Kotaro the chance of answering he then said: "Alright, no time to lose. You'll have to learn on the way there. The sooner we depart, the sooner we'll be here." Reitsu dissipates pretty quickly when left alone, to find Monk without even knowing his spiritual signature they will need to stack all the odds in their favor. This means no waste of time. If he were not stopped, Lurker would go toward Monk's last known location with a Sonido similar in speed to Kotaro's hoping he will get faster along the way.
  8. The low humming of scientific instruments and the hissing of the door quickly grabbed Lurker's attention. The shinigami then walked to the newly opened wall and instructed the hollow to come with him. He responded to the proprietor's invitation by a slight nod as he entered the well-lit room. Several computers accompanied the machinery as they fed complex data into them. Different colored liquids passed through various transparent tubes that joined into a single location, a single glass pod in the middle of the room. It was very similar to the one he appeared in a few hours ago, with the only differences being the tons of cables and pipes connecting the back of it. Luker would grin just after Hachūrui's statement; it seems like he understood the hidden meaning behind it. "Yes," he answered, "let's see what two of the greatest scientist can do when working together." Every computer in the room then stopped at the same time. The same thing was displayed on their screen. "I suppose it's our turn then." Lurker said as he sat in one of the chairs. Without waiting for instruction, he started typing and calculating on one of the keyboards, mimicking the shinigami's previous performance, but with Sonido. "It's the first time I have access to a computer that can keep up with my speed, pretty convenient." After a few seconds, he asked: "Should we base this new life form on an existing disease or something else?"
  9. The question Kotaro asked without any hostility relieved a little of Lurker's tension. Hollows were not known to have a sense of humor after all. It was with a warm smile that he replied: "Oh but of course! While traveling I'll be as slow as this technique allows, you only need to observe." After that, the Adjuchas asked Absolon for more details, and it was revealed that Monk was spotted at a great distance on the other side of the Menos Forest. The morphed slime chuckled at the description of his target, "I agree, he does look extravagant." Absolon then concluded with praise and good luck, which was responded by a quick bow from Katoro. As from Lurker, he merely said: "Oh we'll be back, failure is not an option." While he was heading for the door, the Vasto Lorde asked if he was ready, the slime simply nodded and continued his route with a slow and pronounced Sonido, leaving the fortress.
  10. Interrupting the scientist's story was not an option, so Lurker quietly listened to it all, nodding in understanding. He never was human, nor shinigami, but he lived their life thousands of time. Each time he consumed one in fact. He knew how much a friend could mean. It was with profound respect that Lurker replied to Haru's comment about being unprofessional: "No harm done my friend. If me listening to you could relieve even just a bit of your sorrows, I'd be glad." The computer then showed the new creation named Angel and the shinigami asked about further inquiries. "Well, what are you doing here exactly?" He pointed to the computer's screen.
  11. The cocktail of emotions Kotaro exhibited in his aura was easily detected by Lurker's sense, but he did not need to ask about it as the Vasto Lorde clearly stated his opinion vis-à-vis the Adjuchas' copying feat. The latter chose to ignore the comment and carry on. He is so quick to anger. There are a lot more unknown special abilities in this world; obviously, there would be such copying techniques. I suppose it is his lack of experience that is speaking. A few moments after Lurker's Sonido demonstration, where his head was nearly cut off, he replied to Kotaro's warning with an amused grin and a humorous tone: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but you know, I kinda like this head of mine. It would be much appreciated if I could keep it." Draiden then selected this moment to warn him about devouring anyone he pleased, and Absolon agreed with a chuckle and advised of not obstructing Las Noches' path. Lurker answered to their worries seriously: "Of course, this was needless to say. As for my regressing problem, you don't have to concern yourself about it Draiden. I am continuously eating as we speak. My needs are attended for." And they were. He did have an army under Hueco Mundo, hunting without rest to feed him. Even if Lurker accepted Absolon's advice, he did notice the emphasis on needing a good reason. Rules are made to be broken after all. Then, the Cero Espada asked the two candidates if they were ready for their initiation mission. He was quickly answered by Lurker: "Of course, we were born ready." It was evident that the two of them were not to be trusted nor acknowledged that easily. This mission is their first opportunity to show how capable they are. He then quietly listened to Monk's description as he held his question until the end. "How about his last known whereabouts?" This quest will prove to be quite a challenge. Searching for a single entity in all the worlds without any clues is close to impossible, even with Lurker's nature. He hoped that with his last question, a place to start his investigation would be given. Lurker's vast knowledge was still lacking as he did not know anything about that "Monk," the first step of his mission will probably be to absorb the soul of someone that knew/saw/survived him. The last shinigamis he ate did know about a recent Arrancar's attack in Soul Society, but they had no clue about who that was.
