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  1. "It's a type of cut where you first show the subject and then the object that they were looking at, right?" "Uh huh." "And like, depending on what you make the second shot, you can provide context for the character- Give a description to them, y'know?" "Wait- Whaddaya mean?" "Well like- Ok. So let's say you had a shot of an old man." "Yeah." "And then the next shot is of a happy family, like a mom playing with her kids. So he's looking at the happy family and you can assume he's just a kindly old man, or like a grandfather." "Ohhh, oh ok. I getcha." "Yea
  2. Help up my viewcount again



    1. Your Waifu

      Your Waifu

      Lit, fam. Seriously though, great song man!

  3. Hey, other than porn, does anyone know a good way to ease crippling loneliness?

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    2. Shiba Isshin

      Shiba Isshin

      dont we all already do that?

    3. Your Waifu

      Your Waifu

      @Molestia Yes, yes I am. I certainly wouldn't feel too lonely after making a porno.

    4. Shiba Isshin

      Shiba Isshin

      with your luck it'll still be a solo movie..lol

  4. Hippy Buffday!

    1. OtterAiden


      Thanks! Peace, brutha

  5. Well, there's Bassie, Miller, Satchmo, and the king of all Sir Duke...

  6. Fighting games are great.

  7. Oh, and I might post other projects I don't need in here, so keep a look out
  8. ib - Instant Bullet By Aka Akasaka Synopsis: "Everything in this world is my enemy. This kind of world is worthless." A boy who is called a human with a demon heart breathes, lives, and imagines. But what is the pounding inside of his heart when he's told he will save the world? That's not his wish, however... http://www.mangahere.co/manga/ib_instant_bullet/ Why (I think) you should read it: I'll be frank here. Between my suggestion and a bunch of other people who either say it's a great piece of storytelling vs. others who say it's pretty crappy, the
  9. Uhm... I tried to make a banner/signature and I kinda forgot what I was meaning to do with it. In any case, if you wanna use this or something, it's up for grabs.
  10. In other news. I am still alive (y)


    1. Kaz


      Glad to hear you are still among the living (y)

  11. Merry Christmas for those of you who have it

  12. Back from my hiatus!

    1. Rash ラシュ

      Rash ラシュ

      Weren't you already back?

    2. HavocReaper


      I took another hiatus!

    3. Kumo


      In other words, he will be here a few days each month to post a bit.

  13. Volume 3 Cover Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku (lit. Lonely Alien) by Ogawa Maiko Synopsis Kouichi has looked forward to becoming a high schooler for one reason: to help continue his grandfather's coffee shop. But on the first day of school, a strange girl wearing an eerie mask tells him that she has come to take his life. She tells him that the heart beating within his chest is her own, and that she is an alien invader who has come to take over the world. Just wanted to know if anyone's reading this other this me. I'm a huge fan of it, and I don't really see very many people talking about i
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