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  1. ur like totally tuuubular kei....i dont even know whut i just said...

  2. Welcome back!! Happy New Years

    *hugs Kei*

  3. O_o magical words rash nyways happy holdidays nd new year kei!*unsheaths a dagger with a paper summoning attached to it* PC!*throws it on her feet and runs away as it blows up to summon balloons and confetti with a cake dropping down towards her head* in advance!

  4. I just wished you online..and you came <.


  5. Hey Kei, thanks for the invite, sorry i cant join now but i'll keep your offer in mind when things straighten out, hpofully they will soon ^^ Thanks again.

  6. When you gonna post again?

  7. Here's another band for you to listen to: Orla Fallon.

  8. Which color forum theme are you using? I'm using the dark theme and both colors really stand out.

  9. thanks for the band kei there awesome you think of anymore let me no ^_^

  10. never did XD Just sewing by hand....

  11. Here's another classic Oingo Boingo tune.
  12. ([Mystic Knights of the] Oingo Boingo. One of my all time favorite bands.
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