  12. After Absolon was answered by an excited nod, he asked Lurker about his experience with Las Noches. Vatto answered partially, and Kotaro agreed with his statement. The Tres Espada then signaled the multiform hollow to continue, which he did, even if explaining his ability again and again was getting boring. "Like the two of them said, the way I consume is quite exclusive." He turned toward a giant white boulder and said: "I guess It would be quicker if I demonstrate it directly." He lifted his palm, and a black javelin was expelled from it. It's been already a few hours since Lurker's main body was in intensive training to increase his speed, and this was equivalent to nearly five months of constant practicing. The force at which the javelin was shot was tremendous. The boulder exploded in hundreds of pieces, but it wasn't what Lurker intended to show. Each fragment had been tainted by the hollow's infection, they quickly melted and then converted to more black goo before anyone got hit. They then floated to merge with his Arrancar form. "I perfectly control every single cell in my body. They can disintegrate the bounds holding Reishi, Kishi, and Reiryoku together to transform them into pure energy. They can then duplicate themselves and restart the cycle." He paused for a few seconds to let them process this information. "This is not all. They can directly absorb souls, giving me all of their memories and experience. I endured more than 400 000 lives. This is how I know about the fortress." While he talked, he separated into four distinct bodies, each with the exact appearance and Reitsu signature of Draiden, Vatto, Kotaro, and Absolon. A short moment later they all reformed into one, morphing into his last Arrancar form. After explaining and showing his powers, he spoke to Absolon with a determined tone: "I was serious when I talked about information gathering and manpower." Even if Kotaro's question wasn't meant for him, he answered in his own way. Using a well-honed Sonido, he left an afterimage of himself that slowly disappeared while he whispered directly behind the Vasto's ear: "Like this?" Lurker wasn't a fool; he knew doing that could be risky, so he prepared to dodge if the surprised hollow tried to hit him by reflex with another Sonido. Either way, he would return to his original position with his newly trained skill. A few hours ago Lurker couldn't even execute this skill correctly, but now he was extremely proficient with it. Of course, it was still nothing comparing to Vatto or Draiden.
  13. Only an exceptionally powerful Arrancar with a Pesquisa without equal could sense the hidden Reitsu of Lurker's main body, buried a hundred meters under tons and tons of sand coming from the barren desert that is the Hueco Mundo. Fortunately for him, those kinds of opponents would not waste time on such a small matter. Now was the time for the hollow to leave his impossible hiding place. Upon meeting Absolon, he realized that his power was far from mighty and more like a weak ant, waiting to be crushed. Yes, he will be more vulnerable. If someone chose to obliterate that body, he would lose more than half of his total Reiryoku. However, this was entirely worth it. In theory, using more of his power would accelerate his training tremendously. The mega mass of goo recalled all of his melting lakes that were dispersed all over the wasteland. They then joined together under the Menos Forest, still hidden by the grey dust. He would stay underground to avoid attracting unwanted attention, but he needed to make himself an acceptable training terrain first. Using his high cell counts and his ability to disintegrate the bounds holding Reishi together, he melted an enormous cavern in a perfect cube, with a radius of more than five kilometers of open space. He left huge pillars supporting the cave. In the center of the room was the entrance, encrusted in one of the posts like a staircase tower, leading straight to the surface. From the forest, the opening was hidden into the biggest crystal tree with a concealed door. For sources of light, he left tiny spheres of himself floating. They were consuming the insignificant amount of Reiryoku particles that saturated the air of the Hueco Mundo to irradiate a cold white light and to stay afloat. Now that his secret training ground was completed, Lurker could concentrate on more physical exercises, which he never did yet. Before, his only focus was energy gaining. Now, he understood that it wasn’t the only way to become stronger. Actual practice was needed. He lacked speed, strength, and agility. His three core stats were augmented because of the power of his Reitsu, but he could bring them to an even higher level by training for real. He wasn’t even able to do an adequate Sonido because of that. I guess this is the first step of my furtive training. Lurker separated his body into thousands that took the appearance of bare, black, gooey humanoids. Then, they formed a basic army formation. They were exactly 1342. That way his Reitsu was equally distributed between all of them and they all had the same amount of internal spirit energy that his current body in Soul Society and the one with Absolon had. With that much workforce, one hour of training was equivalent to nearly two months of it. This meant that in seven hours, he could achieve more than a year worth of improvement. This is acceptable. Even if his main pool of energy was shared with all of his parts, their inside pool was also crucial for emergency and quick access, so he couldn’t just make millions of them without rendering them useless. The army then began practicing their Sonido, each with a slightly different maneuver. In each wave, the fastest one was copied, and again, a thousand slight iterations were made, restarting the cycle. After a few hours, it was made evident that the troops longed for discipline. Each being was given a different soul and limited independence so they could think by themselves, this brought a different set of problems. Sure, it was way faster than by coming up with iterations alone, but the souls were prompt to laziness and were easily distracted. A solution quickly arose into Lurker’s Cognizance System, the Legion. Some of the lights previously created came together to form a single entity, which was given one of the most vigorous souls he ever consumed; his first Arrancar. “What the hell are you doing maggots!?” he exclaimed with frustration. “I’m not here to watch some fucktards fucks each other, you all better be working, or I’ll whip your asses.” With every harsh word and punishment, the troops began to work more efficiently. With some little independence adjustment, they were now practicing correctly, with not a second of wasted time. Another hour passed, and Lurker’s Sonido was already noticeably faster, improving at an extreme pace. However, he did not only want to increase his Sonido speed, but he also wanted to raise his overall agility. Separating the group in half, he then instructed the newly formed squad to move as fast as they could, trying to dodge each other blows. That was a two-in-one training since they would improve their speed and their dodging techniques. With every cell improved, all other enhanced at the same time because of the Cognizance System. That ability is hugely advantageous. I was dumb not to use this method sooner. Lurker then decided to keep training like that for a full day and a whole night, giving him the equivalent of more than three years of continuous improvement.
  14. The lifeform patiently waited for the shinigami response as he were finalizing his formula and started the calculation, but it seemed like he will have to wait for a bit longer. Catching the bottle thrown at him with a small grin, he relaxed after he heard about the offer to start over. With a little sigh and a genuine smile he answered "Alright, let's!" He would watch his new friend remove the screw with his fangs and he thought some scales around his eyes, an intense instinctual look and now some sharp fangs. It seems like he have some lizard genes in his body huh. Well, no matter, it really doesn't change anything. He happily followed with the offered clink making the bottles do a sharp ting and laughed at his joke. Lurker watched Hachūrui chug the whole thing and tried to do the same, but it was way more stronger than he anticipated. He had to stop to cough before finishing it. "Oh gosh, this is strong." after a few other cough he continued "But not bad at all." He knew his old livers would have a hard time but he was sure it could handle that. It was the first time that the hollow felt the pleasant feeling of alcohol as it wasn't filtered by his cells this time. In a more serious tone, the scientist then apologized and expressed his worries. Lurker answered in the same tone "it doesn't bother me anymore, but your apology is accepted." He stared at the wall for a few seconds and then confessed "as for my hollow origin... Even I hesitate sometime. I did have an hollow hole and a mask before my evolutions into gillian then adjuchas, but now I don't have either. I know I never was human, but I did killed 25 million of them. Maybe the energy released on those deaths triggered something, I can't say for sure." Changing the topic of the conversation Haru then informed Lurker of what he could do to help with his weakness and he replied "Approved. It's a good idea." Then, following the shinigami's gaze he turned his chair to look at the picture. "You and your gang sure looks happy. Who are they?" He really appreciated the care his new friend showed him and it was his way to repay him.
  15. The Adjuchas had a small grin at the mention of his two evolutions in a single day. It seemed like forever ago, but he was so weak at the beginning of the day. He were grateful to the neon-haired arrancar since it was because of his intervention that he became what he is now. Lurker was perplexed at the mention of the power of the Vasto Lorde. Is he really that powerful? From my point of view, he is nothing comparing him to Draiden. Maybe I missed something. And again, he seemed to have missed something else, did Absolon really "death"glared at the ex-espada? If it meant anything it seemed more like... disappointment. Draiden would then add some more insignificant comments then went off before Absolon could say anything to him. After that, the speech that Kotaro gave truly impressed him. Such intense emotions, and without a crack in his voice. A place to belong huh? I guess it would be nice to have somewhere to call a home. His kneeling is a bit much tho. With a smile he added to his thoughts and he forgot to introduce himself, he is so nervous. The cero espada then helped him stand up and asked for his name, which he gave in a hurry and a quick apology. After this, Absolon officially welcomed the two new arrivals to Las Noches and asked Draiden to join them. It was with a straight back and a new determined look that Lurker walked with him through the gates of the immense fortress. The hollow knew what to expect, but Las Noches was even more impressive with its new reconstruction, the sky seemed brighter and more real than ever. The sand did not have any traces of imperfection and his gaze were immediately attracted by the huge white pillars coming from it. Kotaro's comment sent a smile across Lurker face as he said "You did well with that place Absolon, it is even better than before. I'm impressed."
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